Sunday, December 6, 2009

Part 6-Happy Valley Old home week

the camera cuts to JR and Marissa's house.Marissa has just come in the house !
"Oh good your home ! Says JR "I just got home a few minutes ago! Trey (Little A"s now prefered name)is at Jason's next door.
"I love Trey to death but do you think we could fit in a half hour before we go get him would Sharon (Jason's mom)mind watching him a few minutes longer?
"We better be quick!" says Jr laughing arunning up to their bedroom Marissa close behind.After a little while they both come down the stairs straightening their clothes and giggling!
"While we better go get Trey .What are we going to eat for dinner?"ask JR
"Don't looking at me I don't cook "Says Marissa "I feel like Chinese she says taking out the takeout menus out of the drawer!""Before we pick up Trey I've got something to tell you JR! I went to the doctor's today and he said I'm pregnant We're going to have a baby in about six months!"
"What you don't look happy don't you want another child says Marissa dejected
"Marissa I'm scared what if I'm not here for the baby what if the cancer comes back?""I mean I was scared for Trey how can you raise this baby on your own?"asks JR scared
"I'm not going to have to raise this child on my own you'll be here!"says Marissa forcefully
"but if I'm not....Jr's voice drops off
"It's not going to happen but life is a crap shoot if something unforeseen happens after the baby is born ,a bus runs over you or me or something else happens to either of us I know we can trust Tad or to look after the kids!"but we can always put that in writing if that will make you feel better!""but if the cancer comes back we'll beat it again together got that!!!!demands Marissa
"Yes I've got that "says Jr smiling secure in Marissa's love
"Aunt Marissa ,Dad are you home ?"shouts Trey(who has been SORAS to ten)
"Oh dear says Marissa blushing and whispering to Jr"It's a good thing we're dressed and downstairs!!
"Oh there you are what for dinner ?I'm starving!"Says Trey"We've got to hurry up I've got baseball at 8pm!" says Trey
"We've got something to tell you" starts JR
"Don't tell me the cancer is back says ?"Trey getting quiet and pale
"No son it's not that I'm sorry I scared you we wanted to tell you you're going to have a sibling!"
"A little brother or sister do I have to? I guess I do "he says seeing the frown on both their faces" but this s.uc.ks!he says running up to his room and slamming the door for effect
"Oh I thought he'd be happier !"says Marissa" I'm sorry JR!"
"You have nothing to be sorry about Marissa I'll go up and talk to him and find out what really behind all this!"says JR
Jr runs to Trey's room and says "Open this door right now Trey!!!! When he finds the door blocked and the door unanswered to his knock"
" Adam Chandler !Open this door he says leaning on the door and the door opens throwing him
"That's better now !" says Jr picking himself off the floor to the sound of Trey laughing
"Now what is the real problem here are you not happy to have a sibling or is it a combination of a few things?"
"I don't want to talk about it says Trey getting grumpy again
"Well when your ready I'd like to hear about it sometimes talking helps!says JR leaving Trey's room
"Wow !"says Marissa I couldn't help over -hearing you sounded just like a certain someone we know!"
" Yes Tad taught me a lot about being a good father and listening ! I only hope I can listen and be as good a Dad to Trey as Tad was to me!Tad always says he wasn't perfect but I didn't need perfect I just needed Tad!To know he was in my corner and would help me!....Says JR getting choked up
"Tad is a good man and he loves you just like he was your Dad!"I hope Trey will open up and we can help him!"says Marissa
"Tad says from 10 on you sometimes have to wait them out,there ten going on 30 but if you let them know you love them then that's half the battle so we wait and hope he'll come around and open up!"
"Is this the Jr I married ?asks Marissa half joking"this touchy feely guy?"
"it's still hard somtimes for me to talk so I understand that it's hard for my son too!"
Food 's here says Marissa changing the subject (she'd had called some time ago for the Chinese food!)
Sometime later after the baseball game and ice cream with the players and coach.
WE won Dad we won"yells Trey buckling up his seatbelt
"Yes and you hit the winning run!" says Jr "way to go !'"high five buddy!" They high five!
" Dad I'm sorry about before I do want a sibling it's just that he or she will have Marissa and you as parents and ...well will you and Marissa still love me the same?"
"of course I will you know how Tad is my stepfather did he love me any less because I wasn't of his flesh? No and yet you are mine and I couldn't love you anymore! I loved your mother I still love your mother yet I love Marissa!I'll love you both and so will Marissa,she adores you !We will love you both for who you are and who you'll become!explains JR
"Thanks Dad! "says Trey getting choked up"love you he says almost whispering!Then changing the subject he says"I think the guys like me a little better now they know I can help them win!
"and maybe just because your a good guy?" asksJr smiling
"Yes I guess !says Trey clearly uncomfortable about talking about serious issues so long!"Do you think there's any Chinese food left over ? I'm starving says Trey
"But you just had ice cream! states Jr laughing as they enter their house" come on I'll find you something to eat.
" I just ordered Pizza want some ?"asks Marissa
Jr and Trey start laughing!
"Marissa says "what I was hungry !"

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