Monday, December 14, 2009

Part 14-End Game-Christmas Day

Ryan’s house
just after midnight Christmas morning
Emma comes in the house followed by Ryan and falls into her mother’s waiting arms crying
“Oh thank God your safe !Oh thank-you Ryan for finding our girl and bringing her home safely says Annie patting her daughter’s head and hugging Emma close
“Are you okay baby you’re not hurt she asks and then when Emma continues crying she says to Ryan”What did the monster do to her?’
“she’s okay I promise I had her checked out at the hospital!’says Ryan
“and you didn’t even think to call me ?’ “I was worried sick !’says Annie
“I’m sorry you’re right!’ says Ryan “I should have called you!’
Annie looks at him shocked and then smiles

“Baby it’s all right now your with your mommy and daddy now we won’t ever let anyone hurt you again!’says Annie fiercely
”that’s right sweetie Daddy and er Mommy won’t let anyone do this to you ever again !says Ryan
“I’m okay!’ says Emma hiccuping a little with her crying!
“Why don’t you go make her some hot chocolate Ryan !‘says Annie
“Would you like some Hot chocolate?’ asks Ryan
“No not really!' says Emma and then basking in her parents love she says
“It after midnight it’s Christmas isn’t it? and since it is can I open my presents now instead of the morning?"
“I guess!’ says Annie and Ryan at the same time agreeing to anything to make Emma happy!’
As Emma jumps on the presents and starts opening them Ryan says “
it kind of reminds you of when she was little doesn’t it?’
“Yes it does!’ says Annie smiling
‘I’m sorry! says Ryan quietly
“For what ?’asks Annie
“For not rescuing or daughter David got there first !”
“Ryan you have a complex you went to rescue your daughter she’s right in front of us safe and sound you brought her home! Who cares who got there first .In our daughter’s eyes her DADDY saved her!
“OH I love this thank you Daddy says Emma holding up a Video I-pod right at that moment and then”Thank -you Daddy I knew that you’d come and save me,I told Rose you would! And you did you saved us!she says as she throws herself in her father’s arms!”Merry Christmas Daddy!Mommy! she says
“Merry Christmas Pumpkin!’ both Annie and Ryan say at the same time as both of them stare at Emma thanking God for their child’s safety!
Back to Vanessa waiting at a hotel for news of Rose’s safety
“Oh thank God baby you're safe !'says Vanessa seeing David with her”is she all right that monster didn’t do anything to her did he?as Rose is muttering up against her she‘s hugging her so tight!
“She’s all right mother I checked her over!”
“you’re sure ?she says hugging Rose!’Then asking her’Are you okay baby once again?'
?“If you’d quit hugging me so hard I’d tell you how I cracked the lock on the door just like you showed me how to do Grandma!”brags Rose
“mother what have you been teaching my daughter?’ asks David crossing his arms
“Only things that would save her life ,it’s not easy to be a woman you know David dear!”says Vanessa quipping back
“well I guess it did come in handy!’agrees David
“Can we have Christmas now?’ asks Rose “I’ve been oh so good!’
“you have haven’t you!’ says David indulgently”but I think all the parcels I bought and anything Santa brought would be at my house if Santa’s even made it there yet says David
”I don‘t know about that I brought all the presents here there in my room come on Vanessa says leading them to her hotel room!
“I only asked Santa for one thing I hope I get it!’ says Rose almost to the room
“Really what was that?'asks David
“I want a Hamster you know one of those toy ones they’re called Zhu Zhu pets!says Rose
“well if they are the most popular toy this year don’t be suprised if Santa ran out !'says Vanessa alarmed thinking that she’s let Rose down not buying it herself
Rose runs to the gifts and says “can I ?’
“Go ahead!’ says Vanessa and David indulgently at the same time
Rose opens a present addressed to her from Santa.It’s a Zhu Zhu hamster
she says”I knew there was a Santa! I knew it ’and smiles wildly
David looks at Vanessa and mouths thank-you Vanessa shakes her head and looks puzzled then they both mouth surprised Santa?
Flash to Father Clarence ouside Vanessa's hotel talking to St.Peter
“We did good !'"She's really trying to be good!And her goodness is inspiring her son and grandaughter !'champions Father Clarence
"She's a work in progress!says St.Peter"But he's pleased so far!'

