Monday, December 7, 2009

Part 1-What's eating Aiden

What's eating Aiden?

Tad's house

Tad stretches on the sofa and reaches for his cellphone flipping it open!Just then his doorbell rings it's Aiden at the door!
"I was just going to call you !"says Tad shutting his cellphone"How are you doing Aiden? I really appreciated all your help with Jenny's rescue!"
" How is Jenny doing ?asks Aiden
"Pretty good considering all that she's been through !She's been going to a therapist and Greg says it's helped a lot!How are you doing after your ordeal last year .I know you don't like me to bring this up but I'm still worried about you when are you going to come back and work for me instead of working for those men in black?'jokes Tad but still seriously worrying about Aiden
"I don't want to talk about it !"says Aiden defensively coming into to sit on Tad's sofa
" Are you talking to anyone about what happened?" pushes Tad sitting down in the chair nearby!
"No!' says Aiden quietly
"I don't know what exactly happened to you I mean I know you were kidnapped and that your brother took over your life !I know that he romanced Annie and helped her fake Emma's kidnapping !He even covered when she killed Di !He fooled me I can't believe I didn't know that wasn't you especially when you,I mean he didn't want to work with me anymore I thought it was just you grieving for Greenlee! "says tad apologising but stumbling over what to say
"He fooled us all mate! I didn't even know I had a twin brother Abel fooled a lot of people!"says Aiden"I really thought he was my twin!'
"Did he torture you?'asks Tad
"Yes and no says Aiden!he was nice to me at first as nice as you can be to someone you've drugged and kidnapped!He had me chained floor and he had manacles on my feet and most of the time my arms were tied behind my back and to the wall with heavy chains .""He told me how he slipped into my life before and I had never known it!He said he was defending me from the people who were treating me badly.He also told me of how he 'd watched and stepped in to pay back those who had hurt me and him!" At first I was sure that it wouldn't be long that I could get free but months went by and he was still living my life while I was chained!
"Go on!' said Tad listening intently knowing that Aiden needed to talk it out he was fixated on long before this!"
"He asked me if I believed their was one woman for each man and then said at first he thought Annie was the one but then he met Kendall and he knew she was the one!'Little did I know that she was the one he'd always thought he loved!He wanted to rescue her he said from a husband who didn't really love her who treated her badly!I told him he was wrong that Zach loved Kendall would do anything for her but he denied it !He said she was unhappy and that she needed him!'"I thought because he looked like me he was my twin and I thought why if he is my brother why have I never seen him and why does he hate me?"
"It's very weird to find someone who looks identical to you let alone one who seems to want to kill you!"says Tad knowingly
"Yes I heard about Ted Orsini and how he tried to kill you!'says Aiden
" So this Abel what did he do to you?"asks Tad
" As I said at first he was nice he came by left food and water and I had enough chain to get to the pail he left for me!"
"But when things went wrong with Annie he seem to blame me he beat me with his fists I tried to fight back but it's hard to fight back when your chained and your weak from lack of food and water.""He came back and talked and talked about what he was doing in my life boasting about how no one knew he wasn't me! and he did more but I don't wnt to talk about it!"
"I'm sorry Aiden I can't believe it took me so long to figure out he wasn't you!"apologizes Tad
"Well at least you figured it out !No one else seemed to even notice that I was different and I thought they were my mates!"grumbles Aiden
"So "Abel" escaped from the hospital with Kendall and was shot."starts Tad trying to get Aiden to open up
"Yes and apparently was shot by Natalia .Abel told me geefully how Kendall tended him tenderly that she was so sweet so loving that he fell in love with her all over again!He had wated revenge before this !""Revenge because she and her sister had left him for dead,only his father had saved him!"
"What are you talking about Aiden?"asks Tad
"Abel wasn't his real name he was my brother but not my twin!"
"That makes no sense explain it to me !demands Tad
"I'm not proud of this Anna told me the truth .Alex Cambias Sr is my father!
"Say that again I think I'm hearing things "says Tad cleaning out his ear with his finger
"Alex and my mother Lindsay was involved with Alex !He thought she was dead and didn't know about me at first.Apparently when I came to Pine Valley I came on his radar.He looked into my background and kept an eye on me but dismissed me because he felt I wasn't good enough.He apparently has a file on me so said my brother! "
"your brother Abel?"asks Tad
"that's what he was calling himself but that wasn't his real name or face!"says Aiden
"then Zach has another brother?'says Tad
"yes me says Aiden misunderstanding
"no I mean the man who kidnapped you the guy that called himself Abel!"
" he's name wasn't Abel it was.........

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