Monday, December 7, 2009

Part 4 - End Game

Flashback to Dottie's restaurant
A man with his back to us is sitting at a table waitng for something or someone drnking coffee.He's dressed in a black trench coat a hat pulled over his eyes his face partly obscured but when they pan in we see Alex Cambias!
Dr.McGillis comes in the restarant looks both ways around the restarant and then hurries to Alex's table
.'"You're late!Alex barks in a low gruff voice
"Sorry!' says Dr.McGillis
"I can make you very sorry !'says Alex twisting her fingers and bending them back
"I tried to get here in time but I got a call just before I left my office!'explains Dr.McGillis wincing
" And what is that to me !You should have had your answering machine answer it!"says Alex bitterly
"It was your son!'says Dr.McGillis quietly
"Aiden called you?'says Alex
"No Ryan did!' she says truimphantly!
"Ryan admitted a weakness he wants to see you, ?'says Alex says incredulously sitting up closer to Dr.McGillis
"Yes but I can't be his doctor not if you want me to follow your plan! I would have my licence taken away if I am and then become involved with him!"
"No that wouldn't do but I need you to let me know what both my sons are doing can you listen in on what he's saying to someone else there!'demands Alex forcefully not really epecting any answer but yes
"I'll have to call in a favor but I think can arrange it!'says Dr.McGillis
"then it's settled and if your thinking of double crossing me remember how easy it is ! he says showing here a picture of her son who is 14 outside of his school "It's so easy to snatch a child these days tut tut some people !!" Alex says threatening ambigiously
" I'll do what you ask leave my son Aaron out of this!"she says and then gets up to leave but Alex grabs her arm and says I'll see you here Friday the same time!

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