Sunday, December 6, 2009

AMC happy ending for Zach and Kendall

Opening scene Slater Casino
Zach ( talking to his casino boss Francesca,)
Yes of course we are starting to get more more and more in the black due to your excellent work here!
pan the room and see:
Joe and Ruth having a fun night out siping cocktails at a table
Joe: I'm such a lucky man I have the most beautiful woman in the world next to me
Ruth:Oh you old charmer you! I heard from Jeff and Jaime today .Jeff is going to continue working in Africa but Jaime has met a wonderful women she's a doctor .It seems young Jaime has been keeing quite a bunch of secrets!He's been seeeing this woman for over a year! Her name is Alexa!
Joe: So what is she doing over in Africa?Does she live there or is she working there?
Ruth: She's a doctor I just old you that really Joe are you taking your medication!.Dr.Alexa (whatever Francesca's last name is)/Martin
Joe: Martin,Martin he's married her?
Ruth:Yes and they are coming back to the states to live in Holly Valley,near LA
.In fact that's why I wanted to come here you see Alexa sister ,is the casino boss Francesca!
they're twins!
Joe: Twins we could have Twin great grandkids !'
Ruth:"Oh Joe! "
pan to
David and Liza playng blackjack.Liza is flirting outrageously with David
David is still trying to get her to admit she likes him however
David says "What will it take to get you to like me masked gunman?"
Suddenly a number of armed masked gunman burst in stage left
Armed gunman 1: this is a holdup place put your hands up in the air.My colleague will come around and colect your valuables and your cellphones .Do not hesitate to do so or my other collegue will shoot and if you're thinking about texting or sending a cell call forget it the object that my colleague is holding is a jammer it will silence all calls none will work for you non-techies !
Zach; Francesca I can't let them hurt my patrons and friends!
Francesca: Really boss don't do anything stupid they have guns just gve them the money !We're insured
Zach shakes his head and makes a move on the jammer gunman and is shot in the shoulder by the no1 gunman.Zach slups to the floor holding his shoulder blood gushing from the wound
Gunman no1 :"Anyone else want to play hero?""you 'he says pointing to Francesca"go with my colleague and go crack the safe and hand over the proceeds and if your thinking about hitting the silent alarm forget it we've taken care of that too!
Francesca looks alarmed and scared Zach pulling at her leg says
Go with them Francesca give them what they want then he says to the gunman we will cooperate if yo promise no one else will be hurt and you'll leave us alive when you leave
Gunman no1 :(swaggering with exaggerated charm with a hurt tone)What do you take me for I'm not a murderer( then with real malice)provided I get what I want !You'll all remain tied up my colleagues is about to tie you all with ropes.his colleague sets down a dufflebag filled with stuff including thick rope!
Gunamn no1 continuing; "Just to show you what a great guy I am when I'm far enough away I'll even call the cops so you can get to a hospital and ll get untied!"
Joe: "I swear Ruth that man's voice sounds familiar
Ruth:says exasperated" Everyone sounds familiar to you anymore !We need to get over to Zach and see how bad that wound is!"
Ruth turns to the gunman ;Could we please get medical help to Mr.Slater my husband's a doctor and I'm a nurse!
Gunman no 1:Just to show you I'm a nice guy I'm going to let you help Mr,.Slater but my guy will be watching with a gun so no funny stuff!
Ruth and Joe attend to Zach
Joe :Well I think you're very lucky Zach the bullet has gone right through all the fatty tissue and out the other side of your shoulder .we'll stop the bleeding and all stitch you up !You'll need to be taken to the hospital for saftey precautions but the bullets out and it looks pretty clean!
Zach: Says thank goodness my boys need me with there mother in jail!
An hour later scene showing the gunman cleaning out the safe throing money into dufflebags
Gunman no1:That's all folks (he says like Bugs Bunny) then he gathers he's men and as a parting shot says
"It's was fun folks!"and steps throught the door
Joe says quietly as he is back to back tied with Ruth :I swear I know that voice; it was Adrian what has Tad's brother done now!
Ruth:Sh Joe (Ruth says whispering)if it's Tad's brother we have to protect him he's family!There must be something else behind all this!flah to outside the mask comes off and it's Adrian Sword!
An hour later cops burst in and then paramedics.Cops untie the victims!
Joe: the ambulance will take you to the hospital
Zach: says is that really neccesary
Francesca :Quit playing the hero boss and go get patched up your boys need you!
the a paramedics load up Zach and take him to the hospital
Pine valley Hospital
Zach is in a hospital bed after being treated! Francesca hands him a phone as he calls Bianca
Zach :How are the boys
Bianca:The boys are just find Zach and enjoying time with Miranda and Gabrielle .And the nanny Aurora is fine too!
Zach :sighs in relief then says there was a robbery at the casino and I've been shot
Bianca says Oh my gosh Zach are you okay?
Zach:I'm fine it's just a shoulder wound as soon as I get out of the hospital all be flying out to my boy!Zach hangs up then Zach thinking
Kendall:Are you sure this is a good idea Zach how can we run away?
Zach :I've got a full prof plan and good men to do it!
