Sunday, December 13, 2009

Part 12 - End Game

Vanessa and David on the plane on their way to Vermont
“Who are you and what have done with my mother?”asks David wanting to believe Vanessa but being afraid to trust her.
“ I’m sorry I really do love you David!’says Vanessa quietly with tears in her eyes as she hugs David
“Are they really forcng you to do this mother?’asks David
“No one is forcing me son I’m doing what I should have done a long time ago protect my son!’
“Thank-you mother er I love you too says David his voice stumbling a little with the ill used words
“Enough of this mushiness says Vanessa ‘I lied before for what I thought was a good reason!’
“What did you lie about?’ says David his eyes narrowing
“Rose is not Jake’s daughter she’s yours!”says Vanessa
“she’s mine?’Why should I believe that?’ asks David
“Because she is her look at her picture and deny it!’ Vanessa says handing him a picture
“She’s really my daughter!’ says David wonder and joy on his face his eyes wet with unshed tears“she’s beautiful!
“yes I’d like to think she looks a little like her Grandmother!’ says Vanessa proudly
" Where is she ?'asks David

“She’s in Vermont with her nanny!’says Vanessa “we’ll be there soon!”
David and Vanessa leave the plane and arrive at a private residence.They go in and all of a sudden a little girl with her hair in braids a pink tee on her top jeans on her bottom and a book in her hand comes flying into the room!The book in her hand is revealed to be a medical text book Advanced Cardiology as the camera pans in!
“who is this Grandma?’ the little girl asks of Vanessa
“This is your father,my son ,David !'Vanessa answers
“I thought so says Rose’Besides the fact that his eyes are very closely aligned with mine and his other genome charcteristics are similiar he also matches the picture you’ve shown me!'
and then she hugs David‘s arm awkwardly .David reaches down and hugs her back as she continues
”Grandma said I should be patient and you would come one day and here you are! Rose says in awe and then shyly she asks ”Are you here to stay Daddy?’
“Yes Princess,Daddy‘s here to stay!It took me along time to find out about you but now that I know about you wild horses can’t keep me away!

“Good because I really needed a Dad and you weren’t here! ” Now we can be a family!You me and Grandma!Rose says happily
“Rosie my dear you remeber how Grandma told you how Daddy needed help that he’d got itnot a spot of trouble that only Grandma could get him out of?’
“yes !'says Rose pouting
“Now now no pouting young lady! Your dad is here to take you with him while Grandma goes to fix the problem!’
" But we can be a family now!"Rose protests tearing up
“We were always a family and will always be a family but right now we..."breaks off Vanessa as Rose interrupts
“We have to help Daddy I know!’ says Rose a tear in her eye but bravely saying” I’ll do my part I’ll help Daddy! once again throwing her arms around David! Who is thrilled that she’s taken to him so quickly!
”and the best way to help?’ prompts Vanessa
“and the best way to help is stay with Daddy don’t talk to strangers ,stay indoors !Trust no one but Grandma ,Daddy or Brianne my Nanny!
“Yes and Daddy will keep you safe until we call be together won’t you David?’asks Vanessa
“ Of course I will princess!"says David forcefully “you ae the light of my life !’
“I love you Daddy!’ says Emma “I can hardly wait until my first Christmas with you!”
“I love too Princess I think I got the best present ever this year since I got you David says hugging his daughter!
Vanessa gets on the phone “I’m on my way Floyd! Operation End game is back on!

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