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Part 3- Portrait of Jenny

Portrait of Jenny part 3
Greg is checking his messages on his now charged cellphone."I can't believe I left the charger at home!' says Greg to Tad
"Well that's what happens when you have an outdated cellphone that you have a special cord for!" chuckles Tad
Greg looks puzzled as he listens to a message "Tad listen to this he says!"
Tad listens and says "It must be a wrong number and it also seems garbled you need a new cell you can keep the same number you know!
"Yes I guess!" says Greg clearly not convinced
just then Tad phone rings to the theme of "Bob Reilly" by the Who
"Tad Martin here he answers and you were able to tentatively narrow down the prints"Huh okay so you'll be able to tell the court conculsively that the person who says he's Tony Barclay is not Anthony Barclay Jr but a possible blood relative and there's a 95% probability of this.Your presevting this to the judge tomorrow!Wonderful thank-you!"Tad says hanging up his cell!
"so we can prove it then where's Tony?asks Tad to know one in particular
"we're going to find the monster Tad and when we do he'll pay for what he did to my Jenny and my baby!says Greg savagely
"that he will!"Says Tad "that he will!"
after the courtroom scene where the judge puts Paul in solitary confinement and imposes gag order hoping the state police and the FBI will find Tony.
Tad gets into his rental car with Greg picks up the phone again puts it on speaker phone and says"Aiden you know that matter we were discussing it's comfirmed the target is not Tony but probably Paul Apple his cousin"Yes hold on Aiden, I'm setting up the three way call as we speak!
"hello Adrian we can hear you.""yes I have you two and another operative searching for Anthony Barclay Jr,.I'm sorry Adrian it seems the killer of our sister is on the lose and has been possibly living out his life out there instead of paying for what he did to Jenny and her baby!"
"Tad I want this guy I'm not sure I won't kill him if I find him do you uderstand that."says Adrian his anger coming over the line in a growl"
"I do Adrian I want him caught but....I don't know how I feel about taking this man alive!
Hey mates lets not doing anything foolish he obviously couldn't baare to be locked up and gave up his cousin just so he didn't have to so let's lock him up !That will make him SUFFER!!!!says Aiden talking the two down
" so any leads Aiden?" asks Tad
I have a lead that he's been spotted in upstate NY with two man who appear to be bodyguards!"
"Well done Aiden ! "says Tad and Adrian together
"when will you aquire photos of the target?" asks Adrian
"I have operatives trying to get a photo as we speak but they say the target is illusive"
"Okay forward the photos to me and Adrian when you receive them ."says Tad and then Adien hangs up
"Adrian I know this is hard it's hard for me too but we have to let Aiden handle his end and when we find out if this is Tony then w make a plan and get him!
"Yes Tad we'll get him you haven't told yet have you?asks Adrian
"No.says Tad and I'm not sure if I should or how to do it!"says Tad
"I know Tad hold off for now when we have him we'll tell!"
"Okay Adrian we'll talk same time tomorrow if that's okay "says Tad
"I'm on leave Tad I had years of vacation due so the government has given me two months off unless I get an urgent call!"states Adrian
"And what Agency would that be ?"asks Tad in a voice that knows he won't get an answer
"If I told you I'd have to kill you!" says Adrian laughing who obviously loves to say that
Greg says" thanks Tad for letting me hear all that how long do you think it will take to get that picture?"
"I don't know says Tad" but I need a distraction and so do you let's go to T-Mobile store and get you a new phone!"
Tad and Greg enter the store where Amy works part-time near Vassar
"How can I help ?"you she asks
"My friend here needs a new phone says Tad
" and are you on a plan here with T-Mobile or someone else?"
"Well "says Greg "yes I'm with t-mobile but the phone!"Tad interrupts
"His phone is prehistoric and doesn't work he needs a new one.Something simple but with capability to take pictures and receive email and texts!
"What are texts ?"asks Greg
"Oh my Greg you've become old!" says Tad explaining the answer and then turning back to Amy to pick out a new phone
Tad looks at them all for a minute then says 'He'll take this one!"
"Okay sirs, and do you want both your names on the bill?"says amy mistakenly thinking there a couple
"We're not a couple says Tad laughing"We're just good friends!" he says in a falsetto voice winking
"Tad!" says Greg angrily "cut it out we're brothers-in-law not that it matters !"
" No sir of course not sir no offence !"says Amy"Now this model your brother-in-law has picked out is a very easy phone to use and very popular for older people
"Older people!" she called you older people!"Said Tad once again laughing
"I'm sorry sir we are getting off on the wrong foot here I'm sure you'll like this phone!" says Amy trying to make the sale"so if the phone is old you won't have to pay us much for your upgrade no penalties for purchasing a new phone,just the cost of the phone
"okay so I want to buy this and have a three year contract!
"Okay so your name please asks Amy at the computer screen
"Gregory Nelson!"
"and your address?"
"well I just moved to Happy Valley California
"My address is 1090 Happy Valley Road"
"And your present phone number you wish to continue with?"asks Amy
"555-555-5555answers Greg
"but that means your Greg Nelson, the..... Greg Nelson says Amy incredulously
"Well I'm Greg Nelson but why would I be notorius?
"No Paulina called you but you didn't respond to her message!'
" Huh was that T-mobile calling me that garbled message ? I told you I needed a new phone!states Greg apologizing
"No your misunderstanding !Amy says to Greg and then a suprise look comes over her face "Wait a minute you said you were his brother-in -law what's your name?"
