Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Part 12-New Alliances and New Beginnings

Part 12-New Alliances and New Beginnings
Dr.Aislin McGillis is talking loudly to her son Aaron in their apartment.
“What did I tell you? I told you you had to stay away from her!”says Aislin
“Stay away from whom?asks Aaron
“Don’t pretend you don’t know Aaron McGillis! you know how dangerous this is if he reveals what I did!’
“I didn’t talk long to her!I danced with Emma once!’explains Aaron
‘ Well I know it’s hard Aaron I saw him last night!says Aislin
Flashback to the ball where we see Aislin spying on Emma and Ryan!Aislin is whistfully looking at the two of them and crying softly!
“I wanted to run to him and tell him but I couldn’t if I do....she gulps back tears and fear “for fear Alex would send the information to the authorities!’says Aislin "who think it was an accident!
“Mom what you did is defensible I’m sure that they’d say it was self defence !’says Aaron”you didn‘t mean to kill him he was beating you!‘
“But if they don’t what would happen to you?’asks Aislin”you’d be all alone! I want to go to the authorities I want to tell but I have to see ! I have to get up the courage to go to him and hope he can forgive me for almost betraying him for Alex! Then maybe he‘ll take you in if ...her voice drops off thinking of the possibility of jail
“Mom he threatened me didn’t he?’says Aaron
“yes he did how did you know that?” says Aislin looking surprised
“He came by once I didn’t tell you but he hinted as much! he maligned you!’say Aaron quietly
‘I’m sorry Aaron I was trying to protect you !He thought I was planting mind control in Aiden’s mind as well but the joke is on him! I just helped him feel better! I would never hurt Ryan even through his brother Aiden!’
“ I love you mom it will be okay and I’m sure Ryan still loves you too!’ He’ll do the right thing once you tell him !
“I hope so your future may depend on it!’”I have to find the right time!’she says
“I’ll leave it to you mom but do it soon before it comes out!’says Aaron’I met a girl mom ! her name is Kathy Martin! Mom she’s so sweet and generous and kind! “the problem is her best friend is Emma so she’s hard to avoid!’ “not only that I think Emma has some kind of weird crush on me!’
“oh that is bad that Emma is crushing on you !'says Aislin
“No kidding I don’t want to hurt her but how do I tell her she’s like a little sister to me?’asks Aaron
“Maybe you do have to tell her just that” says Aislin
"Yes I think you're right""'I'm going over there !"says Aaron
"to Ryan's ? Do you have to?"asks Aislin
Yes you know I do !I won't give you away!Bye "Mom !"he says putting on his coat to go to Emma's.
""Don't let him recognize you!'Aislin says
"He's never seen me how could he know the truth?'says Aaron"Don't underestimate him Ryan is very smart!"says Aislin
"if he's so smart why doesn't he know your here!'says Aaron
"I've been careful!'says Aislin"I'll tell him soon!'
"you'd better !This is to hard a secret to keep it's bound to be found out!"says Aaron


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