Monday, December 7, 2009

Part 17 She's back

Janet is watching her monitor once again and we see David in his office at Happy Valley General hospital!He's thinking and smirking out loud
"Right about now that ditzy Amanda will be missing Happy Valley she must have got the flowers and candy I sent!She's all ready violated our contract by going to her brother's so I'll I have to do is sue for custody when the baby is born then I'll have both my children!At least as far as Amanda knows.stupid girl didn't even do a DNA test on Trevor if she had she might have found out he's Jr's boy!I can't have children any more due to those mumps but she doesn't know that so I can raise these children my children as my own!
Donor #3 whoever you are you sure came in handy !congratulating himself for artificially inseminating Amanda without her knowledge with a donor sample!Now if the legal manoevers don't work and she plays the mom card I've got the plan for that.
"Amanda my poor dear is suffering from post partum psychosis .There is a family history of mental illness and I feel as adoctor that it would be in her and our children's best interests to commit her!says David practicing in front of the mirror "yes that will work !'he says smiling an evil smile of satisfaction
Janet has heard all of this and says"why you dastardly villian and to think you almost fooled me into thinking you cared about my Amanda!' "Just who do you think you are David Hayward do you think you can best me?'asks Janet angrily "I'll have your guts for garters!'"I'm going to make you wish you'd never been born ! You actually dared to think you could do this to My Amanda and my grandchildren!I'll make you pay!!!!You think you don't have to pay for your crimes you think you can do anything with impunity ?Well I've got news for you buddy boy Janet from another Planet is bbbackkk!!!Janet getting tremendously angry and throwing achair across the room!
Meanwhile back at Tim's Amanda has just come back from her prenatal appointment where she has seen her daughter in 3D ultrasound!
she turns to WXYC Happy Valley on her computer and is able to see the afternoon news with TJ Martin as the anchor .Amanda thinks "Wow he is cute!" Amanda
Amanda sees TJ say and in other news at the Happy Valley Annual Cancer ball in attendance was Jr Chandler and his lovely wife Marissa who presented the cancer charity with 10 milion dollars for the Babe Chandler Memorial children's cancer wing!People were taken aback when Mr.Chandler admitted that he was a cancer survivor and just wanted to help others!says TJ
"Wow Jr had cancer so that's why he shaved his head!"thinks Amanda aloud then she sees Jake in the background kissing Carolyn!Amanda rubs her belly and says
"Neither of them will have you or Trevor I'm tired of selfish men and their dictating to me ,this is where I take a stand!.Jake has made his bed and he can lie in it I want to be number one in a relationship not a substitute!.David doesn't care about me he just looks at me as a babymaking machine !So no more Amanda to push around for either of them I'm suing for custody of my children and I'm going to win even if I have to ask my mother for help !!!Grandma Janet says Amanda to her children"owes me and she going to help me get out of this mess with both of you "says Amanda feeling strong for the frst time in along time.
absently picks up a letter addressed to Amanda Dillon she opens and reads
Mandy call me !555-6555
your loving Mother
Amanda picks up the phone and dials we see Janet startle as a cellphone rings to the tune of "I am woman hear me roar!
"Hello Mandy darling!' says Janet"how are you my sweetheart?'
"I'm okay mom but I need your help!' say Amanda"but you got to promise me first no killing !Okay?'
"I haven't killed anyone in along time the doctor and I have worked on that I'm not going to kill anyone you need not worry!'says Janet reassuringly
"Promise me !'
"Well if it means that much to you Amanda I promise I won't but who is that you don't want me to kill? can I do something else to them a little torture a litle drugging?'asks Janet playfully
"Mother!"says Amanda
"Okay so enough with the kidding got you ..all serious now!!"says Janet
"Mom I want my children your grandchildren but David has this contract and he's going to take them I just know he will!'
"Oh he thinks he will be he won't 1'says Janet confidently
"What are you going to do mother?No killing him remember!"says Amanda
"Don't worry sweetie mommy all ready took care of the problem that was David!'says Janet
"did you kill him?"asks Amanda horrified
"Nope but you won't be seeing him for awhile says Janet I shipped him off in a box to Hong Kong to some men that his mother owed money I thought that was totally appropriate considering what he did before !Don't worry I made a deal with them they won't kill him they just want him to work off the debt and that's going to take him oh about 20 years."says Janet laughing
Flash to seeing David arrive in a box in Hong Kong!
Flashback to Janet still talking to Amanda
"you can come home now to Happy Valley it seems that David signed over Wildwind 2 to you and his children before he left to work with doctor's without borders!He also signed apapers giving you full and total custody of Little Trevor and your new baby! he sent aletters to Greenlee and Leo !
"what do you mean letters to Greenlee and Leo? Are they alive?"
"Yes if you'd been in Happy Valley you would have heard although I knew ages ago!Now David also sent letters for his daughters Melissa and Marissa!"
"How did you know about Melissa mom?'asks Amanda"the way you seem to know about everything?"
"Let's face it Amanda mother not only knows best she knows all especially when it effects her child and her grandchildren!'says Janet
"Thanks mom for everything !'says Amanda contrite
"That's what a mom is for !she says "now I have to get back to my room at the sanitorium I'm sure they've been missing me and get some more therapy.I promised your father I would get better so someday my grandkids would have me! and I know Trevor would be proud of me for shipping David away and not taking the easy way out and killing him!"I'll just say I took a weeks vacation they'll buy it "says Janet confidently
Amanda shakes her head at Janet's last remarks and wonders when her mom will be well and then she wonders if she should feel guilty about her mother shipping David away but all she feels is relief as she tells Tim she's going back to Happy Valley the nexy day!Just then Tim knocks on her bedroom door
Tim says he has a surprise for her he's all ready told Melissa he's resigned his commision since he's papers were up and they've bought a house in Happy Valley since their siblings live there! "do you think you would considermoving back and living there with us?We'll protect you from David!'says Tim
"Thanks Tim but I talked to David and it seems he's leaving town!says Amnda smiling
"good" says Tim "but the offer stills stands!"
"Thanks it's good to have my brother back !'says Amanda hugging Tim
Amanda is overjoyed that her brother will be so close and tells him so.

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