Saturday, December 26, 2009

Part 4 -New Beginnings and New Alliances-The New Years Party*1

People start arriving to the crowded ballroom. Tad dressed in a tux comes in with Dottie on his arm .Dottie is dressed in a stunning red silk dress and her hair upswept!They are followed by Kathy and Jenny ! Kathy is dressed in pink but is a little annoyed since she believes her dress should be low cut and more adult like ! Jennyin a green princess styled dress is happy to be at her first what she believes to be adult party at only 10!Krystal is all ready at the party.She’s also dressed in red.A red sparkly dress a barely there dress ,she looks reallt stunningly beautiful.Tad spots her and goes to walk over to her when he realizes she’s not alone she’s with Adam who’s dressed in a tuxedo !
Tad is shocked he thought Adam was still recovering in the Sanitorium.Krystal not seeing Tad reaches up and gently kisses Adam on the cheek!
Tad wonders what is going on!
Angie and Jesse arrive .Angie is dressed in white a stunning silk floor length gown with a imtiation fur half wrap drapped across her shoulders .Jesse looks hot in a tux that is strictly Jesse!They are laughing and look stunningly happy together
Natalia is dressed in a red silk dress with an imitation white half wrap fur and Brot in a a tux as she looks nervously around and asks Brot
“Are you sure I look okay Angie said that this fur would look good but,,,”
“ You are beauty itself!’says Brot
Natalia blushes and says “thanks!‘a little awkwardly
Frankie (in a tux)and Randi(her dress short and candy cane stripped) arrive arguing furiously over Frankie’s atentiveness to other people
“I don’t care if Aislinn said she needed help putting her playstation 3 to her receiver!complain Randi loudly “Don’t you realize the woman was coming on to you!Just because she’s Dr.Aislin McGillis!!!Her son Aaron could have helped her he’s what 14 years old!They are all techinical at that age!
”She‘s our neighbour I was just trying to be neighbourly and Aislinn needed help!says Frankie and then thinking he says“And they are not all techinical at that age !And what about Kieran who lives down the hall he’s all can I borrow some sugar can I borrow some flour that guy really is after you!What is he one of your old Johns?
“ .Franklin Hubbard you promised never to bring that up again you are always throwing that in my face and I’m so tired of it!”I do not even speak to Kieran you are always givng him flour!If I talked to the guy you’d be mad!“I have never come on other guy I love you you big dope!Randi says exasperated
“I’m sorry Randi!’ says Frankie contrite “You are right and maybe I should listen to you! You might be right abut Aislinn she does seem lonely! he admits belatedly”I love you too!
“Okay then let’s go have some fun Randi says

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