Monday, December 7, 2009

Part 1 -End Game

The next day the street in front of Maria's house
Pete knocks on a door !the door is opened by Maria
"Hi Pete! Long time no see!' she says smiling "have you met my husband Aiden?"
"Aiden Devane is your husband when did this happen? asks Pete incredulously
"Recently last weekend we flew to Las Vegas and tied the knot !"
"Wow congratulations Mrs.Grey, I mean Mrs.Devane!"
"just call me Maria if that's easier Pete!'"
"Thanks er ...uh....Maria says Pete and looks around searching
"Go into the family room Pete that's where Maddie is !'
"He can go in a minute right mate! says Aiden "we have some talking to
Pete blanches and looks ill at ease but follows Aiden into another room to talk!
"Pete I'll put it right out there! I'm giving you a break because your the brother of my best mate but that only cuts it so far !says Aiden "What are your intentions towards my stepdaughter?'
"Sir?'asks Pete respectfully
"Come on Pete! Maddie is young sometimes younger than her eighteen years, I don't want her hurt!"explains Aiden
"I wouldn't hurt her I love her !"says Pete
"Yes and that can be part of the problem says Aiden she seems to love you too!'
"Why is that a problem!'asks Pete
"I think you know! says Aiden pointedly
"If and when we take that action sir we will use protection!I won't let Maddie down she's brilliant !"
"I know she is and she's got an amazing future ahead of her don't wreck that!' cautions Aiden"I don't want to have to break your neck!"
"I won't !'says Pete
"Just remember this conversation mate and if Maddie asks this never happened understand says !'Aiden
"Perfectly sir wouldn't want to upset the women folk!says Pete
"Right but don't ever let them hear you say that they don't like that sexist talk son!'says Aidien as Pete shakes his hand and goes off to find Maddie
"I heard that Aiden thanks for taking such good care of my daughter says Maria hugging Aiden"but I hope Maddie doesn't find out! doubt that she'd be too happy!"
"She's my daughter too now!' says Aiden
"That she is!' says Maria smiling" but tread softly!'
Just then the doorbell rings Maria answers the door once more!Brooke is at the door
"Hi Brooke it's so good to see you!"says Maria
"You too I'm so glad we were able to put everything behind us and become friends after Edmund's death!"
"me too!' says Maria hugging Brooke
"Oh I didn't know you had company hello Aiden how are you?'asks Brooke
"I'm fine Brooke nice to see you too!says Aiden hugging Maria
" Brooke your only the second person to know besides family!' says Maria "Aiden and I got married last weekend!'
"Wow when did all this happen?'asks Brooke
"Well it's bit of along story a long time ago we met and he fell for me but I was still in love with my husband Edmund and when Edmund was murdered I just was broken!As you know I left town and came here.Well recently about six months I ran into Aiden .He was different more introspective about his life and loves.Something had changed him! At first I didn't know how I was feeling but he crept in little by little! He was always go off for his work! You know he was responsible for helping to save Jenny and Paulina Nelson!she says proudly"Well I started falling for him the man that I saw the sweet sensitive caring man who was always trying to save the world!He just captured my heart!'explains Maria
"I can see that congratulations to both of you it's nice to see you both so happy!Have you told Tad yet Aiden ?'
"no not yet so don't tell anyone I want to tell my best mate myself!'says Aiden
"Well I know he'll be very happy for you!says Brooke
"Mom Pete and I are ....says Maddie then seeing Brooke she says "oh Brooke I didn't know you were here! did you hear the news can you believe it ?Mom and Aiden!'
"yes I did !'says Brooke"Pete I didn't know you were here!'he says seeing Pete
"Maddie's my girlfriend now !'Pete says proudly
"Really I have been out of the loop haven't I?'says Brooke
"We're just going out to Dottie's for a burger did you want anything when we come back Mom ,Aiden,Brooke?'
"Thanks nothing for me !'they all say in chorus(Brooke Aiden and Maria)
The door slams as Pete and Maddie leave!
"I'll leave you ladies to chat Aiden says "I've got to go see Tad!"
"Okay bye honey "says Maria kissing him in front of Brooke he kisses her back and goes out the front door!
On the street Aiden calls Tad from his phone and tells him his news and then proceeds to an office building !He enters the office that says
Dr.Andrea McGillis Psychiatrist!

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