Monday, December 7, 2009

Part 7 -She's Back

Part 7 -She's back

Flashback to Janet who looks really angry
"David was right Jake treats my Amanda with disrespect and then that rotten Martin didn't even check to make sure he was divorced before he married my Amanda He's a bigamist!!!!That is not the husband for my Amanda !My Mandy deserves utter devotion someone who treats her like the princess she is.Someone who will give her children!Someone a lot like David?"wonders Janet
I have to check this out time to get into my maids outfit and put this in Room 302 at the Holiday Inn "she says holding up a with little spy camera as she says racing to her rental car!
Fadeout to
Janet in a maids outfit enters Room 302 at the Holiday Inn in Happy Valley sheets in hands pretending to replace the ones in the suite!She places the camera in a inconspicious place!She then leaves and goes back to the place where she looks at the incoming videos.Janet stares at the screen almost showtime she says to herself and the grabbing the popcorn
On the screen she sees and hears Carolyn answer the door.Carolyn is a beautiful brunette and oddly enough she seems familiar to Janet.Janet stares at the screen trying to figure out where she's seen Carolyn before oh well it will come to her she thinks as she listens in
"Jake come in !"says Carolyn
"I hope this won't take long just give me the signed papers so I can take it to my lawyer and fix this!'says Jake
"Not so fast Jake we have more to talk about!'
"What more could we have to talk about ?"says Jake running his hands through his hair
"It's hard to get in to this "says Carolyn
"Just spit it out!"says Jake
"Okay when I left it wasn't to run away with that truck driver I was sad and miserable because I couldn't get through to you and you wouldn't talk to me!"
"Fine blame it all on me but give me the papers to take to my lawyer!"says Jake
"I loved you! says Carolyn" so much so..!"as Jake interjects
"So much blahbah that you left me for that trucker!"
"I did not leave you for a trucker.He gave me a ride that's all!"says Carolyn angrily
"Fine you didn't leave me for a trucker you just broke my heart!says Jake hurt
"You broke my heart first you lost yourself and wouldn't let me in!"whines Carolyn
"I wouldn't let you in I saw awful things things I couldn't talk about and you demanded that I talk to you!"explains Jake
"I was a nurse a long side of you I saw awful things too!"says Carolyn
"I know and I guess I wasn't to nice I've missed you "says Jake warming to Carolyn
"Me too!" says Carolyn "But we've moved on at least you have!"
" Yes I have so I guess that's just water under the bridge!" says Jake conceding
"not really says Carolyn "I wasn't going to tell you but now I have to !I had your daughter.she says producing a picture of a little girl around 2!
"You're trying to tell me that this is my daughter? you know I'll ask for a DNA test it could be the trucker's!says Jake longingly yet suspicious at the same time
"For the millionth time the trucker gave me a ride to the airport nothing else!she's your daughter her name is Ruth!"
"You named her Ruth?asks Jake warming once again
"Yes after your mother "says Carolyn
"If she's mine why didn't you tell me sooner!"You know how much I wanted a child!How I suffered when I lost Colby when I found out she wasn't mine!whines Jake
"I couldn't ...she counters
"Why?" asks Jake
"At first I was so afraid that I wouldn't carry her to term but when I came to tell you I found out you were going out with Amanda!"
"I married her, I'm a bigamist thanks to you!"I don't know how I'm going to tell her all this!" Jake says once again runnning his hand through his hair!
"I want to see my daughter !'says Jake
"She's ill !"says Carolyn" she's in the hospital her children's wing of Happy Valley General!"
"What's wrong with her asks?" Jake scared
" She has aplastic anemia!" she needs a bone marrow transplant from a relaltive !You have a son with Amanda maybe her brother will match?"
"no that child is not my son!'says Jake shaken
"we could conceive another child !'says Carolyn
"Are you suggesting the old fashion way?"asks Jake"No way!"
"Look at her Jake the other way tests and eggs and fertilization takes along time she doesn't have along time see she's says handing him the medical records of his duaghter and a picture!"
Jake looks at the records and the stares long and hard at the picture of Ruth torn he says"Amanda can never know!"as he silently agrees to conceive a child
"I won't tell !says Carolyn smiling and drawing Jake into the bed and her arms!
Janet stares at the screen and says "you might not tell her but I will Jake and this little disc will show her too !"she's says ejecting a disc with Jake and Carolyn making love!"No one cheats on my baby and gets away with it!"He didn't even tell my Mandy !No I'm sorry Amanda I'm not divorced how can I make it up to you?no and I'm so sorry I have a child who's ill !No he just jumps right into bed with that no good hussy!She could be lying he has no proof!!No it's wham bam thank-you mam!!She looks like my Amnda that's where I've seen her look before she's a poor copy of my Amanda!And if she is the mother then she's got a hold that won't quit so my Amanda can't win!Amanda should cut her losses and find someone to treat her like the princess she is!I'm going to let her know and deliver this disc." Amanda will have to have sometime to get over the hurt that worm caused and she'll have to be convinced ! She won't listen to her mother oh no she won't!!!! but there is someone who can help my Baby!"........Janet thinks"even if it will take my Oscar winning performance to do it!But what's a mother to do?
"Hello "Janet says into her cellphone "don't hang up! I know you hate me but you can't hate me more than I hate myself!Janet says a contrite almost pleading tone to her voice"I wouldn't be calling but she needs you ,Trevor would want you to go to her!She's your sister Timmy don't blame her for what I did like you did before !Please Timmy for Trevor go to your sister, her husband has cheated on her and David Hayward is taking advantage of her !Jake Martin's not even her husband it turns out he commited !she says drawing out the word and continuing"Your sister is so heartbroken and you know that will also make her so vulernable to Dr.David Hayward !The vulture !I'm sure you've heard stories about him.Remember hearing about Libidizone in the town water?Hayward did that!She needs protection and I can't give it to her!she implores and then pretending to cry she says "She needs somewhere to go away to hide please help her!I'm begging now Tim!"
on the other end of the line you hear
"Fine but not for you! Never ever for you!For my sister because I should have been there for her!"says Tim angrily
"Thank -you Tim you won't be sorry!says Janet
"I all ready am !Says Tim but she's my sister!"hanging up as Janet does the same
"Ha and they say a dog never learns new tricks" says Janet out loud "He's coming and Mandy will be okay until I can get operation David in line! I got to teach that boy how to treat my Mandy then she'll be happy but she's got to miss him first !So flowers, candy what else would David send to her when she gets to Tim's?

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