Monday, December 7, 2009

Part 18- She's Back

Marissa reads the letter from David and thinks "That's weird he seemed to want to get to know Melissa so bad "Just then her cellphone rings
"Hello"says Marissa
"Did you get a starnge letter from David!"
"Yes I did I take it you got one too?"
"Yes and I got the impression at the dinner that he wanted to get to know me !'says Melissa disppointed
"Yes that's what I found weird too! And of course he was talking about how happy he was that his brother and sister-in -law were back.He seemed like he was looking forward to the birth of his grandchild and neices or nephews!'
"I can understand him wanting to work with Doctor's without borders but he didn't say when he be back!said Melissa puzzled
"I think I should call Greenlee and Leo he gave me their numbers" says Marissa
"Okay call me back when you know anything .....oh don't hang up I forgot to tell you my other news!"says Melissa"Tim' resigned his commission!You'll never guess where I am right now.I'm staying in a hotel downtown Happy Valley trying to get the real estate agent to let us close now on our house which is near you! Tim found it and it so beautiful and Happy valley General has accepted me into their intern program so I can transfer her.I'm so excited !You won't believe this either but my mom and dad( you know the ones that adopted me )they're retired and they said since I'm moving here so are they !says Marissa
"Wow they must really love you to uproot and move where you are!'
"They do love me ! I'm so blessed that they adopted me!"says Marissa"although my mom is really worried and jealous of Krystal'"I keep telling her that she's my mom but she 's upset I can tell!I think that's part of the reason she's moving here she thinks she has to protect me!"Got have to go now so call me if you find out anything about David!"
"She acts like I know Greenlee and David! I've never even met them!"Ugh I guess I'll have to screw up my courage and make the call!'
"Leo you don't know me but I'm Marissa Tasker ,Babe's sister David's daughter your neice..."says Marissa explaining
"David told me he had two daughter's besides Babe that he didn't know about!I never met Babe either since she appeared after I went missing!"
"What happened to you anyway!"asks Marissa inquisitively
"I was fighting with my mother (your grandmother)who was a crime lord!'says Leo
"My grandmother was a crime lord?" aks Melissa horrified
"You hadn't heard that story yet huh?'says Leo chuckling
"No! I'm not sure I want to either but what kind of crime was she into?asks Melissa
"She was a drug lord although none of us knew it!"says Leo
"Oh my I'm sorryI asked and interrupting the story of what happened to you please go on!'says Marissa encouragingly
"well I went over a waterfall.Your grandmother's body was never found I can only presume she's dead but I was found down river!I had severe injuries the current at first they feared I wouldn't survive !I had taken me an amazing distance away.I had a severe head injury and was in a coma for along time.when I first awoke I didn't recall anything not my name not anything although I had a feeling there was someone I loved waiting for me !It was a long recovery I had to learn to walk again and talk again after about four years I was well enough to leave the hospital and if it hadn't been for the charity of the peron who found me I could never have gotten the care I needed!Leslie Clark was an amazing man he had a huge business conglomerate (he develops video games ).That man treated me like I was his son (in fact he said I reminded him of his son)I found out later that he had found me when he had gone fishing a rare vacation .Les told me that he had lost his son a few weeks before and had been contemplating suicide!Apparently finding me had stopped him but he was amazing to me encouraging me when I was ready to give up and then taking me into his home and business!He treated me like his son .It was like he was my father!he died last year!says Leo choking up
"Oh Leo I'm so sorry!' says Marissa
"Thanks he meant a lot ot me!He named me his heir so I run his companies !Anyway so I sought information about a year ago and through my PI's for information relating to who I was and David answered !"It was so weird when I met David it was like a switch went off in my brain and I recalled my life and Greenlee!David was on his way to stop Greenlee's wedding to Ryan for me and tell her was alive when she had her accident !He spirtited her away allowing all of those selfish people to believe she was dead and flew her to the hospital her in Happy Valley after she stabilized she was then treated for her injuries and then transfered to Happy valley sanitorioum where she's been in seclusion with me!"Greenlee has always and will always be the love of my life "We remarried and we're expecting twins now!hesays proudly
"Why what a true love story!"says Marissa marvelling at how they found their way back to each other then changing the subject she says"the reason I called is Melissa and I were wondering if you got a letter from David?'
"yes and I'm really worried I don't think David really wrote this letter did you and Melissa get one to ?'sks Leo
"Yes we did!"say Melissaa worried tone creeping into her voice
"What did it say?' asks Leo
"Some mumbo jumbo about him working for Doctor's without Borders but it didn't say why or when he'd be back.It just didn't sound like him besides I know he wanted to get to know Mellissa better!'states Melissa
"Yes that's what ours said too says Leo'He went missing about a week and half ago and then said something about being drugged! I'm worried that that person has him again!'says Leo
"What can we do?' asks Marissa
"I'll look into with my connections and get back to you!'says Leo
"I hope and pray he's all right!'says Marissa
"Don't worry Marissa your dad is like a bad penny it always turns up when you need it!'says Leo confidently!

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