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Part 7 - New Beginnings and New Alliances-The New Years Party*4

Part 7 - New Beginnings and New Alliances-The New Years Party*4
Amanda lays unconscious on the floor having fallen down the stairs!T.J. Martin as he know calls himself comes out of the men’s washroom turns the corner and finds Amanda at the bottom of the stairs!
He pulls out his cellphone and calls for an ambulance and tries to give aid Melissa comes walking down the stairs near the washroom and goes into Doctor mode.T.J. takes this opportunity to call his camera crew! “Can’t make it they’ll be sending a replacement look for them! Bye!” then he makes another call
T.J.says to someone on the other end of the phone” I can’t cover it you‘ll have to find someone else I know it’s short order I have a situation that needs taking care of .Yes I’ll owe you bye!”
“Is she going to be all right?’he asks of Melissa
“I don’t know!’says Melissa she’s losing a lot of blood I need to pack her!
“Would my shirt help asks T.J. already removing his jacket and shirt to rippling muscles
“Thanks!’ says Melissa using the shirt to stop the bleeding!”go see what’s keeping that ambulance and see if you can find David Hayward he’s a doctor or any other doctor you can find I need help here!”
T.J. bounds up the stairs and finds Jake with Carolyn
“Uncle Jake you have to come there is a woman who fell down the stairs! She’s bleeding so much!says T.J.
“Is there someone with her have you called and ambulance?’ asks Jake following T.J.
”Yes I did but we are still waiting on the amblance!‘
”we who?’ asks Jake
”Dr.Melissa Dillon she‘s working on the woman!‘answers T.J.
“Oh my no it’s Amanda “says Jake growing pale and sitting down on the steps!
“Uncle Jake you know this woman?’asks T.J.
“Yes she’s my wife I mean I thought I was married to her until Carolyn told me that she hadn’t filed the papers!Oh Mandy I’m so sorry this is my fault!Jake says getting very upset
“Dr.Martin if you can’t pull yourself together you’re have no use to me go find my father David Hayward !’
“I can do this ,I can do this ,you don’t need David “says Jake trying to pull himself together.then Carolyn appears behind him and Amanda wakes up and screams
“Get them away from me!”
“You two are upsetting my patient go find my father!”demands Melissa
David arrives and pitches in assisting his daughter and helping stem the bleeding as Amanda fades into unconscious once again!As Jake watches with Carolyn and his daughter from the sidelines!The ambulance arrives and David tells Rose he had to leave with the ambulance and that Vanessa and Rose have to take over completely
“My Daddy is wonderful but I don’t think I want to be a doctor when I get older!’ says Rose
“why?’ asks Vanessa
“Cause he gets called away a lot and misses things!’ says Rose
“That’s part of being a doctor!’ says Vanessa
“so what do you want to do?’ asks Vanessa
“Maybe a party planner!’ says Rose"or perhaps a Cancer researcher!'
“I’m sure your Dad and I will be happy with what ever carreer you choose!’says Vanessa
“I ‘ve got to check in on my young adult party you can handle it here Grandma?’ Rose asks ”and you‘ll let me know any news about that poor lady?‘
”Yes I‘ll let you know about Ms.Dillon.I promise Rose!“If you’re sure you can handle the party dear I 'll look after the adult party!’says Vanessa
"We have to continue going and raise more money for Children's Cancer Research!"says Rose
biting her lip
"We will Rose will raise a lot more I'l get them to shake out their wallets!'
"I know you will Grandma I leave that to you!"says Rose leaving to the other room!

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