Sunday, December 6, 2009

Part 2-Goodbye to Liza

part 2 of Goodbye to Liza
"Police chief Jesse Hubbard"Jesse answers
"Jess "
"Is that you Martin I thought you were in Happy Valley California"
"I am says Tad"Jesse we've got a problem!" states Tad
"Who's we and what's the problem?" "I don't know how much longer I'm going to be police chief I've got my own probelms here Tad with that Madison woman!"
"Jesse someone has been masquerading as Liza Colby!"
"Impossible I met her myself same old nasty Liza!" says Jesse
" but don't you think Liza would change over the years ?We did !"Says Tad
"How do you know this Liza is a fake Martin ?"asks Jesse looking out his office door and seeing fake Liza closing his door but keeping his eye on her
"The real Liza is here standing beside me!"
"put her on the phone Tad! says Jesse
"Ah Jesse this is Liza Colby!" Liza says tentatively on the phone
"Who is this really ?"Asks Jesse
"It's me Jesse ask me something only I'd know!" asks Liza
"Okay when Jenny and I went to NYC why did we?"
" I was cruel to Jenny something I deeply regret and I blackmailed her threatening to tell Greg that her dad was a convict and a rapist ,I also was responsible for a movie showing at school saying Jenny does the big Apple!I also accused you of rape and that was heinous somethign I regretted after I was raped and no one belieived me but Cliff!"siad Liza ashamedly
"you sound like Liza but I can see her in the other office tell me something only the real Liza would know!states Jesse
"My mother was trying to help me get the goods on Adma and mistaken slept with Stuart thinking he was ADam!"
"did you hear that Tad is that True?"asks Jesse
"Marion told me that one night when she got drunk !"Says Tad
"Okay "says Jesse the first thing we need to do is get her fingerprints if she's on record we'll ifnd out who this woman is !Hang tight I'll call you back says Jesse
"Tad says we're on our way back to P.V. Liza will be in disguise and will come to the police station."
"okay "says Jesse"I'm off to do some sleuthing
Jesse goes the cafeteria and gets to coffees and then goes to see Fake Liza !
"Liza" he says"How's things how's your baby he asks here have a coffee"
"Fine thanks for the coffee " MM cappachino my favorite !"says fake Liza
I was just remembering when we were in high school do you remember when we're dating and we kissed!"
"We didn't date Jesse and we never kissed!"says fake Liza
"I was just trying to get a rise out of you! says Jesse "I'm sorry about your stepdad Stuart was a great man""how did he and your mother get together?"
"well he and mom met at my house naturally while I was married to Adam and they jsut clicked .They later got married!I was responsible for getting them together!she boasts
"good for you you probably gave them a lot of happiness even if it was short"
says Jesse
"yes your probably right 'fake Liza says tossing out the cup in the garbage and then says I'v got to go now I have court Bye"
the minute she leaves Jesse picks the cup with twizzers and then places it in a evidence bag and takes it down to forensics!
"put a rush on this" he says to the tech
He gets a call three hours later .The print belong to an Amanda Cousins, no wants no warrants!
"Amanda,Amanda Cousins is masquerading as Liza?"but she and Liza were as thick as theives in high school.Amanda was Lizas' shadow and she looked nothing like Liza!"
Wow she must have had plastic surgery to look like Liza!" Jesse thought
Jesse called a team together to go and apprehend Amanda!
"He goes to the courthouse and speaks to the officer of he court then he says to Amanda
"Amanda Cousins I'm arresting you for impersonating an officer of the court,identity theft and fraud!"says Jesse
."Sorry Jesse not this time!" Amanda pulls a small plastic gun out of her sleeve and shoots her self in the heart as she lies dying she says " Tell Liza I'm sorry I just wanted what she had ....because I had no one.....she sputters and then dies!an autopsy later reveals Amanda had a brain tumor and was dying , she had six moths to live !She had left a note saying that the last year as Liza had been her happiest ever .
Liza cried when she learned Amanda had been the impersonator and said that she was a terrible friend as when she had married Adam she had lost touch with Amanda in flashbacks we see.
Amanda had come home to look after her her ailing parents nursing them and sacrificed her youth to them.She had seen Liza's life as glamorous and when she found out she was dying decide to live as Liza .She got a delisted doctor to redo her as Liza and then came back to Liza.she tried to mend Liza's relationship with her daughter thinking that when she got near the end she would leave and no one would know she had been Liza.Liza could just step back into her life !
switch back to Tad in Happy Valley thinking "yes last year had been a very bad year!!!"

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