Monday, December 7, 2009

Part 5 -Old friends Old grudges

Jaime enters Dotties coffee house/restaurant and goes to the coffee house side.He looks around searching for someone then throws his coat over a chair at a table to save it.He walks to the counter and orders two lattes.
"Jaime there you are!'says a voice as we pan in to see Brooke
"Hi Mom" says Jaime
"It's so great that your back in the same town as your dad!' says Brooke"I've actually got news too I'm moving here as well Tad was able to get me offices for Tempo down right downtown here in Happy Valley!
"That's great news Mom! how's Tempo doing?'
"it's certainly been hard the last year with all the downsizing we had to do to become profitable!' We were bearly breaking even there for awhile!'
"you know what I'm talking about Mom how are you really doing after what happened!
Brooke sighs and says"It was scary no doubt about that!I never thought Frank would breakdown that way."
"Mom you've got quite avoiding the subject and skirting around this .Frank took you hostage he killed several people at Tempo because he was let go!"
"I just feel so bad for everyone involved even Frank!'
"Mom the man is a psychopath he killed people he could have killed you! Just because he lost his job!'says Jaime
"I feel like I have some blame here I had to let him goI should have tried harder to get him another job."
"Mom you gave him a generous severance and a referal to a headhunter agency,you paid for training on how to get a job in this market,lots of employers don't even do that!protests Jaime"you have to realize you are not to blame !I'll give you that the man was mentally ill but he's dead now he can't hurt you and I want to know have you seen that thearapist I recommended to you?'
"No I haven't seen the therapist I've been busy trying to keep the magazine afloat!You know that old adage any publicity is good publicity? Well we were able to use some of the good will the public had for us because of this shooting and for that I felt bad!Tempo was also sued and had to pay out millions in settlements to survivors including the wives and the children of the people who died.I feel so bad for them Jaime sometimes I have to ask why them why not me!'Ten people dead but not me!'she says quietly and sadly
"I'm so glad Mom that you're here and alive I've never been so terrified in my life when I turned on CNN to see that hostage taking in progress and then to learn he had you! Jaime pauses unshed tears in his eyes 'I'm so glad you're safe and here now Mom!That other that's just survivor's guilt and I know you feel you're coping but I'm pulling out my doctor's degree here you have to see someone and talk to them it will help!"Jaime says gently"and Dad agrees
"you and your Dad have been talking about me?'asks Brooke
"We care Mom, Dad cares, wre hate to see you still hurting!'says Jaime
"I'll do it for you and Tad !'says Brooke
"Promise you'll do it for you not for anyone else please Mom!'demands Jaime "here's the name and number of a doctor here in Happy Valley she's really good her name is Christine Wood.says Jaime handing her a piece of paper.
"I've never been able to refuse your sweet face anything says Brooke clasping Jaime's chin and excepting the paper which she puts in her purse.
"Thanks Mom !'says Jaime then changing the subject he says"Isn't that Pete Courtland but who's that womanl he's laughing with?'"she looks so familiar!'
"Wow you know why she looks familiar" says Brooke"she was almost your step-sister!'
"Is that little Maddie ?'asks Jaime
"Yes and not so little anymore she's grown in to a lovely woman!'says Brooke"Maria has sent me hers and Sam's pictures over the years!Oh dear looks like Colby Chandler's nose is out of joint!'
"Yes if looks could kill !She looks really annoyed!"says Jaime"Oh well not our business!
Brooke and Jaime finish the sandwiches they purchased and their coffee!
"Shall we meet for dinner Mom ?Dad has invited us all over for dinner tonight!"
"Kind of short notice typical of your Dad "says Brooke laughing
"Actually Mom, Dad all ready thinks your coming I told him I tell you last week and when he asked me I said you were coming!'
"oh so it's genetic is it?' asks Brooke laughing a little and then says"Don't look so hound dogged I'm coming to your Dad's for dinner!Is your brother T.J. going to be there?'
"Yes you don't mind do you?'asks Jaime worried
"Jaime he's your brother the same way Jenny is your sister!'I'm actually looking forward to meeting him!'
"Mom his mom, Dottie is going to be there too in fact this is actually her restaurant."
"Really ?'says Brooke looking around quickly as if to spot Dottie"I'm looking forward to meeting her too your Dad told me about her years ago she sounded sweet!"
"Well you can find out tonight what you think !I like it !"says Jaime as they finish there coffee and get up to leave.

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