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AMC Happy Valley Stories

Happy Valley AMC California
Tad breathes a sigh as he parks his car on Happy Valley mainstreet! New beginnings he chants as he gets out!Erica said we all need New beginnings and Happy Valley will give us that! The last year had been horendous he thought first the tornado,Babe's death and then all the people hurt,then Stuart's murder.,then JR's cancer,but even before that Pine Valley had just gone all wrong! However the aftermath of finding out just who really murdered Stuart and the subsequent tragedy that befell Pine Valley was just to much to bare.They had to have their New Beginning!Luckily the lawyer had contacted him at the right time and reminded him of the property the town that Nola Orsini had best bestowed on Tad! Happy Valley the palce sounded good!They'd all ready moved Adam(or wa sit Stuart? to the Happy Valley Gateway (a santoriumon the edge of town) Adam had had a nervous breakdown when the real murderer was revealed!Slowly he was getting better but he still had no memory of Stuart or that night!Tad had decided to go to Happy Valley and had included Jr ,Marissa and Trey(as they were now calling Little A)in his plans bestowing a house as a wedding gift for them!Erica had begged him to offer offices to Ryan who had lost Cambias back to Zach in a leveraged takeover!Ryan was now starting up his own company Lavery Industries!Erica made it clear to Ryan although she considered him a friend ,a romance was toatlly out of the question .She was Kendall's mom and Spike's grandma besides Jack was joining her travels as the Save the children's new UN ambassador .She begged Tad to sell her a home in Happy valley! He did at a reduced price!Ryan meanwhile was still smarting from his wounds from finding out by accident from his bugging of Zach and Kendall's house that Spike was biologically Zach's!Zach had switched his sample for Ryan' s when it was accidently defrosted !They had used this to impregnate Kendall! Zach generously told Ryan he could still see Spike but they were moving to France now that the legal problems were settled!Scott and JR were running the new Chandler Enterprises that was just now coming out of Chapter 11!Tad had generously helped the lads when the company tanked due to the bad publicity of the murder reveal by offering them a factory in Happy Valley!Annie had married Scott and was now close to giving birth to their first child!Ryan was amazed at the change in Annie she was so happy and calm! Scott had gotten a judge to agree to joint custody for Emma between Annie and Ryan.There were however conditions for both of them however.The judge had ordered psychological counselling for both parents and parenting classes!
Also the judge had ordered that any disagreements between the parents be handled by a third party arbitrator!Scott was very happy with this since he thought this would be best for Emma! Ryan was amazed and sadden to find out David had been carrying for Greenlee and had returned her to her true love Leo! Greenlee sadly told Ryan she loved Leo more than him,Leo was the love of her life!In fact through a true miracle she was now expecting Leo's child and was eight months pregnant!
Tad had opened up a new PI agency but business had been slow as of yet!Kathy (SORAS to 13) has been skipped to Grade 9 and is finding the change to both high school and Happy Valley difficult! Emma misses her friendship with Kathy and being in the same grade!
Tad enters " Dorothy's restaurant "he's starving and he's heard this place serves good food!He notices that it's exceptionally busy and that there's a wait for table.The hostess says "it will be quite a wait sir if there's only one of you would you like to eat at the bar?"
Tad good naturedly "says sure that will be fine!' as he enters in to the bar section he looks around and sees the bartender a pretty brunette from behind! Something about this woman seems familiar but that 's impossible he doens't know any brunette women in town except maybe Erica and this woman is way younger!As she turns around the years fade away he can't believe his eyes it's Dottie!"Dottie Thorton as I live and breathe"Tad says "Is this where you've been all this time?"
"Thaddeous Martin is that you ?"Dottie asks breathessly a star struck look on her face"
"Is this where you work ?"Tad asks
Dottie laughs "No I'm just filling in my bartender didn't show up today I own the joint "she says proudly!
"You've done well" says Tad
"So how have you been ?"they both ask at the same time!and then both laugh
"How is Hilary ?"asks Dottie
"I wouldn't know says Tad I haven't heard from her since the early 90's when she wrote me that her husband Bob Georgia had died!"
"But I thought you and Hilary would last forever!"
"Actually I've been married lots since then several to three wives since then and three children!"
"but you're not married now?"Dottie asks hopefully
"No sadly my beloved Dixie died and my last wife cheated on me "
"the b.i.tch says Dottie mockingly Tad ignores it and continues
"so what about you ?"
"I was married to a Canadian but I'm a widow now we had a son T.J.and you?"
"I have three children like I said from three differnt wives,My son Jaime from wife Brooke he's 26,My daughter Kathy from my deceased wife my beloved Dixiewho's 13,and my daughter Jenny who's 6!
"wow Tad who'd have ever thought you'd be a daddy so many times""Are you happy?'
"Are you?"Tad asks deflecting the question
"Sometimes !"says Dotite "sometimes"just then they are interrupted by a young good looking man
"Mom do you have room at the bar for me I'm starving and I have to be back at the station in a half an hour!"he says
Dottie looks frightened for a minute then she covers "sure just sit anywhere!"she says to Tad "my son TJ the news anchor he works HVCW our local tv station!"Tad looks pointly at the young man and can't help feeling he's seen the young man before!
"How old is your son?"
"He's 30 says Dottie!"
Tad starts counting .....oh my goodness..... he starts turns bright red and stsrtd gulping starring at TJ!What does TJ stand for Dottie?
"Dottie quietly says Thaddeous James!"
"Is TJ my son the son you said you miscarried ?"
Dottie looks like she won't say anything but then chooses to say "I'm sorry Tad I should have told you I know I should have !The doctor told me I only miscarried one child and when I learned I was still pregnant I realized you loved Hilary. I couldn't trick you into staying marryied to me and keep you from your true love no matter how much I loved you !So I went away and married my distant cousin Peter in Canada and he signed the bith ceritficate as TJ's father!We told him we named him after our good friend Tad Martin!
Tad looks at TJ and sees a young Tad Martin if any one else he knows sees him they will know too that he's his father!
"Dottie you have to tell him! Not only do I want to get to know my son but people will tell him before you do if you don't half of Pine Valley has moved here!"
"All right Ill tell him but by myself and then we'll come see you tomorrow!"
"Okay this is my new address and phone numbers"says Tad" that will give me time to tell my children" " I should be mad at you Dottie really ,really angry but life's too short and TJ is a gift" " I should thank -you Dottie for raising a fine young man!I have a lot to think about and I have to go said Tad trying not to be mad!
As Tad was leaving he thought" I have another son will he like me what will the kids think of their new brother? and wht about Ruth ,Joe and Opal?"

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