Saturday, December 26, 2009

Part 5 - New Beginnings and New Alliances-The New Years Party*2

Back to the party as we scan around and see Tad and Dottie,and Jesse and Angie. Krystal and Adam at another table with Colby and Sam!Tad still glares at Adam with Krystal! At another table Natalia and Brot,Randi and Frankie.
We see Jenny and Greg arrive !Jenny is dressed in a floor length red silk dress ,has a swirl of white around the waist and the bottom is lined with imitation white fur,It has a jacket that has white at the cuffs.Kind of like the dress Betty wears in white Christmas except with a jacket that when removed shows a strapeless dress underneath! People gasp and point!
“When are they going to get over it those transplants from Pine valley and others who want to keep this story running!asks Jenny of Greg
‘Sorry I guess when our nephew T.J. did that story a lot of poeple saw it!says Greg”they’ll get onto something else eventually just ignore those people says Greg’we’re here together for our first New Years in 25 years and I’m going to enjoy every moment with my lovely wife !’
“Me too! says Jenny smiling and kissing Greg”Let’s go have a dance they’re playing our song!’
“That doesn’t sound like our song protests Greg
‘ Every song is ours tonight” smiles Jenny knowingly and happily
“you are absolutely right says Greg steering her to the dance floor and proceeding to dance .
he says “Just a minute!”he says as he leaves Jenny on the dance floor and goes to the orchestra and slips the band leader money .He comes back with a rose in his teeth and proceeds to Tango with Jenny as the orchestra plays a Tango!Other couples join in all laughing and having fun .Randi and Frankie,Tad and Dottie,Adam and Krystal!
Tad is annoyed and says as much
“She was married to him before and that man Adam chandler left her on the floor while she was giving birth to my daughter and he also was ready to let Janet sell our daughter I don’t know how she can forgive him that!’
“Tad a woman can a man she loves a lot especially if he’s willing to change! Adam’s been through life altering experiences they do change people!“says Dottie as she is clearly talking about herself as well”I‘ve heard some good things about what he‘s been doing in the community!It‘s like he‘s trying to be as good as Stuart to mke up for him being gone!
“You always see the good in people Dottie!! I’m so glad you’re back in my life I need the positive attitude you bring to me !"says Tad”but I‘m still worried about Krystal
I know you always worry about people you‘ve cared about it‘s what makes you such a good person Thaddeous Martin!“I’m glad Tad I’ve missed having you around too!says Dottie then seeing Tad still looking at Krystal worried she says’We’ll help her if she needs it but you have to let her make her own choices!’
“You’re right I know you’re right Dottie I’m sorry I’m neglecting you!’says Tad smoothing his hair.
“That’s okay Tad I’m enjoying myself!’ says Dottie as Tad dips her in a tango grabbing arose and putting it between his lips
“Stealing my moves Martin?’ says Greg laughing as the dance concludes and the go to sit at a table together!
“I taught you them!’ say Tad laughing
Melissa and Tim arrive .Followed by Marissa and Jr,Marissa and Melissa look at each other and start laughing they are both wearing the same maternity dress! Long red silk dresses that each have a little baby bump out front! !They start searching in their purses for jewelery and take it out running to the washrooms to try and change their looks slightly!When they come back Marissa is wearing a sparkling rhinestone pin at her cleavage and Melissa is wearing a green bird pin at her bosum!
“Definitely different!’ say Tim trying not to laugh
“Yes Definitely different says J.r .agreeing quickly
“Well we do try said Melissa and Marissa twirling .
“We have the most beautiful women here agree J.r.and Tim simultaneously.
“Way to kiss up right Melissa?’ says Marissa
“Yes but we like it!’says Melissa smiling and Marissa agreeing
Ruth and Joe. enter the ballroom.Ruth in a stately blue matron like dress.Joe in a tux
"This looks like a lovely party Joe!'
"Yes dear it does!' says Joe"
Once around the dance floor!' Joe asks
"I'd love too!' says Ruth smiling as they dance onto the dance floor

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