Monday, December 7, 2009

Part 12-She's Back

"Do you think that Marissa would want to meet me she asks Amanda?'and maybe Jenny later?'
"She's really sweet I'm sure she love to meet you and yes Jenny too!"says Amanda"I'm sorry you didn't get to meet your twin Babe you would have loved her everyone did!
"I wish I could rewind the clock and meet her too but at least maybe I can meet my other sisters and I've all ready met my little brother!I'm not sure I really want to meet my bio-parents they sound like a couple of losers but I may have to to meet Jenny!she says"Besides I have parents two wonderful parents who loved sacrificed and raised me which is more than I can say about those pair!'
"David's not so bad says!' Amanda"He loves his children fiercely
"From all the stories both you and Tim have told me about David he sounds like a terrible person
" Not really !'says Amanda"you know under all that is a teddy bear he has a marshmallow heart easily broken and he has been hurt so many times!
"It sounds like you care about him!'says Melissa
"well he is the father of my children!'says Amanda
"right and you have no feelings whatever for him !'says Melissa knowingly
"well like I said he's been through a lot .He loved this one woman but she was married and she didn't love him then he married this other woman and they had a baby Leora whom he named after his brother whom he thought was dead! The baby died and his marriage broke up.Then he finds out he had a daughter Babe with Krystal but she wants nothing to do with he goes away and on the very day he comes back she dies in a tornado! Then he finds out by a miracle that he has another daughter that Krystal gave away and she's cool to him she judges him and then marries the man he hates and whom her dead sister wa married too.Well needless to say he wasn't happy!Also he's overjoyed to find out that I have his child Trevor so he blackmails me into having another child because he wants Trevor to have sibling!"
"Sounds like a soap opera says Melissa and then says "and by the way you have it bad Amanda you just don't realize how much you care about David!
"No I don't" denies Amanda and then says "what are you going to do?'"Are you going to talk to Marissa?"
"I don't know I'm scared what if she doesn't believe me?' asks Melissa
"Curiousity and then DNA test will prove it !'says Amanda call her says Amanda dialling Jr and Marissa's number!
"Hello may I speak to Marissa ?'asks Melissa
"this is Marissa comes back the voice over the phone
"You don't know me but begins Melissa " I believe we could be twin / triplet sisters!'
"who is this is this a joke? asks Marissa
"No ,no joke says Melissa "I'm adopted and I was abandoned as a baby by a couple named Tasker!'
"What ?"says Marissa shocked
"My name is Melissa Dillon and I believe we're sisters!"
"I'd like to meet you! says Marissa 'I'm not sure I believe this but I like to meet you!
"Very well I can fly to Happy Valleyor would you rather come where I live?'asks Melissa
"I'm awfully busy can you fly here?' asks Marissa
"I'll be on the next flight !says Melissa hanging up
"Can you watch the kids?" she asks Amanda
"Sure says!' Amanda take lots of pictures
"I have to go talk to Tim and book the next flight to Happy Valley!" says Melissa and then kissing Amanda on the cheek she says"thanks for everything sis!

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