Monday, December 7, 2009

Part 14-She's Back

Melissa is stand outside of Jr's and Marissa house scared to ring the bell!She finally gets the courage up and rings the bell.
Marissa opens the door and steps back to look at her!It's true you are my sister you look just like Babe !"she says usher Melissa in"I'm sorry but our biological mother is here if you want her gone just say the word" says Marissa continuing and explaining Krystal's presence
"No she can stay" says Melissa resigned
"Oh my God I forgot how much you looked like Babe!' says Krystal seeing Melissa
"Blasphemy hmm I take it you gave birth to us then abandoned us?'asks Melissa out of defence
"Yes I guess I'm guilty of that !'says Krystal taking her lumps "But I'm hoping that you and your sister will be able to find it in your heart to forgive me!'
"An elegant speech but it's a little too soon!' says Marissa as Jr enters the room and gasps
"Babe!' he says and then says "No of course not sorry it' uncanny how much you look like your sister you must be Melissa!he syas holding out his hand "I'm Jr.Chandler Marissa's husband!'
"Jr says Marissa hugging him close to herself almost as if to keep him from Melissa
"So tell us about yourself "says Jr
"My name is Melissa Dillon my husband is a Captain in the armed forces he's stationed at Fort Bragg.I'm an intern at my local hospital and I'm training to be a cardiologist!"
"A cardologist !says Jr,Marissa and Krystal all at once
'The apple didn't fall to far from the tree !'says Krystal" your daddy will be pleased!
"My biological father is a doctor?'asks Melissa
"Not only a doctor but a world famous cardiologist!'says Krystal
" Oh I didn't put two and two together he's that David Hayward!"He's in my text books for the number of procedures he's invented!'says Melissa suddenly impressed and excited
"I'm studying to be a lawyer!" says Marissa fitting in words edgewise "I'm articling with Liza Colby!'"and I'm a stepmom with this one on the way.My stepson name is Trey he was Babe and of course Jr's son!"
"I have two children a boy and a girl fraternal twins who are 4!There names are Trevor Nathan and Natalie.says Melissa
"No it couldn't be who's your husband ?"asks JR interjecting just as the doorbell rings.Jr answers it and it's Tim!
"Long time no see!' says JR
"Right back at you buddy!' says Tim hugging Jr "
I would have believed it but Melissa talks as much as Marissa does ,we're never going to get a word in edgewise !"says JR.laughing with Tim"we're lucky men!"
"that we are Jr "says Tim
"Tim "says Melissa "I thought you had to work you aren't AWOL are you?"
"No I'm not AWOL I got permission from my commanding officer to come but I have to be back by 0600 hours tomorrow!i couldn't let you face all this alone!'Tim says hugging his wife"So this is your sister Marissa?'
"Yes!' says Melissa and biological mother Krystal Carey!'
"Nice to meet you Marissa er er Krystal Tim says not sure whether it really is nice to meet Krystal trying to take his cue from his wife!
"I can't believe it Jr just told me that your Amanda's brother "says Marissa talking to Tim I hate to bring this up but we've been really worried do you know she's missing ?'
"Really my sister's missing ? I haven't heard from her in years we stopped taking after her mother killed my father !'says Tim putting an end to the discussion and lying through his teeth.
"That's awful I'm sorry for both of you!says Melissa and then changing the subject"Can we go out to lunch ?and not happy that they have to lie to her sister
"I'd like that "says Marissa then looking at the woebegone expression on Krystal's face she says "can she come to?"
"Yes I guess so !"says Melissa
"Let's go to Dottie's cafe/restaurant they have the best food there!"says Marissa malicously knowing that Krystal isn't happy with all the time Tad has been spending with his former wife Dottie Thorton.
As they enter the restuarant they see David siting at a table.He looks up sees Melissa his jaw drops and he says to Krystal
"Is there something you want to tell me?then he sees Tim and says "I know Amanda's with you thanks for looking out for my girl and shakes Tim's hand".then he says
"I hope you'll forgive me for not knowing but what's your name I know your my daughter because your the spitting image of Babe."
Melissa charmed says" It's Melissa Dillon ,Tim is my husband!"
"I hope that you'll allow me to join your group and get to know you a little better" he says as he draws up a chair at their table
"Marissa I'm sorry we lied to you about Amanda!We thought we needed to protect her!"pleads Melissa
"that's okay I've met our father David and I know how people want to protect others from him!'says Marissa"besides "she says with a smile "I want to get to know my Sister!!"

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