Sunday, December 27, 2009

Part 8 - New Beginnings and New Alliances-The New Years Party*5
Rose goes into the other ballroom and sees Jenny and Kathy .Emma on one side of the room and Aaron McGillis is on the other!Ryan has been hanging out on the young adult side guarding over Emma.First Rose goes to Jenny and confides how she was looking forward to meeting her sisters and Jenny’s sisters Melissa and Marissa.But now that would be posponed by the accident!
“they’re okay you’ll like them!’ says Jenny”and they’l like you !I like you!’
“thanks says Rose “I’ll have to wait until Daddy can do it!’
“Maybe I could introduce you to Marissa later before Midnight!’ says Jenny
“Thanks you’re the best we’re almost sisters so I’m going to say your my sister too!”says Rose
Emma is getting extremely annoyed with her father by the time this conversation has finished
“Daddy I’m safe here won’t you please go have a good time over there!’Emma says pointing to the other ballroom
‘Mr.Lavery she’s safe here see those men ? Rose points out several adult men hidden in various corners of the room, they are protecting all the young adults in this room no one can leave without there knowledge or their parents! There is no alcohol present here all young adults having be searched before they enetered the party!My dad is scared too he wants to protect me this is his way .They’ll protect Emma too it was part of the orders they were given before the party!
“Wow I guess your dad has thought of everything!’says Ryan surprised
‘then you can trust that Emma will be safe?’ask Rose
“Yes I guess!’says Ryan walking to the other ballroom and then says to himself”It’s hard to believe that’s a kid it’s like a little adult in a tiny body!”shaking his head
“how did you do that?’ asks Emma
“You just have to know how to talk to adults! Thy have their own language!’says Rose
“You make them sound like trained dogs!” says Kathy laughing
“When you put it that way it is insulting! Grandma says that it’s really that I’m very verbally gifted and that I know how to handle people.Kind of like and old soul in a young body she says!boasts Rose
“Your a bit full of yourself but I like you!” says Emma and then to Kathy”Wow look at that hot guy over there !’
“which one are you talking about? asks Rose trying to follow what Emma was saying to Kathy
“That one over there is smoking!’says Rose
“Yes he is cute !'says Kathy
”I saw him first !'says Emma
“Don’t be ridiculous Emma we all just saw him!’says Kathy annoyed
“I saw him before and I danced with him at the wedding .His name is Aaron McGillis but I think he might be mad at me!’says Emma talking fast
“Why would he be mad at you?’asks Rose and Kathy together
‘Oh because I wouldn’t believe him about Alex! I should have listened”bemoans Emma
‘Oh just go over and talk to him ‘says Rose and Kathy together and irritated
“Fine I will!’says Emma stumping off
.Emma goes over to Aaron
‘Hi “says Emma
“Ah hi!says Aaron
then the two of them burst out at the same time”I’m sorry!’which causes them both to laugh with relief
‘I heard what happened I wish I could have stopped him!’says Aaron
“I should have listened to you says Emma
‘friends?'says Aaron holding out his hand
“Friends!’ says Emma holding out hers”Come meet my friends!’she says as she takes him over to Jenny ,Rose ,And Kathy!
flash to Amanda at the hospital .T.J. is waiting outside to find out about her.
“are you family?’ asks a nurse
“no!’ says T.J.”and yes
”Is it yes or no make up your mind!“If it’s no then I’m sorry you have to leave we have strict rules about visitation!’
“it’s yes she was almost my aunt!says T.J.
“must be one of these weird Pine Valley transplants!’ the nurse says under her breath “following their family trees is like following a soap opera!”
Just then David comes out ‘Nurse this. patient is to have no visitors not on the list provided! handing her a clipboard
“ is she going to be okay?ask T.J.
“it’s really a waiting game !’hey wait a minute aren’t you that reporter from the new station ?’
“no comment!’says David fiercely
“this isn’t about ratings or astory please can’t you tell meif she’s going to be okay?’asks T.J.
‘if you had been listening...wait a minute earlier you said you were a Martin and Martin’s don’t listen!She’s in serious condiion she lost her baby baby!’says David breaking off sadly
“I’m sorry I didn’t know!’ says T.J.”that’s awful I’m so sorry for your loss Doctor!’.
“just wait aminute Martin...says David then realizing that T.J meant it he says “sorry and thank-you for your condolences!’”I got to go and I suggest you do the same it will be along time before anything is known!”
‘Okay thanks Doc!’says T.J pretending to leave but sneaking out and going to hide in the staircase! he whips out his phone and tells his boss he’s taking some personal days!

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