"Tad Martin why?" asks Tad
"Then you were both there and you have to know!" says Amy mysteriously
"This is getting weird you're talking but you are not making sense!" says Tad
" Okay but I warn you it's a long story and some of it is hard to believe and will be even harder for you!she said locking the front door of the store!
Tad looks at Greg and his eyes say let's hear her out
"My name is Amy Allen! I have a very close friend that I've known since public school.I haven't known most of her background though until the last month when she finally decide she could tell me!course that's also because she and i put some of it together just this past month.But I'm getting ahead of myself "
Paulina was born in NYC and her mother was in a coma when she was born.Her mother had been in an accident just after she was conceived and she was in very bad shape!Her mother finally come out of the coma but was very frail and unable to get around for the longest time.She also had some memory loss!She didn't remember her life before the coma!Paulina's family is rich and she grew up in a well to do family with all the luxuries but with little of the love.Her only true love came from her mother!She always went around even to school with bodyguards as she grew older she realized they weren't bodyguards but minders everything she did everyone she talked to was reported back to her father and grandfather!"She has a terrible life because of them she wanted to go to college right out of high school her SAT'S were off the chart every college wanted her but they wouldn't let her go and when she resisted trying for two years to get to go and then tried to run away they drugged her and brought her back.They kept her placid and drugged for two years until she figured out she was being drugged !That's when she realized that they kept her mother drugged so she was placid and did all they wanted of her!So she helped her mother and when she got her off the drugs weaning her slowly she was able to remember who she was and who Paulina was !Paulina was not the child of the man who said he was her father who claimed to have married her mother!
" That is a terrible story but what does this story have to do with us?'asked Tad and Greg together
"Paulina's so called father name is Anthony Barclay as is her so called grandfather who keeps them prisoner!"
"did you say Anthony Barclay?asks Tad and Greg at the same time startled
"Yes I see you do rememeber him I thought you would!"says Amy
"What do you know of Anthony Barclay and who has he kidnapped the poor woman!" "We want to know where he is!"says Greg aggressively
"Anthony Barclay or Tony as Paulina's mother calls him is an abusive crazy obsessive man!'"He beats the people he calls family he insists Paulina's mother and he are married
I think the man is crazy and that his so called family is in great danger !His father was controling him but 6 months ago he had a stroke and now Tony is hitting Paulina's mom and calling her a slut. and then he started hitting Paulina mistaking her for his mother and the guards won't let Paulina talk to anyone not even me she goes to school and back home again!Paulina is terrified she could have called the police from the ladies room on my phone the other day but she was afraid that her mother would be killed by Tony before they rescued her but she trusts you!
"She doesn't even know either of us !"says Greg
"She's read about you on line and heard lots from her mother!"says Amy
"Is Paulina's mother someone we know asks?" Greg
"Paulina's mother is Jenny Gardner Nelson!"says Amy
"Impossible!" says Greg "we saw her die!"looking at Tad an imploring him with his eyes to tell her the same
"What proof do you have that this is my sister Jenny?"
"Jenny said to ask you if you are still Tad the Cad and to tell you that you were suppose to stay over that night"says Amy reading from notes she took from her purse!
"and for you she said you use to imagine yourself tying a rope long enough to swing across Willow Lake tied to the Gazebo!"she says to Greg
"It's Jenny!'Said Tad and Greg crying out "but how had Tony done this?"We saw her die!"
" Wait a minute Jenny had a daughter,I have daughter Paulina is my daughter?"says Greg and then with horror as he realizes that Tony still has them.
"Tad we have to save them !"tears in his eyes
"do you know where they live ?"asks Tad of Amy
"Yes but only because I followed them home one day!'I had to very careful they didn't see me but I found it !"
Tad flips out his hone dialling several numbers at once he sets up a conference call with all his operatives ,Aiden and Adrian !
"we know where the target is he says but it has become more complicated !Jenny is alive and has a daughter Paulina(Greg's daughter)they are being kept prisoner by Tony and guards "
"Are you positve Tad that this isn't a trick?Perhaps a ruse by Tony to get you and Greg ?"asks Adrian
"No we have the proof she is alive!" says Tad sure"I would prefer a photo Aiden can you get a photo of the people in this house.Will need it anyway but I would feel better if I saw for myself!' continues Tad
"Will do mate we need to get in the house and save them I take it so will need all the information we can get!' says Aiden with the clear head"Look at this way mates she's been there for years ,and she'll be safe for the short time we take to scope the place!
"He's right we have to take our time do this right get that monster and free our girls with no harm to them!" says Adrian trying to get a clear head and seizing on his agent calm
"Okay so we go ahead Amy can you get word to Paulina to have her and her mother hang tight that help is coming?" asks Tad
She smiles and says"I knew you'd help them I'll try to catch her in the ladies room tomorrow again she goes there to meet me between her class and because it's the only way she can talk to me with those guards.""please be careful and get them out safely and let me know I have to know!"Amy pleads
"You better get that new phone says Amy and fills out the paperwork hands over the phone with an exchange of money.It's activated now with your old number "she says
"I'll be calling the phone for an update after I talk to Paulina tomorrow!"
Tad and Greg leave the story elated by still stunned with the wonderful news!
" JENNY'S alive and her child Paulina's alive ,Greg's daughter!Amazing!But they still have to get them out and away from that psycho Tony and his father and their guards!"thought Tad "it will be all okay once they got Jenny and Paulina safe!"

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