Thursday, December 17, 2009

Part 1 -New beginnings and New Alliances

Part 1 -New beginnings and New Alliances
Vanessa is happily enjoying her wealth that she gained from Alex .While Alex languishes in a deep dark secret jail!Clarence is confering with St.Peter about the money that Vanessa kept!
“Vanessa did give some of the money to the Miranda Center after all says Clarence" pleading her case so she is trying!”
St.Peter tugs at his ear piece and says “he agrees but he also says she is a work in progress that you must monitor and check in on!”
“I will do my duty!’ says Clarence
Back to David’s! He wants to have a party to introduce his daughter to Happy Valley and the world!What about a ball he asks Vanessa
“A ball for a ten year old really David! Do you really think a child would enjoy that kind of party?says Vanessa
“Well what kind of party should I have ?’asks David scratching his head
“How about some kind of party that children would enjoy perhaps some dance music other children while the adults have a party in the other room?’
“But how is that going to introduce my daughter?’asks David
“David is this for you or her?’Because if it’s really for your daughter then you’d have the party I described!Vanessa says getting irritated
“Well I want people to see my daughter!”
“I’m hearing just a little too much of MY here David!’
“You’re right mother I am trying!But it’s hard because I’m pretty sure MY and mine was the first word you taught me!’
“was I that bad David?’asks Vanessa contrite
“No mother you also taught me to strive and be my own person!’David says softing towards
“well I think Rose would like a party, you have to bring her in on the idea!’says Vanessa uncharacteristically patient then you see she’s been silently counting on her fingers
“Yes I guess!’says David
“There could be great repercussions if people find out we are the ones who are throwing the shindig what if it’s tied to say A children’s charity or a women’s shelter fund raiser?’
“Brilliant if I don’t say so myself mother!’ says David
‘ Rose !'calls Vanessa
“Yes Grandma answers Rose
‘Your Dad wants to throw a party to introduce you to Happy Valley and because he so happy to have you as his daughter!says Vanessa
‘ Is that right Daddy?’asks Rose biting her lip expectantly
“Yes princess I’m proud of my little girl and I want everyone to meet you!”“I also want some help from you in the planning stages!
“ Oh Daddy you are the best says Rose” I do love you!’”I means so much to me that you trust me to help you!‘
“Well I’m going to need help from my two best girls to plan this shindig !'says David indicating Vanessa and Rose
“Will you invite my sisters?’asks Rose
‘Will invite them but Rose some people think I’m a black sheep and won’t want to come and your sisters might be in that category I don’t know them very well!”
“but you love them right Daddy?’asks Rose troubled
“yes I do ! I hope they feel the same about me but...”David says his sentence dropping off
“ You think they won’t come if the invite is from you?’says Rose picking up on what David was trying to say
“It’s that in a nutshell!’ says David
“So what do we do how do we get know around that?'asks Rose
“Ah do you know how much you sound like your mother (Allie)“asks David awed
“Thanks Daddy I hope I’m very like her!’ says Rose proudly
“I was thinking maybe we cold give a ball for charity of course there would have to be one ball for the adults and in the other room a party for young adults!
‘Cause I’m a young adult ?'Rose asks hoping to hear the affirmative
“Of course you are it’s your party isn’t it ?”Of course that means you’ll have to attend both parties and hostess them!’
‘Really?’ asks Rose impressed
‘Really!says David comfirming it!As they peer over the plans and start firming up the ideas!
The next day invites start appearing all over town!Tad and his daughters Kathy and Jenny receive one.along with Krystal ,Scott and Annie. .Christine Woods,Angie and JesseNatalia and Brot,Frankie and Randi, Opal and Palmer,and Pete,Jenny and Greg, Jaime and Paulina ,Dottie and T.J.,Brooke and Brad Hewitt(Dottie's cousin)and his son Kieran,JR and Marissa ,Melissa and Tim.,and Amanda along with Dr.McGillis and Aaron,and Maria Sam and Maddie !
As we watch a hand opens the invite that reads
The Children’s Ball to celebrate New Years and
to raise funds for childhood cancer
You are cordial invited to attend the children’s ball.Guests are asked to make a minimum donation of $50 to the Happy Valley Children’s Cancer Center.Please feel free to exceed that amount and help the hospital make the children as comfortable as possible in this difficult time and beat cancer in our lifetime
Thank-you for your donation and attendance
Please bring your invitation as only those with a valid invitation will gain admittance!

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