Sunday, December 6, 2009

Part 4-Portrait of Jenny

Portrait of Jenny conclusion:
Back to Tony's mansion where Tad is in Anthony Sr room squeezing his oxygen to get him to tell tad where Jenny is in the house where the safe room is!
"I'm never going to tell you "says Anthony Sr. "if he's there it's too late'
"What do you mean it's too late!"
"Tony knows your here..... and has ... cameras trained .... you .... can see ... every move!"says Anthony Sr.wheezing gasping for breath
" Aw just forget you worm you're not worth it says Tad thinking quickly
"Adrian he says try this code 8675309" Are you kidding me Tad a song you think the code is a song?says Adrian shaking his head
"Just try it the girl in the songs name is Jenny, it's what the Tony I use to know would have used!"says Tad singing 8675309! and then you got it!You've got it"
" Okay I'll try it !"says Adrian putting in the code as he finishes the door pops open !
"Tony has a gun to Jenny's head and says "she's mine you can't have her she's my wife not his!""He doesn't want her anyway he quickly replaced her with Sheila!"She's mine MINE MINE and he's not getting her even if we have to die together.Yes we'll die together won't we my sweetheart I brought you back from death and now we can die together.We're Romeo and Juliet! Tony muses lost in his madness
"But Tony did you forget says Adrian humoring Tony "You asked us to come we were going to have a family dinner right brother-in law ?You me and Tad and Jenny remember you told me Jenny your wife was missing her brothers and you wanted to make her happy!"
"I did ?"Tony asks I don't remember looking puzzled
"Have you forgotten some things lately that's okay !'says Adrian using avery soft soothing voice and pulling his arm up to his mouth so Tad can hear this throught the device on his wrist!"Tad should be here soon !He was so excited to see his brother-in law again !He said it's great to have a brother-in law like you!"pasting it on thick
"He did ?'said Tony" We use to be friends are we friends again?"
" Yes of course !"says Adrian "Why else would you have invited us for dinner!"The football is on soon isn't it ?The Giants are playing the Packers I hope they woop their butts!"You were going to order Pizza and wings weren't you? Tad loves pizza and wings doesn't he Jenny?"says Adrian looking puzzled for Tony's benefit
"That's right Tony !Tad loves them!" Jenny says playing along as Tony lowers his arm but still holds the gun on Jenny
"It's the drugs that doctor is giving me !""says Tony "it makes me forget"
"It's okay Tony Adrian and Tad won't mind why don't you Tad and Adrian go watch the game well I check on your dad?"ask Jenny while Aiden has snuck around into Anthony Sr's room and Tad is on his way to Tony.
"Hey bro are you ready for some good all American football?Hope you ordered some pizza and wings cause I'm starving!" says Tad as he casually saunters into the room
"Hey Jenny,Nice to see you !"again he adds
"Tad your my friend again?" asks Tony still puzzled
"Tony I'm your friend and your brother-in law we're family! Come and watch the football now! You'll order the pizza right sis and the wings don't forget the wings!" says Tad totally ignoring the gun pressed to Jenny's side like Tony didn't have one.
"I'm thirsty" Tony suddenly says
"Of course now Tony I have to go sweetie and order the wings and get your drink! I'll be right back !"Jenny says reaching over and pulling Tony down and kissing him on the lips . Tony even more puzzled and confused puts the gun down and Jenny leaves the room she comes back a few minutes later with a glass of coke and hands it to Tony
"Here's the drink I promised you sweetie it's coke!' she says
"Tony gulps it down in one gulp a few minutes later he slumps to the floor
"Did you poison him Jenny ?asks Tad
"No she says "Aiden gave me a drug that will act like a mickey! He'll live!The man is crazy you know!Very crazy he needs to be in a facility he can never get out of ."
"Don't worry Jenny Adrian will take care of that come with us Paulina's waiting."says Tad
As Jenny leaves the house a shot rings out
"What just happened?" asks Jenny?'
"I'm sorry Jenny!"says Tad "I didn't know he was going to do that but I understand why he did that you were never going to be safe you or Paulina as long as that madman lived!
"I don't agree with the method but I understand !"Where's my daughter is she safe ?"asks Jenny terrrified to hear and not believing that Paulina was safe!
"Yes" says Tad she's in the Jenny runs to the van he points out and pulls open the door at first she only sees Paulina as she holds out her arm and embraces her daughter but them her eyes widen in joy and amazement when she sees Greg
"oh my god Greg is it really you?"she cries as he also says at the same time is it really you Jenny"
They fall into each others arms as all the world fades away,both crying tears of joy and truly feeling alive for the first time in almost 26 years!
"Geesh could you get a room!" says Paulina breaking the spell and Tad says
"They were always at it you better get used to this !"he says to Paulina smiling tears of joy unshed in his eyes just then the door opens and Jesse climbs in.Jenny looks up and sees him and starts crying even more!
"I thought you were dead he told me you were dead .Oh Jesse .I'm so glad you're alive Jenny !'says hugging Jesse with one arm and Greg with the other.
"It's a long story we'll get to on the long ride home!"
"What is Adrian and I chopped liver?and don't forget Aiden he helped to!says Tad mockingly as Jenny continues to hug both Jesse and Greg
"Thank you all! says Jenny hugging them all
Seatbelts on says Adrian taking charge as he gets in and dons his seatbelt "We're off to Happy Valley,California!
"Not Pine valley?" asks Jenny
"No but that's another long story!" says Tad and begins to tell Jenny about the last year he spent in Pine valley and why he moved to Happy Valley!

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