Saturday, December 26, 2009

Part 6-New Beginnings and New Alliances-The New Years Party*3

Part 6 -New Beginnings and New Alliances-The New Years Party*3
Amanda enters the ballroom in a shimmering silver floor length stunner beach ball bump showing out front .She looks around and then goes over to Tim and Melissa’s table with J.R.and Marissa and sits down.
“All alone Amanda where’s Jake?’ asks J.R.
“As you and probably half the town knows J.R we broke up! Turns out we were never legally married must make you say serves you right right J.R.?”
I‘m sorry Amanda !”J.R says sincerely“Actually Amanda I think Jake is a cad and that you deserve better!’.
“Wow Marissa you’ve really made the JR that can be nice come out to play! she says to Marissa then turns to J.r.and says
“You’re a lucky guy.She’s got brains and beauty and wants you !You better appreciate her bud!”
“I do !'says J.R. smiling at his wife and she smiles back
Pete enters proudly with Maddie on his arm followed By Maria (marias’ dress is floor length and and red with a low cut neckline )her date Dr.Braden Bartlett.(in a tux)
Haley enters with Matteo(in a tux) .Haley is in three inch heels and is wearing a stunning white silk dress with red lotus flowers delicately positioned through out it!
“Our sons really didn’t want to come to this did they ?’says Haley
“No maybe it’s good that they’re busy with homework!’says Matteo
“You fell for that?’They just didn’t want to come without dates!’says Haley
“They are so smart I wish I could have gotten out of this”says Matteo annoyed that he didn’t think of an excuse
”Really you didn‘t want to send time with me?‘asks Haley annoyed
Ah no it‘s not that !'says Matteo hastily backtracking “I love spending time with you your the light of my life!"then he coverschanging the subject a little “What’s wrong with my sons?’asks Mateo
“Nothing they’re just a chip off the old block waiting for the right woman to come along!”says Haley”I just wish they’d quit ignoring the obvious ones!”I‘d like some grandchildren some day!
“Aw but your too young to be a Grandma and too beautiful”says Matteo
“You know the exact right thing to say to get around me Matteo!’ says Haley smiling
Just then Brad Hewit and Brooke arrive .Brooke is elegant in a floor length velvet red dress.
“Quite the crush!’ Brooke says to Brad
“Yes but I’m glad you excepted my invitation” says Brad
“so have you had made any success with the improvements you were talking about?’asks Brooke”I mean at your hotels of course!”
“Am I tongue tying you to make you so nervous!’
“it’s just I guess I haven’t been on so many dates in so long!’
“A beautiful woman who’s intelligent these men have no eyes to see!’ says Brad
“Flatterer Iknew I liked you !'says Brooke"My daughter Laura is here all the way from Hong Kong she flew in for this she’s spending New Years with me since she didn’t make it for Christmas !’I’m so excited were celebrating Christmas with her New Years.would you like to come too? Brooke asks tenatively
“Well I’d loved to Ms.Brooke!’says Brad charmingly” sure but are your daughter won’t mind?’
“Actually I was going to ask you anyway but then Laura begged me to invite you since she wants to meet the man I’m dating!I hope that doesn’t chase you away!’
“No I’d like to meet your daughter if she’s anything like her mother I’m sure she can charm the birds off trees!’
“Oh she can!’says Brooke laughing and then gesturing to Jaime who’s entered with a beautiful woman on his arm dressed a white silk dress rimed in red
Jaime says “Mom this is Stacy Lee!"
“please to meet you Stacy “Brooke says to the petite Asian woman in her red dress
they see Scott and Annie walk in arm and arm Annie glowing .A bulging belly close to term!Leo and Greenlee walk in and everyone gasps litle whispers say
“I thought they were dead!
the whole room seems to stare as Leo and Greenlee seem oblivious of it all the only sight they see is each other and the belly that carries the twins they will soon have!Leo careful takes Greenlee to a seat and sits her gently down solicitice to her every need!
“Wow!’ says Brooke “It must be something in the Pine Valley water nobody ever stays dead!"
Just then they see Jake and Carolyn enter the ballroom their two year old in Jake’s arms.This is too much for Amanda who sees Jake and runs past Brooke’s table crying her eyes out.
“well that’s not good !'says Brooke wondering when all this happened
Flash to Amanda running down the stairs to the washroom she trips and falls head first down the stairs .No one seems to be around as she lies at the bottom of the stairs bleeding from the head and a pool of blood below her bottom!
T.J. Martin as he know calls himself comes out of the men’s washroom turns the corner and finds Amanda at the bottom of the stairs
He pulls out his cellphone and calls for an ambulance and tries to give aid Melissa comes out of the washroom and goes into Doctor mode.T.J. takes this opportunity to call his camera crew!

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