Monday, December 7, 2009

Part 1- Old Friend

I wrote this Nov. 20th after hearing the Happy News that Charles Pratt JR.was out as headwriter!

Part 1-Old friends Old grudges
Happy Valley University
A young good looking man with dark hair opens the doors to the university as Colby goes up the stairs she trips and drops her books! the young man reaches down and picks up her books
"Don't I know you?' he asks
"Well that's original !'says Colby laughing
"Actually I think I do know you I just can't place you.My name is Sam Grey!"
"Sam Grey ?Is that really you ?Well you do know me it's Colby Chandler !Long time no see!'Colby says
"Colby !Wow haven't you grown up he says wiggling his eyebrows and oggling her exaggerating
"So you go to happy Valley U?'they both ask at the same time
"Yes says Colby 'I'm actually taking some business courses and clothing design!And you what are you taking ?'
"I'm taking journalism courses and also believe it or not some business courses as well!"says Sam "I'm kind of starting over at first I thought I'd be a neurosurgeon like my
mom, I took a couple of years of pre-med but it wasn't for me ."
"Jr and Scott have been helping me to find a store I'm going to be open my own store for clothing next year so I'm taking business courses to learn how to handle my own finances of the business.You can't just trust your accountant !"says Colby"I also want to be able to showcase my own designs in my store as well as top label clothing but I want it to appeal to younger people!"
"That's very ambitious !'says Sam
"Well we Chandler's are very business oriented can't let the family down can I !'says Colby blushing"I've got a lot to prove as well even in my family it's a very male oriented world!
"I have to go to class but would you like to get some coffee sometime?' asks Sam
"I'd like that !says Colby "Can you hand me your cell?' Sam hands over his cellphone and Colby puts her phone number in it.
"I hope you don't mind I put it in favorites !"says Colby smiling"give me a call and we can get together.
"I'd like that says Sam also smiling and reluctantly saying "I really have to go I have five minutes to get to my class bye Colby it was great to see you see you soon!'
Colby is so happy everything seems to be going her way.Dad was getting better .JR was sure he was on to the perfect property downtown for her store!and now she met Sam again when she was little before her mom took her away she used to think he was so cute and so much older but looks like her age had caught up .Sam had looked at her with the eyes of a guy who was interested .Thank goodness she was going to Happy Valley University and she ran into Sam again.
"who was that?' asks a voice over her shoulder
"It was Sam Grey" says Colby a lilt in her voice when he says her name
"I don't think I like him "says Petey now standing beside Colby and not really paying attention to the name!
"Pete we've had this discussion before I'm sorry but there can never be anything between us except friendship!You're like my brother only I like you better !'Colby says
"Sorry" says Pete "I'm trying but it's hard!'
"You'll make some girl's great guy just not me!' says Colby gently
"You seem interested in him is he the one?'asks Pete
"I don't know I just met him again!' says Colby
"Again?' when did you meet him the first time?'asks Pete
"I just told you Pete is Sam Grey remember he used to live in Pine Valley .His mom is Maria Santos, his Dad was Edmund Grey !He's family left after Joanthan Lavery got away with murdering his father Edmund!
"oh that Sam!'says Pete "didn't he want to kill Jonathan?'
"who wouldn't his father was murdered and all he got was Joanthan has a brain tumor he didn't know what he was doing!That didn't bring back his father and Jonathan got to live out his life!"
Aunt Colby is that you?' comes a voice interupting and laughing
"That's not funny Max technically I'm your Aunt because your Dad is married to my sister Hayley but your older than me so as I told you over the phone the other day just call me Colby!' Colby says annoyed
"Okay aunt Colby" Have you seen Enzo?'he suppose to be meeting me here after school and he said he'd be here at 3pm!'asks Max
"It's only 2:45 pm says Colby "you really should get a watch they come in handy!'
"or check your cellphone time says Pete quietly
"who's he nerd ?'asks Max
"Matteo Santos that was rude!' says Colby getting angry for Pete's sake
"That's okay I am a nerd!"Peter Cortland and you are Colby's nephew?"says Pete holding his hand and pulling back his shoulders and staraightening up to his complete height
" that's right I'm Max Santos!Sorry for the nerd remark sometimes I get verbal diarrhea !'
says Max apologizing
"What are you taking here?asks Pete
"Actually some people would say I'm a nerd because I'm taking computer science courses!says Max
"And you called Pete and nerd ?'says Colby jabbing Max's arm
" Like I said that's okay says Pete annoyed that Colby thinks he needs defending!"I'm working on my third degree in chemistry!I all ready have a degree in computer science and business!"
"Oh your that Peter Courtland!"says Max "This guy has awards all ready in Chemistry then suddenly Sam's back he says
"Class has been cancelled ".Maddie's been talking non stop about his guy!She's in first year pre- med!"
"Who's Maddie?"asks Peter she's not your little sister,there's a Madelyn Grey in my class but that's not little Maddie!
"Maddies' growing up she graduated high school early and she's 18 now!"says Sam
"but she's hot !'says Pete
"Hey nerd you are talking about my sister ?"says Sam growling
"sorry no offence!'says Pete backing down just as his cellphone rings
"Max Santos Colby's nephew!' says Max holding out his hand seeing Sam's glare at how close he's standing to Colby!'
"Oh you're nephew?Sam says to Colby
"Believe it or not yes he's my sister Haley's stepson!"
then they switch back to Pete and we hear
"Hello!' Pete answers his cellphone "Dad ,uh yes I'm studying no I haven't heard from Nina lately.

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