Sunday, December 6, 2009

Part 3 Happy Valley Old Home Week

Tad's house Tad is thinking about how the hour is upon them Tad must now tell his children !Flashback to him telling Joe and Ruth,and Opal about TJ and then tomorrow really meet his son "as his biological dad will TJ really care that Tad is his dad?" Tad wondered out loud just as Krystal walked in and overheard!
"Tad who's TJ?"Krystal asks "is that why the family meeting?"
"Well the meeting was just for Jenny and Kathy I already called Jaime and told him ,Mom,Dad and Mama!
"Well I thought we were still family Tad why wasn't I included?" Krystal says hurt
"Geeze Louise Krystal I would have told you eventually sit in on the meeeting!Says Tad Well girls it's like this thirty one years ago I met a wonderful woman whom I dated !She got pregnant we married!She said she lost the baby but it was twins and she only lost oneShe didn't tell me this!!She divorced me and Imarried the woman I thought was my true love Hilary who later divorced me and remarried!The point being....
"Duh dad we have sibling out there" Jenny and Kathy say together
"So it's what 30 where is he/or she daddy?"asks Kathy
"His name is TJ and he lives here in town he's a news anchor!"
"I told you" says Jenny to Kathy"I told you he looks like Daddy!"
"He does too" said Kathy"do we have any other unknown siblings out here Dad?"
"What a question!But you girls are the best but remember T.J. has always thought another man was his dad he might not want to be apart of our family and to your question:I was irresponsible when I was younger that's why we have rules ,I needed to have them spelt out for me!!"Tad says"Most young people do!"
"Is it true that your nickname was TAD the CAD?"asks Kathy
"Yes says Tad and I'm deeply ashamed!" he says turning around out of Kathy's and Jenny's sight and winking at Krystal
"Yes you have to be so careful and respect yourself more!"says Krystal covering for the wink she doesn't realize they didn't see
'"Anyway I'll go talk to him tomorrow and mybe he'll want to be part of our family "says Tad
"Of course he will Daddy your the best! "Can we play WII now Daddy?"asks Jenny
"Okay says Tad "dinner in one half hour were having Dominos!"
"Tad what did the doctor say about Pizza and cholestrol?"asks Krystal ,well Kathy glares at him
"I'll have two small pieces and I won't eat it for a month and all eat all my vegetables mommies he says laughing and do his best Groucho MARX!
Kathy and Jenny start laughing !You have Karate at 8 P.M.,Jenny that's one of the reasons I came over is all your homework done?asks Krystal
"Yes mommy Daddy all ready made me do it it's done!" says Jenny besides all you have to do is come through the door from your house into ours!

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