Saturday, December 26, 2009

Part 3-New Beginnings and New Alliances

Part 3 - New Beginnings and New Alliances
Vanessa preens and adjusts her dress before entering the ballroom to check all the decorations and tables followed by a wirlwind called Rose.Rose looks around checking floral arrangements at the tables.Vanessa‘s resilliant in a beautiful velvet red dress Rose is dressed like afairy tale Disney Princess in plae blue!
“They did it exactly like I told them Grandma!’says Rose commenting on the flowers
‘yes they did!’says Vanessa indulgently but thinking “They better have for all the money I’m paying them!’
“Does my dress look all right Grandma?’asks Rose suddenly concerned dressed in a Disney style sleeping beauty style dress .
“Ah Rosie you look like a princess”says David coming up suddenly behind them
“You really mean it Daddy?’asks Rose “Your not just saying that because I’m your daughter?’
“Sweetheart you are the spitting image of your mother!’says David
“yes you are Rose!’ says Vanessa”And your mother was stunningly beautiful inside and out just like you!”
“Does the ballroom look okay Daddy ? Did you see the young adult ballroom ? Grandma and I arranged for supervision for it to so nobody gets out of hand right Grandma?’Rose spits out not waiting for any answers
“Whoa slow down everything is wonderful you and your Grandmother have planned this wonderfully!’says David boosting Rose’s ego
“Aw Daddy you say the nicest things I think people misjudge you a lot!’Rose says
“Rose you are the light of my life !’says David as Rose goes into the other room
“ She’s a pistol isn’t “ says Vanessa
“That she is ,she’s a true gift Mother thank -you for bringing her back into my life!’says David sincerely
“My boy you have been one of my great joys how could I do any less for you?’says Vanessa
“She’s changed my priorities mother !’says David
“A child will do that!’
“When she was kidnapped ....breaks off David overcome with emotion
“You wanted to kill Alex I know I did to! That’s over that monster will never see the light of day again!And I got the last laugh I have all his loot!’says Vanessa snarling when she mentioned Alex and growing fiercely protective and then laughing when she mentions Alex‘s loot!
“Mother just when I thought I had you pegged you say something like that !’says David laughing

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