Monday, December 7, 2009

Part 15-She's Back

Later that evening at Tad's house
"I hate you! "says Jenny to her mother"when are you going to give me away?' says Jenny sarcsticly "What kind of a mother does this?'as Krystal tells her about Melissa she glares at Krystal at tries to stomp up the stairs but Tad reaches over hugs her and says
"Your mother loves you she did what no parent wants to do!"And she did it for her children!"
"Oh shut-up you both abandoned your kids ! I HATE YOU"she yells as she stomps upstairs and then slams her door
"Well that went well !'jokes Tad
"Let me talk to her dad ,Krystal she's little and doesn't understand !'says Kathy not really expecting an answer and speedying up to Jenny's room
"Wow Kathy's really maturing !'says Krystal
"She's a lot like her mother!'says Tad
"That she is !" says Krystal
"And she has you as her mother as well !'says Tad
"Do you think she feels that way?' asks Krystal
"I know she does!'"says Tad she loves you and so does Jenny she'll think about it and understand"
Flash to Kathy and Jenny talking
"I'm so angry !how could she?'asks Jenny"and daddy took her part!"
"I can understand why you are angry Jenny ?'says Kathy "but you have to remember one thing when it comes to adults!'
"What's that ?'asks Jenny
"They are people and people make mistakes!The most important thing thyhave to do as parents is love and provide for us!Do you think your mom provided for Marissa and Melissa?"
"I guess "says Jenny reluctantly
"Okay so say your what eighteen and you go to a frat party meet some guy and you drink a little too much and you sleep with that guy.but you don't know where he lives.and when you find out your pregnant you find out it's not one but three babies!"illustrates Kathy
"I guess that would be hard!"says Jenny conceding"but I don't want to think about mom that way!"
"I've never heard Krystal mention her parents either somehow I don't think they were too thrilled either!'"so who did she have to turn to ? she also had a baby that needed medical care do you have any idea how much that would cost?'demands Kathy
"No I don't know much about medical costs!'says Jenny
"Well it costs a lot let me tell you that and she wouldn't have any money!'says Kathy
"But what about Dad why does he always take her part they are divorced!!! And Dad didn't even know where you were for years or about TJ what kind of a Dad does that make him?'
"Dad is a loving caring father who thought I was dead and when he found out I was alive he moved heaven and earth to find me!!says Kathy forcefully "he didn't know about TJ because Dottie didn't tell him that isn't his fault !!!! Do you have any idea how lucky you are Jenny Martin? Dad has never been mean to Krystal he has always included her in your life and mine because he loves us and wants your mother to be your mother!He could have been like other immature parents you know like Ryan Lavery and have put up barriers that Krystal couldn't see you but he didn't because that wasn't best for us!"I think you owe your mom and Dad an apology!'
"Yes I guess I do!says Jenny resigned then asks"How do you know all this?'
"I listen when the adults are not aware I'm listening !If your quiet they don't notice they think your just watching tv or reading or doing homework!"Besides that I'm always thinking too why things happen why people are the way they are!'
"You're a little weird sis!says Jenny a teasing tone
"and a good thing for you!" says Kathy " you re really lucky you know your mother is alive mine aren't I had three mothers and they all died on me! Krystal loves me and has accepted me as her daughter even though she's no longer married to Dad I guess she's the closest thing I have to a mom but she's your real mom!says Kathy maudlin
" she not just my mom you knowshe's yours too ! I have a lot of siblings now but I've always had you as my sister so don't tell Marissa and Melissa but your my favorite!says Jenny hugging Kathy
"Thanks Jenny!" says Kathy and then to lighten the mood begins tickling her sister
Tad and Krystal who had been listening outside the door breath a sigh of relief and go downstairs before they are caught listening
"Krystal says"I love that girl Kathy is a treasure I couldn't love her any more than if she was my own!and Jenny is such a sweetheart she has such a temper but she's got a tender heart!We did good Martin!"
"that we did "says Tad
a few minutes later a contrite Jenny comes down.
"I'm sorry Mom ,Dad she says "what I said wasn't nice!"I'm sorry forgive me?'she says
