Saturday, December 26, 2009

Part 2 - New Beginnings and New Alliances

Part 2- New Beginnings and New Alliances
Kathy on the phone from her house to Emma’s

" Did you get an invitation to this adult ball Emma?asks Kathy
“Yes so are you going to go?’asks Emma
“I don’t know maybe!It would require a new dress that Daddy would have to buy for me!’
“I got a new designer dress when I went to that crazy wedding!’says Emma
“I know but obviously you won’t want to wear that!says Kathy
“It’s a beautiful dress and she picked it out not him!says Emma “but still Daddy would buy me another one if I asked he’s really showering me with gifts like that will make him feel less guilty!Why he feels guilty I don’t know! I was the one who lied and kept secrets! I feel guilty about that but not guilty enough not to except free stuff!”
“Your so bad Emma!’says Kathy laughing
“Am I ?'says Emma seriously
“”Aw Emma you know I was just’ kidding right! None of waht happened to you was your fault.If grown-ups didn’t keep secrets all time you would have known who that guy was!And then to find out he was your grandpa scary!”says Kathy
“you didn’t tell anyone else that did you?’ asks Emma
“Don’t worry I wouldn’t tell anyone that that’s your biz!"Kathy “Are you okay with Aiden being your uncle?’
“sure” says Emma “at least knowing I have a special ops uncle I feel safe!’”seriously that guy who’s my grandfather is whacked!He was going to take me to Europe I would have never seen my Dad or Mom again!‘
“I’m sorry that happened to you!’says Kathy “we actaully have a lot in common!My biological grandfather my Dad’s dad he was a psycho!’
“No how do you know that?’asks Emma
‘Well I did some research at the library when we went back to Pine Valley to get the rest of our stuff!’It seems that he dumped my Dad in a park after he broke his arm!’
“Oh my your poor Dad,the Martin’s did that but they seem so nice!’
“Not the Martin’s they adopted him .Opal’s husband Ray Gardner it seems he was a real bad guy into all kinds of criminal stuff.He planted abomb and when he realized Aunt Jenny was in the house he died saving her!”
“Wow and those adults are seating on that powderkeg how many other things aren’t they telling us makes you wonder huh?says Emma
“ Parents everything is a secret, secret ,secret but you keep one and it’s I’m going to have topunish you for you own good!”
“who said that to you not your Dad!’says Kathy
“no it was Scott he says that I have to be punished for lying .He’s making me clean the house !’complains Emma
“Really the whole house?’ asks Kathy
“No like I’d ever do that! No my room!’says Emma
“I clean my room at least once aweek that’s not a punishment!’states Kathy”Why are you talking this way about Scott don‘t you like him?‘
“Yes he’s okay but he hasn’t given me stuff like my parents for being kidnpped and he told my Mom she was spoiling me too much so she stopped!’
“Sounds like he was just being a good parent!”states Kathy knowingly “besides didn’t he let your mom stay all night with you the night you were returned and then Christmas morning!”
“Yes but I want the stuff!’says Emma defiantly
“Oh Emma grown -up Scott loves you enough to say NO!He loves you you’re so lucky you have three parents that love you!’”My mom is gone and I have my Dad and have to borrow Jenny‘s mom!You‘re so so lucky!”
“I am aren’t I ?"says Emma
“so we’re going ?asks Kathy
“Oh yes we’re going together right?’ asks Emma”there could be so cute guys there!”
“While it’s not like we have dates!”says Kathy
“I could have one if I wanted to!’ says Emma
“Me too!’says Kathy”Hey do you want to go to Krystal‘s for a new dress she has a fabulous dress shop!And I get a discount I‘m sure she‘d give you one too if your with me!
“Sounds pretty good! Daddy would like the discount although I’m sure he’ll get me a new dress he‘ll do anything for me right now!’ Emma says confidently “so I’ll call you in an hour and will go okay?
Okay I‘ve got to talk to my Dad anyway!“Bye Emma !’says Kathy hanging up her cellphone
“Bye Kathy !”says Emma just as Kathy hangs up
In the Martin and Lavery households we hear “Dad I need a new dress!’

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