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Part 3- End Game

End game- Part 3
(this is storyline is inspired by a wonderful man in NYC who actually did this gave $50 and inspired the would be robber to turn his life around )
Dottie's restarant her office
Dottie is opening a letter oh my goodness she says as she pulls out a certified cheque in the amount of $100.She reads the letter and we see it it reads
Dear Madame
I'm so sorry for scaring you with that bat a year ago! I'm so glad you convinced me to put it down!You are incredibly generous kind hearted lady .Where others would have called the police! You listened gave me coffee and food and heard me when I said my child was hungry and that my wife and I hadn't eaten in 2 days! You gave me food to take with me and presents for my child .You opened your heart and your wallet and said you'd even hire me if I needed a job so bad! Your kindness when I was so defeated turned my life around . I have a job and a home and a good living and I've turned my life around thanks to you!I'm sending this cheque to reimburse you for what you gave me!I've also donated a sum of money to the Salvation Army to help others who are need!Thank -you for giving me another chance !
A reborn soul

Dottie finishes the letter a few tears falling from her eyes.Her friend Christine coming into the office(a woman 5 ft 6 with big big blue eyes and blonde hair ,very curvaceous Marilyn Monroe style) sees the tears and says "Is everything okay Dot?The restarant isn't in trouble is it?'
"Yes everything is fine ! Dottie says smiling through unshed tears and putting down the letter!'
April picks it up and quickly reads it before Dottie can stop her
"oh my goodness Dottie you are so trusting this man could have killed you!'says Christine"He didn't he didn't really want to hurt me and if everyone could offer a little kindness when you need it it would make a better world!'
" Dottie you are a Saint, you really did make a difference in this man's life and you helped is wife and child too!says Christine continuing to read the letter.
" You should tell someone abut this!' says Christine"No this is private between me and the man !'says Dottie "I wasn't going to tell anyone!'
"Dottie you could do so much good by letting them know about this other people would want to do this,help others especially at this time of year!"says Christine"I don't know you know it's just something I did"says Dottie blushing and slightly embarrassed with the praise Christine was heaping on her"Just let it go"
"Okay Dottie if that's what you want!'says Christine pretending to put down the letter on Dottie's desk but slipping it into her pocket
"Thanks that what I want Christine says Dottie dropping the matter.
Christine leaves the office goes outside the restarant and calls the office of Tempo
a woman at Tempo says "while the story is very good we are unable to commit to the story at this time but maybe we could get back to you at a later date?'
Christine says "Thanks and leaves her number she than hangs up and calls HVCW the local tv station
"Hello can I speak to the station manager?'she asks "Oh they are not available can I speak with T.J.Martin?""Yes he knows me tell him Christine Wood is calling"she waits a few minutes for T.J. to come on the phone
"Hi's Auntie Chris! Have I got a story for you for your news!'
"Aunt Chris it's good to hear from you but you know I have no real say about the stories they choose to air!'explains T.J.
"while this one is a doosie!A local entrepreneur has turned someones life around.A man broke into their business with a bat a year ago and instead of giving in and letting the robber steal they showed them kindness ! They gave the robber food money and kindness and the robber wrote back and paid them back!They turned their life around they have a job and self esteem!Now isn't that a heart warming story !"
"Do you have any proof?"asks T.J." of this story?'
"I have the letter the guy wrote the entrpreneur!"says Christine"Wonderful can I use it?'asks T.J.
"Well I have it!'says Christine skirting the ownership issue!
"Aunt Chris what are you hiding?asks T.J.
"I'll bring the letter to you!'says Christine"Okay I'll make sure to leave you a pass at the front desk so you can get in!'
"See you soon" says Christine walking towards the Tv studio.Christine arrives at the studio
and enters.The receptionist hands her a badge and calls T.J.!
T.J. arrives and Christine hands him the letter!
"But this is addressed to my mother?" T.J says as he reads it and then blanches when he realizes the danger his mother had been in but she had offered kindness and turned the other cheek!
"oh my my mother did this?'he continues
"She's a very private person how will she feel if we reveal this Aunt Chris?'ask T.J. torn wanting to do the story but worried about his mother's reaction
" I think your mother deserves an award she does little things to help people all the time .your mother is the essence of kindness isn't it time she was honored for her good work.She helped raise the bulk of the money for the homeless shelter downtown tirelessly putting in time and money to help them achieve earlier this year! She organizes charity baskets and raises funds for them from the community! I all ready contacted the chamvber of commerce earlier this year and I was going to let you be surprised but Dottie has been named to the Mayor's list for the coming New year!And she's receiving the Happy Valley Charity award for the person who is worked the hardest to achieve the most charitable works here in Happy Valley!
"ho did you findthis out the list doesn't even come out until next week Aunt Chris?'asks T.J.
" I know a guy in the mayor's office and he wanted to do me a little favor "says Chris much like Marilyn would have
" the guy didn't know what hit him did he?"asks T,J.
"Nope!" says Christine laughing
"Yu know what maybe it is time for people to honor my mom! She is such an incredible person and although she's very modest she needs to let people see how wonderful she is.I'm going to do this story!'says T.J.
Flashback to Dottie's restaurant
a man with his back to us is sitting at a table waitng for something or someone drnking coffee.He's dressed in a black trench coat a hat pulled over his eyes his face partly obscured but when they pan in we see Alex Cambias!
Dr.McGillis comes in the restarant looks both ways around the restarant and then hurries to Alex's table
.'"You're late!Alex barks in a low gruff voice
"Sorry!' says Dr.McGillis
"I can make you very sorry !'says Alex twisting her fingers and bending them back
"I tried to get here in time but I got a call just before I left my office!'explains Dr.McGillis wincing
" And what is that to me !You should have had your answering machine answer it!"says Alex bitterly
"It was your son!'says Dr.McGillis quietly
"Aiden called you?'says Alex
"no Ryan did!' she says triumphantly

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