"Of course we forgive you!' says Tad with a nod from Krsytal "but remember our talk about slamming doors what were you suppose to do?'asks Tad
"Count to ten and if l was still mad go to my room until I calmed down and then come talk to you or Krystal about what was bugging me!'states Jenny
"so will you do that next time ?'asks Krystal
"Yes I'll try!'says Jenny resigned
"Good enough let's order pizza what do you say Krystal want to stay for supper?'
"I'd like that !'says Krystal
Meanwhile over at Ryan Lavery's we hear
"I hate you you selfish pig !' I don't know what my mother ever saw in you !You're just one big jerk!says Emma to Ryan
"Just because I won't let you go to a party well blame your mother cause she's the one who said NO!says Ryan deflecting the blame "Now is that anyway to talk to your father Emma? I swear you take after your mother more everyday!'Ryan says growling and then adding"And you've got to stop hanging out with that bad influence Kathy Martin!"
"Everytime you want to win an argument you say bad things about Mom I'm tired of that!And i like Kathy she's really nice!I'm going to that party and there's nothing you can do to stop me!'says Emma
"Really ?"says Ryan "I'm getting tired of this argument your mother can deal with you he says picking up the phone and washing his hands of the arguement" I say you can go to the party anything to get you to quit this!If she doesn't want you to go then she can stop you !'he says shutting the phone and not calling Annie
"You want to know what this was Dad... a test and you failed!! You didn't really try to stop me from going to that partyI whined a little and you gave in!!even though at another party I could have died!You spent what five minutes telling me No!'"and then it was blame Kathy Martin who by the way saved me and Mom!"So guess what you don't have to take responsibilty anymore you don't have to worry about me anymore not that you ever did!I'm going to live with people who care what I do! I'm moving in permanently with people who love me enough to say NO!I'm moving in with people who love and care about me and with a man who has been more of a father to me than you have Scott Chandler!"
"You can't do that I have custody and I generous allowed those Chandler's to have access to you but not anymore I'm your father not Scott!"
"You can't own people Dad !'says Emma sadly"Being a father has nothing to do with genes Ryaann it has to do with actions !And your actions speaking louder than your words ! I defended you when people said awful things about you even when I knew I was wrong because I loved you when people said things like"You change women like kleenex !But you know what Rya..annn not DAD!I think you're broken cause your love hurts !huge tears coming down her face"and that's why now you're RY....annnn to me!'says Emma slamming the front door crying and headed to Annie and Scott's house now
"Emma Lavery!get back here"'Ryan shouts the door then gets on his cellphone when she ignores him and keeps walking
"What the hell have you be saying to my daughter Annie?'barks Ryan
"What are you talking about Ryan?'asks Annie perplexed wondering what he's done now that she'll be blamed for
"Quit telling her bad things about me! She says she hates me and is going to live with you and Scott !Over my dead body!'says Ryan growling
"Ryan what have you done now?asks Annie "our daughter is obviously hurting and all you 're worried about is that your chickens have come home to roost ?Stop thinking about yourself and think about our daughter!Now you said she was coming over here?when did she leave?'
" Awhile ago !'says Ryan"I'm coming over to get here !'
"No you're not! Give her a little time and I'll talk to her maybe I can convince her that it would be a good idea to go home to you!'
"You'd do that for me ?asks Ryan incredulously
"Not for you ,for Emma she loves you even though your always pushing her away!"says Annie
"thanks!' says Ryan
Two hours later Emma has not arrived and Annie puts a frantic call into the police
"Hello you have to put out an Amber alert on my daughter she's missing!'says Annie crying into the phone!
Flash to Emma is in Kathy's bedroom as they giggle over how some girls there age are still into Hannah Montana.
"like grow up right?' says Emma
"Yes can you believe they actually put that on their my space page?asks Kathy"did you call your dad and tell him you were here ?'
"Yes I told him I was staying the night ,he said fine !"lies Emma

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