Monday, December 7, 2009

Part 6 - She's Back

She's back -Part 6
Janet in a room watching cameras headphones on her head.the camera pans into what Janet is looking at real time video of Amanda and Jake talking at New Wildwind!
"This is all a charade you know he 's just trying to get both babies and you" says Jake waving his arms in the air!
"I'm tired of fighting with you over this Jake this baby will get us Trevor"she says patting her stomach with David's baby growing bigger every day
" I'm not fighting with you I just wish you hadn't agreed!"says Jake starrring at her belly pointedly
"While that's not what you said to me you said it's your choice and I'll back you all the way so I signed the papers and thought you kow Jake is such a great guy that he loves me enough to do this but you don't !"says Amanda
"I love you,your my wife but you live here at David's away from me we can't even make love because of that stupid contract!"
"You think I'm not suffering here ?"asks Amanda extremely irritated
"No you seem pretty happy here to me perhaps too happy !says Jake nastily
"I think you're a jerk Jake Martin!" Amanda says twisting her wedding ring "why did I think that this would be a stressless pregnancy!"
"What a surprise David is stressing you out!states Jake
"He's not stressing me out in fact he couldn't be more charming he's tried to make it as harmonious as possible unlike you! You keep treating me like I'm an idiot ,busting in here warning me over and over about David! You act like I chose David over you!"says Amanda angrily" I did this for Trevor I need to have my son live with my son as well as you!"
"Quit twisting everything I say I think you've been with David too long you're turning into
him !
"You bassta.rd says Amanda slapping Jake's face "when you're ready to apologise and treat me with respect you can come back but until then GET OUT!!" Amanda yells shoving Jake out the front door crying!
"When you're ready to apologise to me" says Jake" you know where I am!"Jake stalks off and drives away angrily in his car.
Janet stares at the screen and turns to the other monitor that shows the interior of Jake's car!
Tuning into Jake driving in his car his cellphone rings!Jake pulls over and answers it
" Doctor Jake Martin here!"Hello hello"
"the voice comes on the other end but we can't hear it!
"ah ah long time no hear!" "Yes well when you run away with a truck driver!"
"Get to the point Carolyn why are you calling me?" asks Jake angrily
We now hear Carolyn and see her as Jake puts her on speaker phone
" I didn't run away with the truck driver Jake I just had to get away from you brooding
and bemoaning how life had treated you!"
"why are you calling me Carolyn we're divorced!"shouts Jake into the phone
"I'm calling because I need to see you!"shouts Carolyn back bluntly
"I don't have any intention of seeing you anytime soon!says Jake
"I need to see you Jake says Carolyn I'm pleading here!"
"why?" asks Jake
" I got your signed papers for the divorce but I never filed them! Carolyn says"there are you happy?"
"Carolyn where are you now this is a conversation we should have in person ! says Jake shocked
"Do you have any idea what you've done?"he mutters under his breath
"Actually I'm calling you from my hotel room in Happy Valley it's room 302 at the Happy Valley Holiday Inn!'
"I'll meet you at 7 pm after my shift at Happy Valley General Hospital !"says Jake utterly thrown!
Flashback to Janet who looks really angry
"David was right Jake treats my Amanda with disrespect and anger and then that rotten Martin didn't even check to make sure he was divorced before he married my Amanda! He's a bigamist!!!!That is not the husband for my Amanda !My Mandy deserves utter devotion someone who treats her like the princess she is.someone who will give her children!Someone a lot like David?"wonders Janet "and waht other secrets is Carolyn and Martin hiding?""I have to check this out! Time to get in to my maids outfit and put this in Room 302 at the Holiday Inn she says holding up a with little spy camera as she says racing to her rental car!

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