Sunday, December 27, 2009

Part 10 - New Beginnings and New Alliances-New Years Day

Part 10 - New Beginnings and New Alliances-New Years Day
New Year’s Day Emma’s house
“Emma for Petesake answer the phone I’m tired of it ringing!" says Ryan his head heavy and sore from drinking the night before!He sips from a drink of raw egg and looks hung over!
“I don’t want to talk to Kathy Martin ever again!’she says not answering the phone
Ryan answers it and says”sorry Kathy I don’t understand what is going on but apparently she doesn’t want to talk to you.Uh huh ,okay I’ll tell her but I’m not promising she’ll call you back it’s up to her!’ then hanging up the phone he yells for Emma.Emma comes and he says
“Kathy told me to tell you she’s sorry it wasn’t her fault and guys are scum!’
‘Well I don’t care says Emma stamping her foot”she’s a boyfriend stealing backstabbing so called friend! I’ll never trust her again!”
“I gather that’s a no !What a minute boyfriend?You’re too young for a boyfriend!’ says Ryan his eyes bugging out
“Oh Daddy you are so outdated!’says Emma rolling her eyes
“Outdated?’I’m not outdated look at these rock hard abs!’says Ryan posturing
“Ooh yuck Daddy remember who you’re talking too!’says Emma“And another thing I hate Kathy Martin don’t ever mention her to me again”
“”Well I don’t think you should ever mention boys to me again and dating you’re tooo young for dating!”
“I’m 13 it’s not like I haven’t kissed a boy before!’
“What what do I have to do get a chasity belt for you?’says Ryan half serious”what what boy did you kiss you‘re never leaving the house again!‘
“That’s not funny Daddy!’ and then Emma repeats“I hate Kathy Martin!’
“Your a broken record Emma !'Can’t you work it out Emma?Are you going to let some boy come between you in your friendship?’ says Ryan using the self help book he bought to help himself and some of it’s dialogue
“Oh Daddy one person can’t carry a whole friendship and she is a backstabbing boyfriend stealing witch!’
“You said that many times all ready!’says Ryan
“It bares repeating I won’t forgive her for this!’
“You know the boy isn’t blameless for this he obviously did something!’reasons Ryan
“He kissed her but she must have done something to make him!’says Emma
“Em I love you dearly but maybe he just isn’t the boy for you!’says Ryan clearly not in favor of any boy near his daughter
“Not the boy for me Daddy !!!’protests Emma’You never take my side!’And I’m only your daughter! she says running upstairs and slamming her bedroom door!
“Oh no she’s a teenager !’ says Ryan pulling his hair and getting on the phone to Annie
“Oh Annie you won’t believe what your daughter has been going on about!’ Ryan tells her
“What now Ryan? “ask Annie exasperated
“Boys and kissing them!’says Ryan shocked
‘Well she is thirteen!’ says Annie
“I blame you for this!’ says Ryan
“What else is new ?"says Annie
“ Ryan she‘s going to want to date boys and even kiss them .Hopefully if we talk to her it won’t go further !’says Annie
“Further?’ says Ryan gulping
“Take a deep breath Ryan! Our little girl is growing up but we are her parents and we can deal with it ! We can also talk to our daughter and make sure she’s aware she can say No if she’s pressured !And to not put herself into situations she can’t handle!’Emma and I have talked about this but I can always have a refresher talk with her if that would put your mind at ease!"says Annie
“Why don’t you just tell her that abstinance is the best policy! ‘says Ryan
“Would that have worked with you when you were younger!’ Annie asks
“No but she’s too darn young!’says Ryan
“I agree she is so we tell her why we think she should wait and then we leave it to her! That’s all we can do!’says Annie”Bye now!‘
“Goodbye then!’ says Ryan "you weren't much help!"and then
“I think I need a drink !'says Ryan slamming down the phone “Maybe more than one!’he mutters to himself

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