Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Part 6 -End Game

The next day
Alex is watching Ryan's house and watches Emma come out after going home for lunch and walk towards school.He gets out of the car and pretends to bump into her
"Oh I'm sorry young lady!' he says as he winces
"That's okay mister!"says Emma
Alex pretends he's weak and stumbles
"Are you okay mister ?'asks Emma solicitice falling into Alex's trap
"I think I've turned my ankle!' says Alex pretending and sitting down
"Oh dear !'says Emma " Can I help you somewhere until someone comes to get you?'
"Thank -you dear you are so nice so many young adults today aren't as nice it's a good thing I stumbled in to you!" Alex says winning her over and appearing elderly and frail and carefully calling her a young adult to boost her ego!
" Well I suppose you could wait at my house my dad's not home though!"says Emma biting her lip nervously"you seem safe enough!"
"Oh if you're sure it's no trouble I wouldn't want your parents to get angry with you over my being there!"says Alex cunningly
"No I just won't tell my dad!'Do you have someone who can come pick you up?' asks Emma
"I'll call my fiancee Vanessa i'm sure she'll come and get me!'says Alex" that is if you'll loan me your phone?' says Alex sounding tentative
" Of course !Oh no I'm going to be late for school and then Daddy will find out!"complains Emma
"Allow me my dear I'll just tell them I'm your grandfather and you are late due to a doctor's apointment the school will no doubt except that no?'
"Oh thank-you says Emma gushing as she helps alex into her home and into a chair.she brings him the phone and he asks
"If you could give me the name of your school my dear and your teachers name I'll just call and tell them you won't be there until lets see 2 pm is that good dear or would you just like the afternoon off?asks Alex dangling what he thinks every child would like time off from school with no strings
"Thanks I'd love the afternoon off!'says Emma
"Alex please we are freinds now no?'says Alex holding out his hand to shake hers
"Yes I guess we are,I'm Emma Lavery!' says Emma holding out her hand back" you seem like such a nice man even though you're old!'she says slipping up and then blushing and covering her face with her hands
" Don't be embarrassed my dear Emma to one as young as you of course I seem old!"
"Well you don't seem as old as my grandfather his name is Walter ,Walter Novak .says Emma with the frankness of youth"he's awfully grumpy too!"
"Well some people feel the need to be grumpy my dear when they get older they suffe and make the world suffer I fear I've never be that way ! Postive thinking and cheerfulness makes life easier! Alex says charmingly"as charming as this has been dear I fear I must make those calls I wouldn't want you to get in trouble becaue of me!
Emma hands him the phone and he calls her school claiming grandfather status getting her the afternooon off! Then he dials Vanessa
"Vanessa dear I've fallen and I fear I've hurt my ankle do you think you could come and get me "he says "oh not until 3pm oh dear I really can't impose on my hostess this way and I haven't got cab fare!"emma interrupts her and says"that's okay you can stay unitl 3 but you have to be gone before 4pm no excuses because my dad's home at 4:30pm and if he decides to come before that I need you gone!"
"Oh thank-you dear says alex"did you hear that Vanessa my hostess says I can stay her until 3! and you'll come then oh good !see you then here's the address he says and ratttles it off!then he hangs up
"Can I get you a coffee?' asks Emma
"If it wouldn't be too much trouble!' says Alex then continues"so you live her with your father?'
"Yes!' says Emma helping Alex into the kitchen were hse proceeds to make a pot of coffee.She gets out two cups
"you drink coffee?'asks Alex surprised
"I love coffee but Daddy hates me drinking it he says it will stunt my growth! so I only drink it when he's not around!'states Emma
"I guess that is a personal preference I actaully prefer tea!' says Alex "It's just so more civilized!'
"oh I'm sorry maybe we should have tea I know Daddy has some here somewhere!'she says rummaging through the cupboard
"I feel so bad utting you to so much trouble!'states Alex
"It really isn't any trouble you're a guest in my home it's the least I can do!' says Emma sincerely playing hostess and enjoying being treated adult!"ah here it is!' she says finding the teapot and holding up a box of teabags .She reads the side of the box then proceeds to make the tea by boiling the water.she carefully steeps the tea and then hands acup of poured tea to alex after making it properly!
"wonderful my dear Emma and you've never made tea before but the first one you make it's perfection bravo!"he says secretly pleased that she thought clearly enough to not ask but do it herself by reading the tea box!
"No but I'm glad you like it "says Emma
"is that the door?' Alex asks after sometime
"I'll get it wait her says Emma It's probably your girlfriend anyway!'
Vanessa is at the door dressed in a classy business suit and skirt in brilliant blue!
"Hello I'm Vanessa ,Alex's fiancee!" Thank-you so much for taking care of Alex!'she gushes
"Your.. em welcome!" says Emma suddenly shy
"Oh now don't become shy on me! says Vanessa "I'm sure you and Alex are fast friends now I hope you'll consider me a friend too! In fact you know what alex and are getting
"but you don't even know me!'says Emma
"You helped my darling alex and kept him safe for me that entitles you to be my bridesmaid!In fact if you like I'd really like to have a designer dress made just for you for the wedding something young and sassy! entices Vanessa
"A designer dress for me? says Emma shrieking but then coming down to earth she says "but how am I to explain it to my dad?'
"Tell him a friend of yours mother is getting married and they asked you to be a bridesmaid of course since it's short notice they will supply the dress all you have to do is show up!surely that will work let me be your fairy godmother!"
"well I don't know !'says Emma waffling
"Please allow me to do this favor for you !All my dear frinds are overseas and are unable to come to my wedding so I have no attendant right now! Please say you'll do this for me?'asks Vanessa
"And me too dear girl this would make her so happy!'puts in Alex
"Okay then I'll get my story straight and tell Daddy it" says Emma
" A word of advice dear try to make the story beliveable without going over the top something easy to remember so you won't forget and slip up!'cautions Vanessa" We need to get together to fit the dress can you come to my apartment tomorrow after school I'll pick you up and have you back before your dad gets home I can have you back here by 4 pm will that suffice?"says Vanessa very quickly hardly booking an answer"Oh and where can I pick you up friday night for the rehearsal and dinner?Here?'
"Well I suppose you can pick me up tomorrow I go to Happy Valley Jr high! "says Emma a little too trusting because she's had to much freedom from Ryan and not enough advice!
"Wonderful I'm looking forward to getting to know you better and I'm sure we can pick a color and dress style you'll love."says Vanessa dangling the prize once again so Emma doesn't back out!"Well we should be off she says as helps Alex out the door and to his waiting car!Bye, bye dear "she shouts as they drive away
In the car when they get away a block Alex says "Well done my dear all is working according to plan!'

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