Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Part 15 -End Game*The Aftermath

End Game- The Aftermath
Ryan’s the day after Christmas
Emma is listening to music on her I-pod .when the doorbell rings she doesn’t hear it .Ryan’s shouts ‘Get that Emma will you?like he usually does and then he thinks about it reconsiders and runs for the door! All the well Emma hasn’t heard any of it.Emma startles and jumps when she realizes Ryan has answered the door. but Ryan doesn‘t notice
“Aiden hello thanks for helping me the other night !What a horrific night what a horrible Christmas Eve !Did I forget to tell you thank-you says Ryan nervously seeing the expression on Aiden’s face which he sees is bad news!’
“ I have two hard things to tell you says!’ Aiden nervously "well three things!"
“Well spit it out !'says Ryan inviting Aiden in and shutting the door.Meanwhile Emma has turned her volume on her music to nothing but left the ear phones in to make it look like she can’t hear.
‘ First of all Greenlee is alive!’says Aiden as Ryan sits down with a shocked look on his face.She contacted me to let me know and I think she’ll be calling you later to explain but she asked me to break this to you first.
”How? why?
It‘s a terribly long story so I‘ll just give you the short version!“She was injured but she’s recovered thanks to Leo.Yes Leo he’s alive and with his wife Greenlee! That’s right Greenlee is his wife again!As much as she tried to love either of us we knew in her heart he always came first and now she has him back .She’s so happy.In fact she’s expecting children twins!
“She’s with Leo.He’s alive?’quarries Ryan
“Yes and I know and she knows how much this hurts us!“ I loved her too you know! But she’s always loved him Leo I mean!I saw how she broke when she lost him so did you !’ says Aiden
“ She’s not coming back?Ryan asks forlornly in a little boy voice
‘No I’m sorry mate as I said I know how that hurts!”
“She’s doing okay though?’asks Ryan totally stunned with the turn of events
“ Yes she says she is I haven’t seen her for myself but...”
“then how do you know someone isn’t making her say these things that she really wants to be where she is that Leo is alive!”asks Ryan hopeful
“ My contacts have confirmed the story Ryan .Leo was recovered from the river and had amnesia when he remembered he found David about the time David found him.David found Greenlee as he came back to take her to Leo right after the accident he worked his magic saved her and brought her to Leo!She’s been with him for months!’
"Leo and Greenlee together again!' No more Green Butterfly!"then recovering a little he says“So is this all the bad news you’ve got?’ asks Ryan“Like that’s not bad enough?’
‘ No unfortunately there is more!’states Aiden
“What more could there be ?'asks a devastated Ryan
“Well you know the Wedding Emma went to ?There really was a wedding !Alex married Vanessa Bennett Courtland!”
”But she‘s dead too what is this an epidemic of people who won’t stay dead?‘“ Was she behind Emma’s kidnapping too?asks Ryan ready to go after Vanessa
“No she knew nothing about it when she found out she gave information that led to the apprehension of Alex and the information I was able to get where Emma was held!’and put her own grandchild at risk!‘
“But she still married him ,she must be guilty of something!’says Ryan
“ Actually the weird thing about it is Vanessa was undercover for the Feds .She was trying to get information on Alex and I found out why!’says Aiden mysteriously
“Really how do you get all these facts Aiden I thought they kept these undercover operations on a need to know basis?’asks Ryan
“I’m always in the know Ryan but if I told you how I’d have to kill you!says Aiden
“One more thing!’states Aiden
“What more ?’asks Ryan
‘ I found something out that effects both of us!’says Aiden
“Why all the drawn out conversation tell me!’ demands Ryan
“It’s because when I say it I’ll have to admit it’s true!’You know how Emma said that Alex said that she was his grandaughter?’
“He’s crazy we know that so what!’He‘s an evil twisted monster!‘says Ryan viciously"and if he ever comes near my daughter again he'll wish he was dead!'
“Actually although we’d like to think he’s crazy ,the man is crazy like a fox!And quite the Cassanova.He’s slept his way through a lot of woman two of them two woman close to us both.My mother Lindsay Devane and your mother Gail Lavery Curry!’
“Nonsense it’s just more drivel the man is spitting! You don’t really believe this ?asks Ryan incredulous"Come on man don’t fall for his tricks !You know how he is he sucks you in weaves a story that sounds plausible and spits you out!’he continues seeing Aiden’s believing face!
‘I’ve proven it with two independant DNA tests I’m afraid “says Aiden sadly
“What how did you do that it can’t be true!’
“It is were brothers and he’s our biological father!’”Two independant nameless test have proven it!says Aiden quitely but forcefully
“But Patrick Curry aka Lavery was my father!states Ryan
“No actually he was your step-dad!’states Aiden"It appears Alex was tellling the truth when he said that's why your stepfather took the Lavery name they were hiding from Alex!"
“No you have to do the test again I thought Patrick was a horrible father I can’t be the son of a serial killer !’
‘I don’t want to be his son either but we have to remember that just because he’s our biological Dad doesn’t make him our father!’states Aiden”there were two tests that confirmed it !
”Is that why Emma and I couldn‘t find our toothbrushes?“I don’t know how I feel about you being my brother !says Ryan slightly uncomfortable
“Me neither mate but we’re stuck with that at least the two of us can band together against dear old DAD!says Aiden
‘so he was telling the truth “ ‘He’s my grandfather I don’t want him to be I never want to see him “again says Emma interrupting frightened
“We won’t ever let him near you again “says Ryan and Aiden at the same time
“So your my Uncle ,Uncle Aiden?’ asks Emma mollified and comforted by the prescence of these two strong men!
“If you’ll have me ?says Aiden “and it’s okay with your dad”
”Yes you have a new uncle” Ryan says to Emma and then to Aiden “Well at least something good came out of this says Ryan “I got a pretty good brother even if he has a strange accent !” he teases
“Me too!’ says Aiden shaking Ryan’s hand as Ryan decides to hug him awkwardly and Emma hugs them both!

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