Monday, December 7, 2009

Part 6 -Old Friends Old Grudges

Part 7 Old Friends Old Grudges
Brooke shifts her shoulder to catch her falling purse but it all falls open on the ground outside Dottie's.
"Can I be of help to a lady" asks a voice
"Thanks !'says Brooke accepting the help of the stranger .The stranger stands over six feet and is dressed in an elegant suit!He has brown hair and warm brown eyes
"Bradley Hewitt!' says the stranger introducing himself
Thanks for all your help"says Brooke smiling and standing up "Brooke English!'
"I don't normally do this but you seeming so charming would you consider having lunch with me!"says Brad
"Oh I just had lunch with my son !'says Brooke
"Oh well can't blame a guy for trying" says Brad admitting defeat but in a charming way with a winsome smile
"Oh I guess I coud have a coffee but just a quick one I really do have to get back to work!'says Brooke giving in
Brad opens the door for Brooke and ushers her back into Dottie's coffee shop side!They seat down after getting their coffee!
"So what do you do for a living Brad?'asks Brooke
"I'm a hotel financier!' says Brad
"Really!' says Brooke"do you have any hotels here in Happy Valley?'
"Yes I've had my dowtown hotel for quite awhile.I'm actually thinking about setting up my home base here!'says Brad
"Oh I'm kind of new to Happy Valley myself but it seems like a nice place!'says Brooke"And I have family here"
"It seems nice but I also have some family business here and family here too!'says Brad
"Oh you too huh!"My son is a doctor on staff at Happy Valley General hospital!"
"Wow impressive so you raised a doctor you don't look old enough to have a son who's a doctor!"says Brad smiling and flirting taking Brooke's hand
"Flatterer!"says Brooke flirty back and smiling
"I've been talking alot about what I do for a living what do you do for a living Brooke ?'Brad asks interested
"I'm the editor and owner of Tempo magazine!'says Brooke
"Wow I've got a subscription that's a great magazine.Hard heating stories!"
"Thank-you we really are trying to hit our target markets!"says Brooke
"So many target markets today think that the only target market is 18-34years of age!We aren't focusing on that ! In my business we focus on what do all the ages that require hotel services want.""I know what you mean do they think that that generation most of who are living at home have any money?'That's not to say they don't some do but I mean you can't just can't focus on one small group and say they have all the money." You have to reach in focus on all ages that might want your product!""I'm sorry I'm getting carried away here! says Brad
"No actually I'm finding your ideas refreshing that's exactly what we're focusing on as well we want our magazine to reach across generations .Obviously it's not for children but I don't see why teens couldn't want to read our magazine!"says Brooke
"Wow you are a fascinating woman "says Brad"today must be my lucky day!"
Just then their conversation is interrupted by Dottie who hugs Brad!
"Brad I had no idea you were in town it's so good to see you"Dottie says then noticing Brooke she says"I'm sorry I was just so glad to see him!"And you are?"
"Brooke this is my cousin Dorothy also known as Dottie she owns the restaurant part next door as well as this coffee shop"Brad says smiling and introducing Dottie as Dottie smiles and gestures as he talks about her restarant/coffee shop!
" You're Dottie I'm pleased to meet you!Brooke English!"says Brooke
"Ah I believe I've met your boy a fine son !'says Dottie smiling and holding out her arms for a hug
"And yours is too I've heard says Brooke"I've seen your son T.J. a time or two on the TV he's very talented!
"Yes he is talented"agrees Brad" and Dottie he's part of the reason I'm here I here! I remember helping Edna put back the pieces when that Tad the Cad broke your heart why is it that I'm hearing your seeing him again?'"I have my P.I. investigating him!'
"Aw Brad'Brooke interjects trying to explain that she's Tad's ex and that she really doesn't want to hear what should be a private Dottie tries to hush him too!
"Aw excuse me Brooke sorry to talk about this in front of you !I just can't stand how that man just discarded you and your boy!"
"It was my fault too I told him I lost our baby I told him that he was free to marry his love Hilary..... that one!She marries him and at the least little thing she divorces him and runs off with his best friend Bob Georgia.Dottie says to Brad and then to Brooke she turns and says"I'm sorry Brooke we should tell him!
"May I? I'm Tad's ex wife too ! My son is also his son!"explains Brooke
"What does this man have a harem of Ex's?' asked Brad "I'm sorry Brooke that wasn't very nice I just don't want Dottie or T.J. hurt again!"
"I can understand that But Tad wouldn't intentionally hurt Dottie!"says Brooke defending Tad"He's a good man one of the best!'
"Oh no not you too is every woman in love with this man?'asks Brad
"I realize I just met you Brad but really what a silly thing to say! I care about Tad but I don't love him that was over years ago!"says Brooke"He's one of the finest men I know and as for being a father now one could have a better one!
"I hope so!' says Brad "because I'd really like to get to know you!and I don't want Tad Martin to get in the way of that!" Dottie is meanwhile on the phone and all we hear is the last thing of her converstation which is
"I've talked to Tad he says if you want to come tonight to his house you are welcome!' says Dottie to Brad
"Fine I'm coming I want to meet this pargon says Brad a little sarcasticly and then to Brooke "Will you be there?"
"Yes!' says Brooke secretly pleased that Brad asked"I have to go I'll see you both later "she says leaving
"You will not say anything to Tad you will treat him with respeto is that comprender Bradley "demands Dottie
"Yes ,yes I will treat him with the respect he deserves!'
"Bradley I'm warning you!" says Dottie angrily
"I just like to see you angry Dottie I'll behave!' says Brad and then under his breath "if he does!"

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