Monday, December 7, 2009

Part 2-End Game

Aiden's psychiatrist's office
Aiden is taking his therapy with his doctor while lying on her sofa!
"So you got married last weekend is that what your telling me?'asked Dr.McGillis
"Yes!"answers Aiden proudly holding up his ring on his ring finger, a plain gold band!
"And you've known this woman how long?'asks the doctor
"A long long time over a decade !'says Aiden
"Were you in touch in all that time?'
"A phone call, here a card there but no face to face contact until six months ago!"answers Aiden
"Now we've talked about your fixation on women whom you feel you have to save!Your need to save the world!Do you feel that this is coming into play here?asks Dr.McGillis
"No the odd thing about this relationship is I think it's the first relationship I've ever had where it feels like she is saving me!No that's not quite right we are both there for each other!"
"So are you saying this relationship has give and take and although you have the urge to protect her in a way she also protects you?
"Yes that's exactly it !It's like I married my best friend and we can talk about anything Maria is my true counterpart!""We like spending time together just doing things together but we also are able to spend time apart doing things we like!"Aiden says
"This sounds like a healthy relationship.Is your wife aware of the torure you went through under your brother Michael's hands?'
"We've talked about it ! Maria has had traumas of her own in her life and she understands what that's like!
"And is she okay with your rituals your counting ,your hand washing!'asks Dr.McGillis"the night terrors?'
"She has been very accepting she knows when I get really stressed I start doing this and she finds ways to distract me and comfort me!'
"And what about children? I know you've talked about how you'd like children .That you'd like your child to have a more stable upbringing then yours are you still working for the Company?
"No I'm actually retired as of last Monday but it's known that you can never truly retire from them and actually we've talked about it and Maria is older and it may be difficult for us to have a child of our own but we'd welcome one.Maria has two grown children living a home .Sam who is 21 and Maddie who is 18! "
"So your an instant stepdad !How are you adjusting that are you finding that stressful?'
"No not yet it's a bit of an adjustment on both sides Sam is used to be the man of the house so I treat him like the man he is! Maddie was a little unhappy with me for warning her boyfriend that I'd break his neck if he did anything to her but she seems to be over that now!'
'What exactly did you do to protect Maddie?'asks Dr.McGillis
"I warned her boyfriend that I'd break his neck if he hurt Maddie in any way!'
"So Maddie seems like your daughter, you have the urge to protect her?'
"Yes and I remember her as a little girl who captured my heart! She was so like her mother!'she still is!"I just don't want any guy to break her heart is that so bad?'asks Aiden
"I think you have a natural impulse to protect your little girl but you also have to realize that she is grown up now and needs to be able to make her own decisions good or bad and that the only thing you can do is be there if she needs you"says Dr.McGillis
"I know I'm really trying to be a good dad! says Aiden running his hand through his hair
'Yes I can see that !'says the good doctor
"Now how is the PTSD symptoms are they getting any better with the medication and our sessions?'
"Talking about the trauma has helped immensely but I still get really scared at certain sounds and smells that take me back to Michael's torture!states Aiden
"Understandably you still haven't totally shared with me everything that happened with Michael are you ready to talk about it some more?'
"At first he just tormented me saying he had secret that I wouldn't guess as he kept me tied in a chair.My legs were tied with first duct tape and then chain over top of that! He'd stay for a few hours sometimes just staring other times.He would drug me and laugh!Then one day after about a month of this he told me Kendall was the one the one he wanted always for his wife but his evil brother Alex had stolen his bride and lied to her making her believe he was dead.Alex or Zach as he was now calling himself he said was working with that evil lesbian Bianca to keep Kendall with Alex! He raved for hours and hours about Alex and Bianca and their evil plot against him! To keep his true love Kendall from him ! I asked him who he was and he laughed and said Abel and that even his father had conspired against him !I asked him who his father was and he laughed and said Alex Cambias Sr..It was then I started to put it together that this was Michael Cambias that held me I knew I was in trouble before this but this struck terror at my heart!He ranted how Alex Sr had taken him away and left Kendall to Alex.He always seemed to pick Alex over him and now yet again! But Michael had gotten around him he had changed his face and even with this face Kendall sensed he was under there look how wonderful she had been to him!"I was terrified for Kendall when I heard this but I couldn't get free ! I tried reasoning with him but have you ever reasoned with a madman?"Aiden says spitting out the words as fast as he can like if he doesn't he won't say it."He told me that he actually liked and respected me that if he had to pick abrother then I was better than Alex (Zach)I told him that he was mistaken that I wasn't his brother that hadn't he told me that he had just had surgery to look like me and he shook his head sadly and said (as we see a flashback to Michael talking to Aiden while he 's tied up in dcut tape and chain to a chair)
"I thought you of all people would know your mother slept with my father .says Michael
