Monday, December 7, 2009

Part 2- Old Friends Old Grudges

"Hello!' Pete answers his cellphone "Dad ,uh yes I'm studying no I haven't heard from Nina lately!"
We see Palmer on the other end in an Italian suit black in striped with a blue thin striped shirt underneath with a white collar and a blue tie!
"Pete I've been wanting to have Easter at my place he says!My new mansion is in Happy Valley and I 've got news for you!Well your mother and I do!
just then Opal's voice comes on the line and we hear her and see her say into a phone she's holding
" Petey is Mama your dad and I well we flew to Las Vegas and we got hitched again!"
"You what ?'says Pete "are you two sure it will work out this time?'
"Well even when we were apart we were together all the time!says Opal
"that's for sure !"says Palmer
"And Palmer dear it's OUR mansion not Your mansion!'
"yes dear!' says Palmer to Opal well we see him roll his eyes behind her back!
"so your Daddy figures we'd have a big family hoedown I mean party for Easter.Your the first person we're invitin!'says Opal slipping her grammar because she's so emotional!
"Are you really sure mom I mean I know I love Dad and you love dad but he is hard to live with!'
"I'm sure Petey I love the old goat!"says Opal vehemently
"Okay then when the party?'
"well your dad wants to have it at Easter but I'm not waiting that long!'says Opal are you free this weekend ?
"well I was planning to go to a party!'says Pete seriously
"Can't you change your plans Petey for your!"pleads Opal
"well I think that would upset my mom since it's her party jokes Pete
"Oh you you get more like your brother Tad everyday!'
"I hope not !'says Palmer under his breath
"we're not getting into that old man!' says Opal "you promised bygones would be bygones!
"So have you met any cute girls?' asks Opal of Pete
"Mother!"says Pete embarrassed
"you're not still hung up on that Chandler girl are you?' asks Palmer
"No dad Colby thinks of me only as a friend!'says Pete
"I'd like to dangle some other grandchildren on my knee some day" says Palmer"but a young man needs to sow some oats!
"Palmer you're embarrassing the boy!' says Opal
" When I meet someone new I'll let you know says Pete "I got to go know bye and congratulations to both of you I'll see you on the weeknend let me know the exact day and time later even if you just leave a message okay mom bye !says Pete hurriedly hanging up the phone and muttering afterwards "as if I'd tell you I was interested in someone that would be the kiss of death!"then realizing that colby and Sam have heard the whole conversation says
"Parents what are you going to do I can believe mine have gotten remarried!'
"Wow Pete that's big !'says Colby
"No kidding for years I wanted them to get back together I move out of my mother's house and they get back together weird in the extreme!"
"Well got to get to class see you later Colby"says Pete
"And I've got to meet Enzo!'says Max
"You've got to meet who bro?"asks Enzo putting his older brother into a headlock.Enzo is a towering six foot three well his brother Max is a little shorter!
"Funny Enzo funny!" says Max "nice meeting you Sam I'll take my not so little brother Enzo and were heading out! have fun kids !"he says as a parting line to Sam and Colby!

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