Monday, December 7, 2009

Part 11-She's Back

A week later Tim's home near Fort Bragg
"Thank -you so much for having me and Trevor!' says Amanda
"It's so nice to have you here !'says Melissa
" You know I have to tell you something !'says Amanda
"You sound serious what is it ?You were in the shower too long you ran up our water bill?asks Melissa joking
"Did I?" asks Amanda upset
"I was joking Amanda you'll get used to me!what is it you want to say sorry for interupting!'Melissa replies"I thought you were just nervous!says Melissa sweetly
"Well I didn't know how to tell you you have a doppelganger!'
"A doppelganger someone who looks a little like me?'asks Melissa interested
"Actually not a little a lot like exactly!"
"Exactly are you sure?' asks Melissa
"Yes she's was one of my best friends and she was married to Jr Chandler,she's was his first wife her sister is his second! She was actually Trevor's big sister along with her fraternal twin."
"Do you have a picture?'asks Melissa
"Yes I have many pictures of Babe but I also cut out her second wedding announcement picture! She was such a dear friend I miss her!!I also cut out he picture of his second wife her sister and Jr's wedding announcement!Oh I forgot that picture is still at David's in my photo album!
" is that publication on the web?"
"yes I think Tempo it is !'"says Amanda
Amanda quickly grabs her laptop and brings up Tempo looking for the back issue with Babe and Jr's and Marissa and Jr's wedding announcement!
"Ah here it is!' says Amanda showing Melissa the announcement pictures
"Her sister's name is Marissa you didn't tell me!' that says Melissa getting pale
"Yes her name is Marissa Tasker Chandler!'
"And Babe's name is it Babe or Arabella ?"asks Melissa
"How did you know that Babe's real name was Arabella? asks Amanda
"Do you know anything more about them?"asks Melissa avoiding the question
"Well I know Marissa was adopted out,her mother is Krystal Carey Chandler Martin Hawyard She's divorced from all those last names except Carey! Krystal had twins!She kept Arabella known as Babe and gave Marissa up (I heard Marissa say she sold her!)she says shocked " Marissa's father is David Hayward he's the father of Trevor.They met at a party when he was in med school (he's a cardiologist!).He had no ideas he was pregnant and didn't meet either of them until later.In fact poor Marissa never got to meet Babe she was killed in a tornado about I don't know a year and half ago?"Amnda rambles on while Melissa sits down pale and shaking finally Amanda noticesas Melissa says
"yes you did say Babe was dead !'
and says "Are you okay should I call Tim?"
"I'll be fine it is just such a shock!' says Melissa
"What's a shock?'says Amanda not understanding
"I'm adopted says Melissa "I was abandoned at a hospital here as a baby.The couple that dropped me off their last name was Tasker.They said they were sorry in a note pinned to me but they weren't prepared to raise a baby with heart problems that would probably die! They had another baby a healthy baby with them my twin who's name was Marissa said witnesses.I was lucky after I was abandoned a wonderful couple adopted me and paid to fix my heart.It's part of the reason I'm training to be a cardiologist!My parents are wonderful and they even paid for a detecive to find out my backgroundFrom an official birth certificate they found I was born one of three babies.My mother was listed as Krystal Carey.I was unable to find her or any trace of Arabella .My adoption certificate was there to but it was to Traskers! They had named my sister and I Melissa and Marissa Trasker.I never thought and neither did the PI that it was a typo and the name was Tasker but it makes sense! !says Melissa explaining but still skirting the glaring might be truth then finally taking a deep breath and saying "I think Babe was my twin she's spits out or is it triplet if Marissa is her sister and mine?'
"Then Trevor is not only your nephew but your brother says Amanda a shocked look on her face. Weird family ties huh?'You also have another little sister Jenny with Tad Martin as her daddy!
"Family says Melissa" I have more family!"Melissa says smiling

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