Monday, December 7, 2009

Part 2 -She's BACK!

Part 2-She's back

but who is she?

David opens his eyes "What happened he thought where an I?he tried to get up then realized he was not only strapped to a chair but that he also had a gag on his mouth
"What who in blazes could have done this ?Mother? he thought is she alive too?If so then Greenlee and Leo were in danger he had to get away and warn them ."
"Hello Davy !You've been a very bad boy!"Came the voice over amicrophone muffled with a synchronizer so you couldn't tell who the voice was
"David tried to talk and manged with twisting to get the gag off his mouth
"who is this and what do you want?
"Brave talk now isn't that when your just a frightened little boy isn't that right?"came the voice once again
"This isn't funny now 'David says "you've had your fun now let me go I'm a very important cardiologist!"Patients are relying on me your endangering their lives!'
"I'm a very important cardiologist the voice mimics "when I'm not tampering with people's medicines and drugging people and tormenting people and making myself a general nuisance!Adam was a very bad boy a little on the mean side not letting you see your grandson but then you drugged him...How could you your sworn to save lives yet you drug him and then in a fit of remorse of how he his own treated that poor baby he kills his beloved twin brother thinking it was himself and who was responsible for that you David you you and your drugs...for too long you've gone without consequences of your actions it's time to pay the piper!"
"Adam your upset about Adam.I was upset that Stuart was killed too! do you know he destroyed the Christmas gift I gave little A, he killed my daughter !.Do you know his evil spawn has now married my other daughter?'asks David appealing to the voice
"Davy little A prefers Trey now! I have a vested interest in that boy since he's like my grandson or is he my grandson?Davy,Davy you're not getting it this is only one of your crimes maybe I should let you think and come back says the voice breaking off
"Now come back David shouts to the voice but without any answer
He tries to manoeuver his chair so he can get himself free bu only manages to tip over the chair!sometime later cramped and uncomfortable after falling asleep he wakes to a body over him picking up the chair!The person is dressed all in black from head to toe !Every identifying feature covered in black material!what is this person a ninja he thought laughing to himself.The person gave him a bottle of water which he sucked down greedily! them left the room.Moments later the voice came over once again.
"all comfy cozy Dr.Dave ?the voice said sarcasticly
"Peachy keen said!" David givng it back to the voice'
"So do we know why were here Davy?"asks the voice
"imagined crimes that you think I've commited?snarks David
"Imaginary ?these aren't imaginary Dr,.David Hayward you know they should have locked you away after you threw the libidizone in the town water supply but no they slapped you on the wrist and then you pretended you were the town hero when you back.The world reknown cardiologist Dr.David fre..akin..Hayward!
"Enough of your games who is this?'asks David
'Oh would you like to know?'asks the voice "but I'm not quite ready to tell you!I'm in charge now Mr bossyman!"
"I'm sorry who ever you are now let me go i have some really sick patients that Ineed to get back too!'
"Oh don't worry about that Davy boy I called the hospital said I was your personal secretary and that you wouldn't be back for a week!a Dr.Jardan is taking over your duties and patients as I also called him to cover them.Your patients shouldn't suffer because your a monster!"
"Who is this this?This can't be my mother she wouldn't care about the patients!"
"Wouldn't I dare?" asks the voice
"Mother?" asks David horrified
"Don't you recognize your own mother?" asks the voice
"Is this really you mother?" asks David half hopeful half scared
"Aw crap says the voice I can't torture you with that I'm not your mommy dearest but somebody else calls me that and means it!"the voice hints
"David racks his brains for someone's mother who would come after him all of sudden he gets really scared is she on the loose again could it be that Janet from another Planet has him?"

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