Saturday, December 12, 2009

Part 8 - End Game -The Wedding

Vanessa is waiting the church study for her cue to go down the aisle.
"Could you go check for me Emma and see if it's time yet?"
when Emma goes Vanessa mutters under her breath "They beter have fixed this it's a Catholic ceremony I'd better get a dispensation for this!Floyd better not flub this up!"
"Sure I'll just go check !'says Emma .Emma walks down the hall and looks into the vestibule of the church!The priest is waiting and people are sitting in the church.As we pan up we see Dr.Christine Woods (Dottie's best friend),followed by Dr.McGillis,then David sitting in an aisle seat and several other extras! David is frowning a little then he puts on a fake smile when he sees Emma
"Dr.David I didn't know you were here!' says Emma when she sees him
"Well I know the bride!' says David crypticly not giving away that he's Vanessa's son
"Oh that's nice!' Emma says "now I'll know three people here!'
"Is the bride ready?' asks David
"Yes says Emma I just have to get her and then we can begin
"Vanessa is very lucky you're a great maid of honor!' says David complimenting but as she walks away he frowns and thinks"I hope she'll be safe!"
The wedding commences as we see Vanessa at the altar in a lovely white winter suit,a tiny hat with a veil over her face!Emma's dress is a beautiful blue dress and she looks much older then her thirteen years!
"We are hear in the prescence of God to observe the joining of these two people Vanessa and Alex ! If there is anyone who objects let him speak now over forever hold his peace!
Alex looks pointedly at David and frowns as if to say don't say a word or you will be fish food!! David just nods and smiles.The priest continues
"Do you Vanessa take Alex to be your lawfully wedded husband to have and to hold until death do us part?
"I do says!' Vanessa
"Do you Alex taking Vanessa to be your lawfully wedded husband to have and to hold until death do us part!
"I do !'says Alex
"I know pronounce you man and wife !"says the priest" You may kiss the bride "Alex kisses Vanessa in a passionate yet a kiss that says ownership!
" I know present to you Mr. and Mrs.Alex Cambias Sr. "says the priest
The party continues at the nearby hotel.Where Emma is dancing with a handsome young man.His name is Aaron McGillis and he's 14 years old .He stands about 5ft 10in and he is very thin .He has blonde hair and blue eyes that twinkle! His smile is warm and charming!He's mother is Dr.McGillis!
"So what school do you go to ?'aks Emma trying to get to know him
"Well I actually I'm not registered yet!I'm suppose to go Happy Valley Junior High!I'm in grade 8 there!
"Really says! Emma excited"that's where I go!'
" Oh good then I'll know someone there he says!'they talk for awhile and continue dancing with Alex glaring everytime he sees them together growing close!
"Yes it's always good to know someone I just started there earlier this year and some kids there are really mean! One of those nasty girls stoled my shoe!"says Emma dancing to a slow song with Aaron
"yes it takes all kinds the kind I hate are those Cyber freaks that friend you on My space and then precede to trash all your firends saying it comes from you some people!'he says" talking about people like that do you really know the Cambias's they aren't really nice people you know!'Aaron says
"How can you say that they are really nice old people !Vanessa gave me this designer dress and let me be her maid of honor!"says Emma
Just as Alex sees Aaron with Emma and says I don't want that boy with my grandaughter she's meant for a better man!"Alex growls to Vanessa as we switch back to Aaron saying
" They're not nice and you really can't know them that well or you wouldn't say that!'
"Reeeally... says Emma "I thought you were nice I guess I was mistaken!' she says as she walks off the dance floor and sits down
"there see dear your granddaughter has taste she's walking away!'says Vanessa soothingly
" Blood will tell!'says Alex
"Yes dear it usual does!' says Vanessa"Shall we leave now ?'
"In a moment I must arrange for my driver to take Emma home safely!'says Alex
Alex leaves goes over to his driver and instructs him on where to take Emma .He then speaks to Emma and hands her a bottle of coke then Vanessa and Alex leave the ballroom and go to their honeymoon suite!
Flash to Ryan's house the next day .Ryan is panic stricken it's 8 o'clock in the morning and he has no idea where Emma is she said she'd be home late from the wedding but he grew tired aiting up for her and went to bed .He searches Emma's room for a phone number for Penny and finds her cellphone .She doesn't have one for Penny! He phones the last number dialed and gets Vanessa.
"Hello!'says Vanessa
"Hello is this Penny's mother?'asks Ryan
"Who's Penny?' she says and hangs up then says to Alex why would Ryan be calling me looking for Penny's mother?'
"I don't know dear maybe he just wanted to thank her!'
"yes that makes sense!'says Vanessa
"that was weird!' Ryan thinks and then dials Tad's
"Tad this is Ryan is Emma there ?'asks Ryan
"Ryan We haven't seen Emma here in weeks not snce the party incident !Would you like some help to help find her?'asks Tad very alarmed thinking about how he'd feel if one of his girls were missing.
"No I'm just going to call around and then I'll call the police if I can find her !'says Ryan confidently
"Well if you change your mind my cell is 55565455 okay I'll get Krystal to watch the girls and we'll go out and look for her with my brothers and Aiden .Just say the word!"says Tad
"No I'll call you back if I need help but I'm sure I'll find her!'says Ryan confidently
Ryan calls the police and they issue an Amber alert
Ryan is shocked to find out there is no Penny at Happy Valley Junior high.and is then terrified for Emma's well being !Who's wedding was she at ?And where is she now ?

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