Monday, December 7, 2009

Part 1 - SHE's Back

David looks at his paper "the Happy Valley Chronicle" He had no idea that dimwit Tad Martin owned most of the town! he reads another article 'Oh crap"! he says running out his rented house's door.
Show the headline
Thaddeous Martin moving to Happy Valley!
David drives to a location outside of town a clinic. He enters with his magnetic key ,runs up two flights of stairs turns into a corridor and opens a door!in the bed is Greenlee. Greenlee isn't shock dead!!Greenlee is recovering there it's obvious as she has a brace on her legs!.Greenlee has a huge smile when she sees David at her hospital room door!
"Come in" she says throwing her shapely leg over her hospital bed "look "she says grabbing two cane"no more crutches!
"Good work Greenlee!"says David
"Yes good work "says a familiar voice from the door
"Leo I still can't believe your here with me says Greenlee holding out her arms"when I thought you were dead ...I thought I would die and then I thought I had to move on so I married that dastardly Ryan Lavery!!I thought I could make a future with him ....what an idiot I was no one could replace you!
"Is this really Greenlee ?Talking in all this prose?" asks Leo
"Yes silly!" she says hitting Leo in the arm
"do you know that Ryan Lavery five minutes after he thought you were dead he was in bed with Kendall?'
"Really? If I weren't so happy with Leo I fix my so called friends wagon the nerve of those two the minute they thought I was dead ...."What about the so called love of their lives Zach and I!And to think I've been worrying how I was going to tell them I was alive and let Ryan down gently! Poor Zach,Kendall doesn't deserve him! "Are they still together David and why did you keep this from me?"rants Greenlee
"Greenlee you were recovering from your coma and injuries and I didn't want to upset you!"And no they are not together Kendall came to her senses and went back to Zach!Though whether he's any better well ....."
"Wow that was big of you bro!' says Leo"but your holding something back!"
"Well there's more to the story but I think a lot of this was the transplant reaction
Kendall got hit with too many things all at once.
1.Her brother's death which gave her the heart with too man got remorseful and went back to Zach 2,Zach's closeness with a strange woman 3. Bianca's betrayal having Zach father Gabby without her 4.Zach and everyone around her not giving my patient time to recover
"hey I was just trying to get married!"says Greenlee
"to the wrong man !'says Leo
"Yes to the wrong man!" agrees Greenlee smiling!
"Hey I'm not saying she was right" says Dr.Dave" But you should give a patient time to recover before you hit her with blow after blow!"
"If that had been Adam Chandler as your patient you wouldn't have been making excuses"
says Greenlee
"I thought that Kendall needed more than those people were giving her and I'd feel for anyone that manipulative monster Ryan Lavery made love him"
"Ryan was all that bad !"says Greenlee" He had his moments!"
"Really?" says Leo suddenly jealous
"Well Leo you know your the love my life he's still looking for his and if he keeps on the way he always does he'll never find her!"Now don't you feel sorry for him after all we have each other!"Greenlee says backtracking and looking lovingly at Leo
"Yes I guess so but he's still a fool throwing away you not once but twice!"
"Oh he's a fool all right do you know who he involved with now?" asks David
"Who ?"asks Greenlee taking the bait Leo just shakes his head
"What?" says Greenlee screeching "that's just beyond gross.She's his son's Grandmother and you just said he was with Kendall .Oooh yuck I think need a shower and what about Jack !I mean I know Daddy broke up with Erica but I hope he doesn't find this out!It's almost like incest and she's so old oooh! Haha what did Kendall say and do did she pull out Erica's hair?"
"No she didn't have any reaction maybe she doesn't realize?she thinks there just friends and friends kiss?"answers David "Or maybe she thinks her mother was just trying to help her back to Zach?"
"It must be that because I would have ripped all of Barbie doll's hair and all of her clothes imagine going after my man ...I mean Kendall's ex mother or no mother"then Greenlee sees Leo's face he's smiling and laughing at her ""you knew she says slapping Leo"I should let the whole lot of them never know I'm alive! Daddy hasn't told and neither has mother and because your hiding me out in a mental home to recover they'll never find out!"
That's actually why I'm here did you know Tad Martin own most of this town near by Happy Valley in fact he just bought this place Happy Valley Sanitarioum! After I read about this in today's paper I made some calls Tad is moving some people here from P.V. He's all ready moved Jake's Mother-in law here Janet and Adam's next!
"So they'll know I'm here!"says Greenlee
"Yes unless you move somewhere else with my brother!"
"I'm not going it's time to tell them and let them face the music and Leo having you or not I'm still owed some grovelling how dare they?"growls Greenlee
"Greenlee you have more than they'll ever have says Leo"you have true love not once but twice with me what do they have revolving doors on their bedrooms I kind feel sorry for them.Especially Erica trying to relive her youth and not realize it's gone!"soothes Leo worried this is too stressful to a recovering Greenlee.
"Okay but I still except grovelling and tears when I tell them I'm alive!"preens Greenlee
"they'll be lots!" says David
"Just remember to tell that Lavery that your taken!" says Leo once again feeling a
little jealous
"Never fear Leo he's not my true love you and only you are my only!"
"I think I'm going to be sick !"says David "all this lovey dovey stuff all the time is getting to me"I'm headed out see you later and let me know before your finger does the walkin and you tell them all your both alive "
"Will do Dave see you later bro "says Leo closing the door and climbing on the bed with Greenlee

David is deep in thought as he opens the stairway door to walk down two flights to the outside door he has a key to.Just as he passes the first floor he feels a pinch on his arm .
"What the ....." he says as he collapses on the floor in a dead faint.We see someone in a trenchcoat drag David down the stairs and out the outside door in to a waiting car!

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