Monday, December 7, 2009

part 13-She's Back

You don't know me but begins Melissa " I believe we could be twin / triplet sisters!'
"who is this is this a joke? asks Marissa
"No ,no joke says Melissa "I'm adopted and I was abandoned as a baby by a couple named Tasker!'
"What ?"says Marissa shocked
"My name is Melissa Dillon and I believe we're sisters!"
"I'd like to meet you! says Marissa 'I'm not sure I believe this but I like to meet you!
"Very well I can fly to Happy Valley or would you rather come where I live?'asks Melissa
"I'm awfully busy can you fly here?' asks Marissa
"I'll be on the next flight !says Melissa hanging up
"Can you watch the kids?" she asks Amanda
"Sure says!' Amanda take lots of pictures
"I have to go talk to Tim and book the next flight to Happy Valley!" says Melissa and then kissing Amanda on the cheek she says"thanks for everything sis!
Marissa gets off the phone and angrily throws aook at the all just missing JR
"who's put a bug up your butt?" he asks
"I can't beleive she's done this again!'says Marissa
"Who'd done what again? he asks
"Krystal says Marissa 'she's lied to both David and I again!"
"What has she lied about asks Jr
"If that caller was telling the truth and I think she was I'm a triplet not a twin!
"Triplet there were three of you?"puzzles Jr
"Yes she must have said eenie meanie miney moe and then gave away me and my siter and kept Babe.why Babe why not all of us?'bemoans Marissa
"I don't know why she chose Babe but I do know she was poor and too poor for one child let alone three!'says Jr defending Krystal
"well I say she's got a lot of explaining to do right now says Marissa calling Krystal on her cellphone.
"Hello says Marissa
"Well hello Honey !says Krystal
"Can you get over here I'd like to talk to you says Marissa crypticly
"why sure says Krystal Jenny and Kathy are in school I'll be there in abut fifteen minutes if it's that urgent says Krystal
Krystal arrives and tkes one look at Marissa face and says "what's wrong?"
"Oh I don't know what could be wrong says Marissa snarkily"My mother lied to me nope that's all ready happened once,oh that's right she lied to me again!!!'
"What do you mean I lied to again?" says Krystal innocently
"I know about my sister says Marissa "Iknow about Melissa!'
"I'm srry say Krystal but since she was dead I didn't want to bring up bad memories and heap another dead sister on you!'defends Krystal
"She's not dead!"says Marissa
"What did you say?'asks Krystal growing pale and looking faint
"I said she's not dead!'says Marissa
"But that's impossible they told me she was dead!"says Krystal
"who told you?' says Marissa
"the adoption lawyer said she died but that the Taskers would take good care of you!"
"Someone got their story wong cause she's on her way here to meet with me!says Marissa cruely
"Please can I stay?'asks Krystal
"I don't think so says Marissa
"you threw us out like trash and now you want to be apart of our lives?'says Marissa angrily
"Please please forgive me says Krystal crying 'I was young and so poor there was times when Babe and I had little food let alone a roof over our heads I couldn't have fed three babies let alone take care of and get medical care for a sick baby.Melissa was born with heart problems that they said she would need heart operations and you wouldn't eat!'
"I'm not ready to forgive you but it's up to Melissa whether you stay if she comes and wants you gone your gone!Comprehende?"says Marissa cooly
"I understand "says says Krystal contrite

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