"Your sadly mistaken Mate!'Adien snarls
Michael shows Aiden pictures of his mother Lindsay with Alex Sr,and he realizes how young she was and how it could only be before he was born.
"She was very naughty when she found out she was pregant with you she fled Alex and hid having you she took you home to her childhood home! Alex searched high and low and caught up with her .She had told him that you were dead and manged to convince him that she was telling the truth! Alex flew into a rage accusing her of killing his son and in his anger he killed her making it look like something else!.He called on his old friend Caesar Faison to help him as he wasn't familiar with England and thought to get rid of the body.Caesar said he hated her older sister Anna and would be happy to make it look like it was a natural death if only to torture her!So no blame could be placed on Alex Sr and no body to get rid of !Unfortunately as they placed the body a young girl who was visiting a neighbour she had wander in while playing next door she didn't quite understand being only 3 .Caesar took her home to next door her name was Gillian Andrassy !Unfortuntely they were to cross paths again and as Alex Sr.spied on Ryan Lavery he was caught by his wife Gillian who was starting to recognized him from her childhood memory.He sent a man to kill her!' Micahel says laughing"No one will be able to implicate my father and live!'Gillian Andrassy Lavery had to die and they had thought that someone had been trying to kill Anna and had killed her instead!Foolish idiots !Shortly after Gillian was killed, Dimitri and Alex received a strange phone call from a man telling them he had important information. This call caused Alex and Dimitri to leave for Hungary but it was just a trick to get them out of Pine Valley and leave Ryan Lavery open to Alex! My father has many secrets but Ryan Lavery puzzles me why does he pick him over his sons !'why do you think he does is it that he feels bad for killling his true love!Aiden?Michael asks taking a knife and strip some flesh off Aiden's arm
"I don't know why he would do such a thing you are the son he should want you are very like him!'says Adien wincing but trying to mollify Michael
"Yes I am aren't I says Michael proudly
"But no he gives the company to Lavery!Like he was his son!'says Michael continuing
"There's something wrong with him mate because from where I'm sitting you are the true copy of the father not Lavery he's weak and ineffectual "says Aiden
"and he still loves and picks Alex(Zach)"says Michael"and yet even though he took the company from Alex he gives him Kendall!Kendall was mine!'
"Yes you knew her first I can see what you see in her but of course she's your girlfirend!'says Aiden
"Wife she's my wife!' says Michael stripping off some flesh off Aiden's other arm!
"yes of course wife she's your wife"agrees Aiden wincing yet again and in great pain
"She loves me you should see her she wants to be wth me not Zach!'says Michael
"Of course she does Zach is a big burly man and old very old where as you are young and handsome!'says Aiden once again trying to molify Michael
"That's right brother I am because I look like you but she still recognizes me "then looking at the flesh he has stripped off he says "Oh I've hurt you I'm sorry that's no way to treat my favorite brother .Then prying apart Aiden's lips he says"there that should make you feel better soon lovely percocets they'll take away all the pain!
flashback to Aiden still recounting this in the shrinks office. Aiden is sweating heavily as he recalls this and is dabbing his eyes pretendng that this memory hasn't effected him wiping tears that haven't falled!
"Aiden I want you to remember that none of what happened was your fault this man was evil he took you as his prisoner and he tortured you!"
"but he was my brother !'whispers Aiden but Dr.McGillis hears this and says
" biologically he was your brother but the way he treated you is not like any brother should treat his brother or any other person!'
" he's in a prison now but I feel bad for him!'says Aiden
"He earned his prison and if he's there he can't harm you can he!'says Dr.McGillis confidently
"I'm never going to let anyone harm me again!says Aiden pulling out his gun from under his jacket to show the doctor!
"Aiden what is the rule in his office?'asks the doctor
"No weapons !'says Aiden sheepishly"but this is actually a stun gun not a gun"
"That is still a weapon next time I expect you not to bring it this is a safe place not a place for weapons!'Dr.McGillis severely
"Sorry your right doc I won't bring it next time!' he says
"times up for today shall we make an appointment for Wednesday at 2pm."
"Okay doc I'll be here "says Aiden somewhat reluctantly but resigned
Aiden leaves the office and we hear Dr.McGillis talking to someone on the phone we hear
"Yes! uh huh he was just here! ...No he's not aware! We're you aware he just got married....You're pleased ...uh huh.... because she may have a child .....well she's a little old..... there's always the test tube!Yes she's all ready produced two! Ah huh no he's not aware I told you Alex he doesn't know.Sorry no names right ...Sorry !.... but he's not aware that I'm working for you Aiden is recovering from the damage his brother did....Yes he is very strong to have survived that torture truly your son....What no I've never met your other son what's his name.....Really I've heard of him! Actually I had a referal today for him.Uh huh I suspected that from something Aiden said today.... so Ryan Lavery is really Ryan Cambias and he doesn't know.Interesting!Do you want me to take your other son's case! Very well same payment! Okay goodbye!

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