Fadeout until

Christmas Morning
Tad’s house 6 am

Tad’s bedroom
.Jenny is wondering whether Tad is awake as she wants to open presents.She’s all ready to open the presents and can’t wait .She’s all ready woke up a disgruntled Kathy who protested but got up.Krystal has been woken up and brought next door to their house now it’s only Dad that needs waking up !Tad fakes that he’s still sleeping opening one eye and then rolling over.
“Dad get up!’ yells Jenny practically in Tad’s ear
“All right I’m wake what’s the big hurry you‘d think it was Christmas !’says Tad cleaning out his ear with his finger
“Daddy enough with the joking I want to open presents!’ says Jenny
“Fine says Tad but I’ll expect a little help later on to put on the dinner!
Jenny and Tad arrives downstairs to Krystal sitting in a chair near the tree,Kathy is in another chair.Joe and Ruth on the sofa.Opal and Palmer have arrived along with Pete !
“I thought you were coming this afternoon says Tad clearly puzzled
“So did I!” says Palmer grumpily
“Hush old man!’says Opal it’s Christmas and I wanted to spend Christmas with my son’s and my grandchildren."
“So did I!’ says Palmer meaning Nina, Cliff and her boys and their kids and wives!
“I’m sorry you haven’t heard from Nina what’s wrong with that girl!’says Opal fiercely
“She’s busy !that’s all says Palmer excusing Nina
“hrrumph!’ says Opal
the present are quickly unwrapped as everyone looks happy and holds up different presents of clothes and things .Both girls hold up a video I -Pod from Grandma and Grandma Courtland! Palmer presents Pete with a gold key!
“what’s this for ?asks Pete clearly puzzled
“It’s the key for your office at Courtland electronic as the Vice President your hours will coincide with your studies of course but when you graduate next year the company is completely yours Peter .You’ll be President of Courtland Electronics if that‘s what you want!says Palmer
“Your giving me your company?’asks Pete”what‘s the catch?‘
”No catch Pete I‘m looking to retire and spend time with your mother!‘says Palmer
”Thanks Dad you won‘t regret this!‘says Pete
”I better not !'says Palmer
“Wow !’I thought I was hearing things you’ve tamed the lion’says Tad
“Tad!’ says Palmer”I have a gift for you!’
“you have a gift for me?’asks Tad struck almost speechless choking out the words
“ Before Dixie died she gave me something for you and I I guess I should have given it to you before now! she asked me to keep until that Christmas! he hands Tad a package.Tad opens it slowly and reveals a beautiful star a Christmas star that when plugged in had optic lights that twinkled different colors as it glowed and twinkled.In with the package was a note that said
Remember that you only have to wish upon our star !
Yours always and forever your Dixie
Tad takes the star removes the angel from the top of the tree and places it on top then he turns out the lights as the tree glitters and shines as the optic lights from the star gleam and twinkle like the real thing!
“Thank-you Dad!’ he says
“Don’t push it Palmer will be fine!’ Palmer says
Just then the doorbell rings .Tad goes to the door well everyone remains watching the tree.Tad smiles and says wait just a minute to who’s ever is at the door .He goes down the hall to the living room and says to Palmer
‘The present I ordered for you has finally arrived !’
“You got me....a present ?’Palmer asks incredulously”that certainly wasn‘t necessary!”
“Yes it was !'says Tad”And here it is!’ he says opening the door to reveal first Nina and Cliff (his daughter and SIL)followed by Bobby and Kelsey(Grandkids) who had finally got back together and married.Followed by their three kids Katie 6, Rob 9,and Sharron 14 (great grandkids),Mickey and his wife Trisha(grandkids) and their new baby who is 3 months old Clifford(great grandson)!Ross Chandler(Palmer’s nephew) who is now managing Courtland’s interests in hong Kong.Andrew Preston Courtland the European head of Courtland ( Palmer’s adopted son) and Melanie “Lanie” Courtland(His neice and Dixie's sister)
“Oh my Tad!’ how did you do this asks Opal so happy for Palmer who is extremely happy and trying not to show Tad how much this gift means to him!
“I had a little help from Santa and his elves and a wishing star says Tad starring at the tree and says quietly ”Merry Christmas Dixie!'
We see Father Clarence outside Tad's home and flashback to him talking to Palmer about Dixie and her last present to Tad
"Don't you think Dixie would have wanted Tad to have this last gift of love ?'he asks of Palmer
"Palmer says "that Tad doesn't deserve it!'e wanted it?
If you could have one last thing of Lottie's would you have wanted it?' Father Clarence quietly asks
"Yes!'says Palmer
"then there's your answer give Tad the Christmas present that Dixie wanted him to have!"
"I'll think about it "says Palmer
Flashback to Father Clarence smiling at the Happy family and disppearing into the morning light!
“Merry Christmas eveybody!’ says Tad
then everyone shouts “Merry Christmas to all!’
And Tad looks at the camera and and to all a goodnight!

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