Monday, December 7, 2009

Part 5 - End Game

Alex Cambias SR. is in a penthouse talking on the phone.
"Get it done I want it done now!""I want that man at my office in an half an hour with an explanation of why the profits are smaller!Alex barks into the phone then throws a vase across the room,then hangs up we hear the front door open
"Hello my sweet did you get your business attended to? Ungrateful sons sometimes we have to remind them of who is the parent!'says Alex to the woman who we see from the back.
"Not talking dear? Still mad about me not intervening? I felt he deserved a lesson!"
As the camera pans up the well dressed cultured woman we see her face.It's Vanessa!
"I'm still a tad angered but I forgive you David did need a lesson. Trying to breed with a woman of lower class !Like I would want a grandchild from that union.Her mother is in an insane assulym!'
"What did we say about saying those words ?"says Alex standing beside Vanessa and twisting her arm a little
Vanessa calmly removes his arm and says " Quite right dear and what did I say about force used against me?'
"Sorry dear!' says Alex unusually contrite "forgive me darling!"
" I might !'Vanessa says"I saw a lovely necklace at Kleins beautiful diamonds 30 karats!'
"I think I know the one and would that make it all better?"asks Alex soothingly
"I think it just might says Vanessa kissing Alex on the lips in anticipation!"
"Rex Go to Klein on Windsor Street and get the 30 karrat dimaond necklace they have on display there tell them who it's for and make sure you bring it back with in the hour ."says Alex handing Rex his gold Visa card!
"Oh darling you do spoil me!'says Vanessa positively purring
"welll I have to keep my love happy we know happened to the last husband that crossed you!'
"but we're not married yet !'says Vanessa
"I know and you've been ever so patient my dear with my stay that my son caused .Who else but my true love would risk their own freedom to save me from that hades!"
"Could I do any less?'
"But you neglected your boys to come to my aid don't think that I don't realize hard that was for you .You're such a good mother so hands on.Not unlike myself!'says Alex
"Yes you are a hands on father.Your children will be my family and my great responsibility!' It will be my great pleasure to ac as there mother."says Vanessa seriously!
"My son Ryan is not even aware that he is of my flesh and I'm not ready to tell him yet!'says Alex
"Yes dear I understand completely some people think they are so moral that it gets in the way of their feelings for their parent!" " He'll come around eventually darling!He'll realize how lucky he is!'says Vanessa soothingly
"What would I do without you my dear?'says Alex "I have a suprise for you my dear!' he says suddenly
"OOOh I do like surprises says Vanessa!'quite seriously and slyly rubbing her hands
"The first is you know the Dallas division I'm giving it to you as a wedding present and the second the wedding is to be next Saturday! At St.Patrick's Cathedral downtown
I know what you're going to say you have no dress.Vivian come in now!he shouts
A woman comes in caring several dresses and a sketch book.
"this is Vivian Vanessa she is going to design wahtever dress you want and at the premium i'm paying here it will be stunning especially as she's dressing you my beloved!Now I leave you to your dressmaker .I wouldn't want to spoil the surprise and jinx the wedding now would I? says Alex about to leave
"Thank you Alex!"Vanessa says softtly geniunely surprised and pleased and hugs and kisses him
"I'll be back in an hour ! have fun!'says Alex leaving as Vanessa looks at the sketches and the dresses.
Alex outside the apartment penthouse in the hall
"Be good darling I'm watching your every move!"he whispers savagely in the hallway"If you betray me you'll regret it!And the sins of the mother will rein onto the children!"


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