Monday, December 7, 2009

Part 19-She's back

David is shirtless and lifting boxes in a wharehouse owned by the people Janet shipped him too
"I have a medical degree you'd think you could hire someone else to move boxes around and use a forklift!"
"You do what we tell you to do until the debt is paid!"says the man with the gun standing over David and poking him with the long barrel!
"I'm tired can I take a water break boss? "says David sarcasticly just as another voice behind him says
"I think that could be arranged "says the voice
David's head whips around as the voice continues "Did you miss me darling boy?Mommy's back!says Vanessa leaning on a cane
David looks at the cane and frowns wondering how he can us that to his advantage!
"Oh this David ?A minor inconvenience and look a great weapon she says as she whips off the bottom cover to reveal a sword which she puts to David's neck.
"Why so serious David ?Do you think mommy would ever hurt a hair on your neck ?I'm proud of you son!"Vanessa says lowering the sword
"If this is what you do when your proud I hate to see what you'd do when your mad!"says David
"Shipping you here wasn't my idea !Although you did deserve a little payback dear you really should play hardball with the children of psychotics they get a little miffed!I must say though I thought I was going to have to intervene and save your face or was it your body?Vanessa jokes"lucky for you Janet seems to have some of that anger under control!I'm thrilled that you have two legitimate heirs though dear!Melissa and Marissa are wonderful additions to our family!
"you stay away from my daughters! says David forcefully
"Now dear I am the grandmother I want to get to know them!'smiles Vanessa
"Stay away from my daughters says David through clenched teeth
"Really dear are you really talking to me like this? I mean look around who's in control? asks Vanessa sighing"you work hard to support your children and this is the thanks you get!Getting back to my grandchildren Marissa is a bit of a pale copy of her sister so wishy washy but to marry her dead sister's husband a little incestous behavior going on there!!Points in her favor! I'm so glad we'll have a lawyer in the family I might need her services if I want to take my life back!And Melissa I like that girl kind of a chip off the old block isn't she ?Reminds me a little of her Grandmama and she's going to be a cardiologist too must make you a proud papa!says Vanessa snipingly"and Erica i didn't know she had it in her !'I also see Adam is available I'm looking for another old geezer with one foot in the grave for my next husband does he still have money?Or did those ungrateful children atkae it all?"
"Might as well take him off your list mother he's crackers and has lost all his money! and then asks"Mother may I stop moving these boxes around?'
"Why of course I think your punishment is done!'says Vanessa
"Punishment for what did I do that I need punishment?'asks David angrily and a little surprised
"Well if you don't know then maybe you need some more!says Vanessa annoyed and then bending alittle she says" I'm so mad at you for letting that woman back into our family.Foolish Leo is till such a boy and needs to be protected from his foolish heart.Now I guess I'll have to make peace and accept her for my boy's sake and my grandchildren she's carrying but I'm not happy about what you did!"says Vanessa
"Mother Leo almost died trying to save Greenlee from you!says David amazed at his mother's reasoning
"and haven't I suffered I almost died because of that girl!"says Vanessa miffed"But forgive and forget that's my motto !'
"Since when?" says David under is breath
"what was that dear? asks Vanessa with deadly sweetness
" I said well then agreeing!"says David patronizing her
"Good says !'Vanessa knowing full well what he said
"Well don't just stand there dear get your shirt back on and lets go I have to fly to Happy Valley and meet my grandaughters!"The flight is in three hours and you know how they do go on at the checkin! Luckily Anna Haywrd is ready she says showing her passport and then don't worry dear I have a passport for you too!"
David compliantly puts his shirt on and walks slowly behind his mother and thinks watch out Happy Valley "She's back!!"
A woman stretches awakes from her nap and stares at the screen.All My Children is playing and for the upteenth time Ryan is yelling at Annie and telling her she will never have Emma!!Why doesn't she get Adm to confess and free Kendall!Erica is drapping her body around Ryan as she flips her hair and talks about her daughter Kendall ! David has lured Amanda into sleeping with him to conceive their second child .Oh that's why Amanda was with David in my dream she thinks!And now Aiden is coming on to KendallAs the program ends and the woman sees the credits she sees Writer Charles Pratt Jr."Drat!' she says it was all a dream and he's still ruining my show she says !I wish that All my children moved to Happy Valley!and then she sighs!
THE End or is it?

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