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Part 2-Portrait of Jenny

Portrait of Jenny -Part 2
Vassar campus
A young woman in her twenties with long brown hair is walking across the campus followed by two man in suits built like tanks.She very pretty and when you look reminds you've of someone but you can't quite place her!She almost to the building when she says" Harold I have to make a stop at the facilities!" "Can you and Bob wait out side last time was embarrassing !""You came right in and the other woman were horrified and they all called campus security!"please couldn't you wait out side I promise I'll only be a few minutes I won't talk to anyone and I'll be as quick as I can!"she implores
" well I don't know" begins Bob "your father won't like this we are not suppose to let you out of our sight ever!"
" I guess says Harold since it's the women's er facilities...he says blushing"that we can wait outside last time those women gave me areal beating with their purses
Bob chuckles about that and says"I wish I could have seen the great Harold Braummer
whipped by some little girls"
"No you don't says Harold and if you did not only would you have been hit about the head too but I would have had to kill ya!" he says through clenched teeth and with real sincerity so you weren't sure he didn't mean this!
the young woman enters the ladies room and spots another young woman
"Thank god you're here she says to her" I don't know what i do if you weren't Amy he's getting worse and I think he's going to kill us if we don't get away before this I could rely on Grandpa to help but..."she breaks off crying" and if I talk to anyone he'll harm her I can't get away"
" it's going to be okay Paulina "Amy says "I did the research and though I don't know for sure this man will help!"'Call now the number is preprogrammed "says Amy holding out her phone
"Hello "says the woman tentatively as the phone seems to answer but then the answer machine comes on she hesitates but then leaves a message the audience doesn't hear
Flashback to Tad and Greg in Olga's Swenson's home Jenny and Tony's former modelling agent.I hope she can help Greg says outside the front door.
"Olga knew al ot of people close to Tonyshe met them when she was his agent if Tony picked this person maybe she knows them!"says Tad
"Olga is good to see you !"they both say hugging her and kissing her cheek
"Well you boys really grew up wonderful!" she says"It's been such a longtime what's up?"she gets going right to the point
" Tony Barclay!"both Greg and Tad say
" That evil boy why would you want to think about him ?"she asks besides he's in that prison the one for the mentally insane!!!"
" that's just the problem "says Tad "he isn't!"
"What are you talking about Thaddoeous Martin?"
"The man who is in there isn't Tony and it makes 1.wonder who he is and long he's been masquerading as Tony!"
" What how do you know this ?"she asks narrowing her eyes
"we went to the hearing and it wasn't him !"
"Do you have a photographof this man?asks Olga her forward crinkling
Tad pulls out his cellphone flips through the courtroom them and finds the picture he took
"this is the man masquerading as Tony he says Do you know him Olga?"he asks hopefully
Olga takes the phone and continues to study the picture intently
"It's been a long time she says and I can't be perfectly certain but I believe this is Tony's cousin his name was ...let me think Paul... yes... that's Paul not Barclay it was a cousin on his mother's side what was that last name ..."supplies Olga
"Hmm let see it was unusal something like a fruit?"continues Olga
" Orange ,peach, plum,apple " says Tad trying to help
That's it thank-you Thaddeous his last name was Apple .Paul Apple
"Look again Olga are you sure?"asks Tad and greg at the same time
"My dear boys I was an agent a modelling and televison agent my job was faces I know this is Paul Apple!Began Olga
But was interrupted by Tad "and you'll swear this in a courtroom of law?"
"of course!" says Olga"when and where?"
"In five days time NYC courtroom no 5, 9am!
"I'll be there and will prove this Paul not Tony" says Olga
"I have another favor to ask you "says Tad
"Only for you or Erica !"says Olga
"Do you have old signed contract from Tony or anything he left behind when he was arrested and taken to the prison for the criminally insane?"
"Yes I have his contract she says going into an office and opening cabinets after an hour of searching for it with Tad and Greg she says"Here it is ! that's funny what's that hat doing there she says picking it out of the folder box .It was in a plastic bag.She holds it up and the folder and says
"this is Tony's contract it has his signature and his fingerprints all over it .I'm sure that's waht you want from it.But this is even better she says holding up a wool hat .This was Tony's he left it in my office in the winter of 1983 when I told him that I wanted to see his hair he took it off I meant to give it back to him but I never got around to it!"
"Olga my dear says Tad hugging her and pickingher up off her feet"you are a peach!"
"Still the charmer I see my boy!says Olga smiling and flattered"Are you sure you wouldn't like to get back into TV Tad it wouldn't only take one phonecall I know I'm retired but for you...."
"Thanks for Everything Olga I truly mean that says Tad "you're were so good to my sister and I! we couldn't have had a truer friend "says Tad " I apreciate what your offering but no thanks Olga I don't want to do TV again!"
"well if you ever change your mind you know where to find me!"she says
"Will do says Tad "And thanks again Olga
"where now says?" Greg
"We are taking this to my fingerprint DNA guy!"says Tad
"You have a DNA guy Tad? Why would anyone need a DNA guy?asks Greg
"Well I've lived in Pine Valley since 1979 do you know how many people have come back from the dead or how many babies that have been switched or have unknown parents.It's epidemic!Says Tad
Fade out

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