Kendall but the money Zach and we can't just live that poor woman in jail!No I can't do it Zach
Zach:I didn't want to do this he says switching on the news
the news person on the tv says the news at 6 o'clock
Our top story Kendall Hart slater Cosmetic Mogul Author confessed murder has died !Ms.Slater was serving time for the murder of Stuart Chandler brother of millionaire Adam Chandler.when another inamate stabbed her ,She died in the prison hospital!Ms.slater leaves behind a grieving hsband Zach Salter owner of Slater casinos and her two boys Ian (whom she thought Adam had killed with his heart device)and Spike Lavery Zach suts off the tv
Kendall:Oh no Zach I've kiled her Kendall starts crying it's all my fault
Zach: no she's alive Kendall we're running away and if they think your dead we can do it easier!
I paid some people to fake it!she's got the money I promised her and a new life with her family!
I don't think we can ever prove who killed Stuart .I'm sure now it's Adam and Adam would never be convicted he allowed you to think you'd done it after allso we're running away .I'm sending you on our private jet in disguise as the boys nanny to Bianca!
Kendall:but what about Ryan he's Spikes' father ?
Zach: It's time to choose Kendall Ryan or me the boys or Ryan it's your choice?
Kendall:Ryan was a fantasy your the real thing you are my love my life and my tomorrow .The man who has proven over and over he loves me .I chose you the men I can't live or breathe without will you still have me?
Zach:you always have had me Kendall forever always only you!He says handing her a necklace with a heart that's ingraved forever only you!
Kendall: I love you Zach and now it will be forever always only you !Leaning in to kiss Zach who takes her in his arms and to bed!
in the after glow Zach states his plan to have the casinos robbed to keep all the money to refiance their new life close the casinos and pay back Adam. I also will have regained Cambias I have a dummy corporation which will take over Cambias .Franscesca will be hired by them to run it after I close the casinos!We will become Aurora and Philip Perault.Ian will be Thorsten Perault and Spike will be Patrick Perault!We are going to live in a small town on Vancouver Island in British Columbia Canada!No one will ever find us there but it does mean you can never see your mother or Bianca again!i'm sorry to do this I know how much they mean to you but if anyone suspects you're alive they will extradite you back to Pine Valley and where will the boys be?
Kendall;crying sofly but thinking says Okay Zach go ahead with the plan
Zach:says it's all ready in play
Back to the hospital
Zach is discharged after speaking with the police and describing waht he can of the gunmen! at the ariport he is met by Adrian who gives him a number of a Swiss Account!
Adrian:Now we're even buddy you saved my bacon and I saved yours call me if you can find me he says as he disppears into the airport!
cut to the airplane landing in Paris a joyfull reunione with Kendall at Bianca's
Bianca is crying
Bianca i know where you will be she says to Zach
Zach:Says To Kendall I told you that you had to cut offf all ties
Kendall:I couldn't I won't tell mother but I couldn't say goodbye forever to Bianca
Bianca: I'm moving to LA and I've all ready rented a postbox in the name of Silver Kane
you can write to me here se says giving the address to Zach!
Zach:I don't want to say goodbye to your sister either but we have to be careful no phone calls exept by disosable phones he says handing Bianca a diaposable cellphone.
Kendall: You weren't going to make me say goodbye ?
Zach:How could I she's our family!But I'm sorry Erica and Ryan can never know!
Kendall :okay I understand (Kendall says sadly)she tell Ryan and he'd try to take Spike
Bianca:I won't tell him but I feel bad he'll miss Spike so bad!But he thinks of his children as possesions and I know you don't Zach !He'll have agood life with you as his dad!
Tearful crying by both woman as they say goodbye at the airport as they board the rented jet.
Zach: we will see you again Bianca
Bianca :I know till we meet again she says waving!
Flash to British Coumbia and the Perault's new home a year later!
they are happily playing with their boys and as Kendall turns to Zach Spike now called a Patrick leaves the room. Kendall opens her eyes and wakes up
Zach:you had that dream again? didn't you?'
Kendall:Yes I did !'
Zach :It's okay to enjoy our new life ! you know you didn''t leave that woman in prison and Adam confessed so why do you feel so guilty that we moved away?
Kendall:Maybe because I wanted to kill Adam when I thought he'd been responsibile for Ian's death!Thank god our baby survived !'
Zach:Ian is doing well and our new baby girl is healthy and happy and our Spike is okay too!Kendall : we have a great life Zach!.
Zach : That we do Kendall
they hear a baby cry
Zach says: Mona Myrtle is calling for her mommy but they look as Spike comes in
carrying Mona :She's really wet mommy!We should change her he's says to Zach
Zach: that we should son! But next time let your mom or I get her
Zach :I love you too son!
Spike:Are the wings playing tonight?
Zach: Yes
Spike:After I finish my hockey game can we watch it with Ian ,Mommy and Mona
Zach :You bet you son the Wings are going to beat the Leafs .
Spike:The leafs will all fall down
Zach:that's right son they will he said chuckling
Fade out

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