Sunday, December 6, 2009

Part 2 of Happy Valley Old Home Week

Kathy comes into her new house home from high school!she throws down her books at the front door in a huff!She wishes they'd never moved from Pine Valley all the kids here are so mean! She'd seen that movie Mean girls but never imagined that girls could be as mean as that.She was popular in Pine Valley! She had been looking forward to grade 7 with Emma Lavery her best friend and then she comes to Stupid Valley and they say she should really be in Grade 9 and Dad who's bursting with pride agrees! He had asked her if it was okay but what was she suppose to "say duh no Dad I want to stay in grade 7! She thought the older boys would look at her and maybe ask her out but they all ignored her.The older girls were so mean she hadn't even told them that she wasn't 15 but 13!They kept commenting about her Pine Valley ,Pennsylvania accent and making fun of her!One girl asked her if she dyed her blonde hair or was her rug the same color!Rude she was sick of them!!!Just then her cellphone rang!
"Hi Kathy it's Emma how are you liking your new school"
"I'm not the girls are mean I wish I was at the same school and class as you Em!"
"Me too!" said Emma " the girls are so mean one girl stoled my shoe !""What's with this California girls what's their problem?"aked Emma
"I don't think it's because they're California girls were California girls now! "They just are in a click that they don't want to let anyone in"
"That's why they skipped you Kathy you're so smart!"I think we should go to a party I heard about all the popular kids are going!"says Emma"It's a high school party!"
"I don't know about that Emma if our dad's find out they'll kill us !I know my Dad says no parties until I'm 16 and then it comes with a list of rules and regulations!
"Aw Stepdaddy Scott is a pussycat and I can wrap Daddy around my little finger!"says Emma wickedly
"Emma one of these days your parents are going to catch on and your going to get in trouble!I'm surprised your dad didn't have a fit about your boyfriend Kyle!
"Kyle's out I dumped him yesterday he was getting too possessive and clingy!" "I've seen my dad go through a lot of woman and you know the opposite sex is only good for one thing!
"Emma you didn't!says Kathy
"As if I'm waiting I'm not going to be a statistic!"Says Emma"He was just so pushy!"
"Yes some guys are like that!That's why Dad made me take Karate you should come sometime I have my black belt but you could start at the beginning level!
"Got to go Dad's beeping me to see if I'm homeCall you later tyl !"
Tad drives home!
Tad comes in the front door and trips over two backpacks at the front!
"Shouldn't these be in your roms girls so you can do your homework he yells upstairs!
"sorry Dad !" says Jenny her long brown hair tied in two braids!
"That's my girl Jenny!"How was school today?He says trying to pull her on his lap
"Daddy how many times do I have to tell you I'm not alittle girl and I'm too old for that!she says
"Sorry your old dad forgets your agrown girl of 10!" So how was school?"
"Okay I guess,Brenda has a new dad she says her mom is getting married next week and Angelique says she doesn't like boys only girls! She's not sure she wants to tell her dad cause he doesn't like that and thinks she should like boys!"
"Does Angelique have someone to talk to that's hard to keep a secret?Asks Tad
"yes her mom knows and she talk to me !She says I don't judge but why would someone dad?"It just the way she feels!"She was born that way!"
"Yes I know but everyone doesn't understnd or feel the way you do Jenny!
"That's to bad it's really screwed up world! bursts out Jenny
"that it is Jenny but it has it good points!" Family meeting at 5pm tell your sister Kathy!"
"but I'm not suppose to knock on her door when she puts out her study sign!"
"I'll knock and let her know is your homework done Jenny?"
"Aw dad I'll do it later!says Jenny
"No Jenny see if you can get some of it done now that backpack is stuffed so you must have a lot of homework!"says Tad
"Oh daddy I wanted to watch tv !"
"Tell you what one hour of homework one a half hour of WII bowling with me after dinner!"offers Tad
"Okay says!" Jenny
Tad trudges up to Kathy's bedroom and knocks on the door.
"I'm studying !"comes the reply throught the door
"sorry to interrupt family meeting at 5pm that's in one hour says Tad
"Okay Dad says Kathy opening the door "Is that all I stll have to study for my history test tomorrow!"
"Yes that's all Kathy I miss my little Kathy!"
"Aw dad you see me all the time when I'm not at mom's!" says Kathy incredulously "See you later Pops love you she says as she shuts the door!
"Pops" repeats Tad" Who'd have thunk it!"

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