Monday, December 7, 2009

Part 7- Old friends Old Grudges

Tad's House
Tad is frantically trying to set his dining room table pulling extra tables together while covering them with a tablecloth and putting many plates and silverware sets out as Krystal and enters the room and says
"Wow ,Tad everything looks wonderful and the smell is that dinner I smell?... cooked by and your own hands ?"
"Are you suggesting I can't cook?'asks Tad hands on his hips an apron strung over his head and around his waist that reads KISS THE COOK.
"You cook an entire turkey all by yourself is it edible?'asks Krystal
"Come and see smell and have a little taste of this masterpiece" says Tad proudly taking Krystal to the turkey which is on the counter on a serving plate all cut up and offering her a piece
"MMmmm that is tender!' says Krystal "Mouthwatering.Did you make dressing?'
"Yes but not sausage dressing Dottie says she and TJ prefer sage dressing! You know the kind you make with celery and onions and sage the spice !"says Tad explaining
Krystal laughs and says "I see!'knowingly
"you see what ?'asks Tad puzzled
"You've got it bad Tad Martin!'
"I don't know what you're a talking about says Tad protesting "I just wanted to make this dinner perfect for TJ!'
"And Dottie"comments Krystal "did you make candied yams ?'
"Of course they are Dottie's I mean T.J.s favorite!'
"Like I said you've got it bad Martin are you sure she won't mind me here for the dinner?'asks Krystal
"Dottie is warm and loving besides the more the merrier! Palmer and are coming!'Did you know they remarried ?You could have knocked me over with a feather when I came to Palmer's new home to find out what he wanted Saturday and they tell me they are married ! really wants to meet T.J. she was in Pine Valley when we all met him!"
"What's this?' Krystal asks"you made a ham too were you cooking all night and all day!'
"Just about!' admits Tad
"Did you make these rolls by hand too?' asks Krystal clearly surprised at all the food the bounty that Tad preprared
"No the Pillsbury guy did I just baked them!'Tad admits
Just then the doorbell rings
"They are here does everything look all right" asks Tad then he yells Jenny ,Kathy they are here get down here!"and goes to answer the door.At the door is Angie and Jesse Natalia and Brot,Frankie and Randi, Opal and Palmer,Jenny and Greg, Jaime and Paulina ,Dottie and T.J.,Brooke and Brad Hewitt(Dottie's cousin),JR and Marissa ,Melissa and Tim.Followed by Pete As Tad is ushering everyone in .

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