Sunday, December 6, 2009

Part 1 - Goodbye to Liza

Part 1 of goodbye to Liza
Tad stares into space remembering when he first came to Happy Valley to look at his inheritance and see if it would be a good place to live!
A lawyer was being sent by the firm to help Tad navigate through any problems he might encounter with any space he might require!Tad for the lawyer patiently he was early!when all of a sudden he saw Liza striding towards him.At first he was sure Liza must have flown from Pine Valley to surprise him but then she began to speak
"Tad it's so good to see you after all this tiem kind of like old home week!How's Colby?I keep writing and phoning but she doesn't respond to me I think she's still angry about me keeping her from Adam!and I'm getting kind of worried about Mother and Stuart I should have heard something from them by now !I was thinking about going to the FBI or someone but I don't even know what countries they are going to on their world tour!"have you heard anything from them Tad?"she implores earnestly
"Is this a joke Liza this isn't funny I just say you at the yacht club with Colby and baby Stuart yesterday!You know we're going to transfer your mom to Happy Valley sanitorium next week.Do you want me to have them move Stuart here too?then when he sees she looks perplexed he says"We'll get you help it's okay Liza with all the stress in your life it's no wonder you had a nervous breakdown or did you hit your head?Heaven knows a lot of Pine Valley residents have gone through both of that!"
"What is this a game with you Tad Martin !I ask how my mother and daughter are and you make a joke?Grow up Tad I'll call the office and have them send out a replacement lawyer!"Liza says angrily
"Your not joking Tad says looking closer at Liza's face!" What's going on here?"Tad asks
"Your not joking but that makes no sense Tad how can I be in Pine Valley and be here?"asks Liza getting upset"Wait a minute you said I was with baby Stuart and Colby!Who is baby Stuart and who's is this baby has Colby had a baby?" and what's this about mother and a sanitorium and what are you not saying about Stuart?"
Tad looks closer at Liza and instantly notices a few things that had bothered him about Pine Valley Liza.This Liza dressed like the Liza he knew the classy Liza not dress -up Barbie Liza! She wasn't trying so hard to be deemed sexy!She looked at him not like a tiger about to devour him but like aperson who had known him for years!That Pine Valley Liza seemed to be all about control she wanted to control all around her and she was a little on the grasping side!He had even felt a little creepiness from her that he had denied I mean Liza was one of his oldest friends she hadn't changed that much he had convince himself but in his heart he knew she had! Old Liza wouldn't have tried to blackmail Jake into giving over Amanda's baby! he was beinginning to believe P.V.Liza was an imposter and he and all of Pine Valley had been fooled!
"Who was your best friend in high school?"Tad fires off
"Amanda "answers Liza
"who is one of our best friends and works at a bank?"
"Alfred Vanderpool"answers Liza getting annoyed
"name my ex-wives in order?"
"Dottie Thornton ,Hillary Wilson ,Dixie Cooney Martin,Brooke English ,Dixie Cooney Martin ,Dixie Cooney Martin ,Krystal Carey .There are you happy?Liza says sarcasticly
"No who did I sleep with at the same time as you?demands Tad
"My mother Marion colby okay satisified now?"asks Liza snarkily
"What crazy woman was the sister of a womanI dated in high school who was almost the end of me?
"Leslie Coulson and do I get bonus points for saying she was David's lawyer?""This tedious Tad I'm Liza Colby obviously there is an imposter in Pine Valley.No wonder I haven't heard from my daughter and you haven't answered my questions!Who's baby is Stuart's what about my mother and Stuart?"
"I'm really sorry Liza there was an accident and Adam killed Stuart!"
"the idiot ,he killed his own brother?"
"It was an accident a horrible awful accident that Adam blocked out and it never would have happened if Dr.Demento hadn't drugged Adam !Adam is under psychiatric care at Oak Haven as is your mother she went crazy when she found out Stuart was dead shot at Kendall but hit David's daughter Marissa!Marissa is okay now though she's Mrs.Jr Chandler!"
"Oh no my poor mother" says Liza "is she going to be okay and Adam he did truly love his brother" she says softening to Adam's plight!
"your mother is getting a little better I pettitioned the court with fake Liza's help to get her moved to Happy Valley next week if all works out here!"the baby Stuart she adopted him an illegal adoption since she was the lawyer who signed the papers for him!"
"Colby's not living with her is she?"
"yes she is "says Tad "She's being helping Fake Liza to look after the baby until that is his real mom Bailey came on the scene she's living with them too!"
"Tad you've got to help me we've got to get the police after her but do it in such away that Colby is safe "who could this woman be ?She obviously knows a lot about me!"Liza states
"I don't know Liza but I think were about to find out!"Says Tad as he picks up his phone to call the police
Liza says "I think we need to go to the police headquarters in Pine Valley and get Derek's help!"
"Liza Derek's gone to another city and Jesse is back from the dead and is the police chief!"
"Are you sure that's really Jesse 20 years is a long time to play dead? I mean you thought she was me!"says Liza
"I can garantee you this is Jesse!"Says Tad
"But he hates me" says Liza"I was such a witch to him when he was young!"
"I don't think he hates you anymore Liza your not his favorite but he doesn't hate you Jesse will help us get this woman arrested!"says Tad
Tad flips open his cell and begins diallng Jesse in Pine Valley

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