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Part 10 -End Game

Part 10- End Game - It Could Be A Wonderful Life Vanessa-1
Flashback to Vanessa at Alex's
"Just then the secret cellphone rings !Vanessa slips into the bathroom and answers to find out it's David.
"Mother Emma is missing!' Where has that Bas...tard taken her?'ask David angrily
"David language I don't know but I'll find out!'says Vanessa savagely
"Mother I think this has gone to far! You have to do something!' whines David uncharacteristicly
"David we had this talk remember after Hong Kong on the plane!'
we see Vanessa with David on a plane from Hong Kong
Vanessa is whispering a story of what happened to her after the fall from the cliff into the river.
"I was floating downt he river it was icy cold so called I felt chilled to the bone.The rocks were beating my body as I struggled to stay above the water and continue breathing.This went on for miles and miles and still it didn't stop.My head was battered against big rocks I was bruised from head to foot and I prayed for release!I also Prayed that my actions wouldn't kill my son! I love Leo and never ever wanted to harm him what must he be going through I begged the good lord to take the sinner that was me and spare my son!we see as she describes it
I was in a swirling white light and then in a waiting room.The room was white a bright white so hard to see A being stood at a very high desk and said name?
"Vanessa!'she says
"ah Vanessa and the last name asks the being(with long golden curly hair looking like man) striking a PDA
"Vanessa Bennett Hayward Courtland also Nessa and Rosie Wells!she says"and Your name?"
"My name is St. Peter I am God's right hand and I help decide who shall enter the gateswith God's help he says as he waves a hand and we see gates that we didn't see before!then he waves agian and they disappear!
"Ah oh my you have a lot of crimes on your slate how do you plead?'
"I'm guilty convict me if you must for what I did but spare my son !Spare him please save him from the river and my crime!'begs Vanessa
"When have you spared anyone Vanessa Bennett?'when have you cared about anyone besides yourself Vanessa?'
"I know I've been selfish but my boy doesn't deserve to die especially at his mother's hands!'begs Vanessa
"Wouldn't he be better off without Greenlee and away from you!'
"take me let him be away from me but keep him away from Greenlee"says Vanessa
"did you ever love anyone besides yourself Vanessa ?'
'Once I loved a man and he left me for someone sweet and clingy!' says Vanessa"I'm not the sweet and clingy type!'
"Everyone loves loses sometime but most people don't become bitter and cruel!'says the angel"They don't also to set out to destruct the people whom they say they care about the most!"
"I didn't do that begins! Vanessa
"didn't you says?' the angel"then touching the bluetooth like device on his ear he says
"you are very lucky he says you deserve one chance do you want that chance or would you rather take the elevator down now?'
"what is the chance and does my son get to live?'asks Vanessa
"first you must anwer this question correctly If your son had a chance to survive but it means that he will find his way back to Greenlee can you accept this and never ever interfere with or try to kill Greenlee again?
" if I must I will accept that Greenlee is with him if only he lives!'she says resigned
"very well you have passed the first test!'
'did you think you had a good life Vanessa"
"I had money and sons!'
"ah but was that a good life ?'
"I don't know!'Vanessa says honestly but puzzled
"Then maybe we need to show just what kind of a life you had
the angel waves his hands and we see a tv screen which we focus in on and see
a litle girl playing with her dolls and another little girl identical is playing near by.We see one of he little girls walk up to her twin and pull the head off her doll and cut off al the hair .The little girl laughs and says you deserved that Nessa!
little Vanessa says "why did you do that Gwyneth I think that was mean!'
Gwyneth says " Because I could!'
their father comes in drunk and stumbling and Nessa complains to him about what Gwyneth has done and he laughs and says" If you don't stand u for yourself people will walk all over you toughen up!then he smacks her
we look at the screen once again and we see
an older Vanessa about 15 .Very pretty with lots of make-up and wearing short skirt .She and her sister are two different people but people mistake them for each other .Gwyn is pretending to be Vanessa and making Vanessa's life miserable .Vanessa vows to find away to get away from her family with mother gone and Daddy drinking more and more there life is hard .she sruggles to find food for the table and clothes for her back! she steals clothes fromt he ;local boutique just to clothe herself and her sister! Unfortunately Gwyn get caught shoplifting and says she's Vanessa .
They want Vanessa to go to jail for it but at the last minute Gwyn says she's Vanessa and since they can't tell them apart they let them both go with a warning!when Vanessa gets home her father beats her for shaming him!Vanessa has had enough and packs a bag!Vowing to never speak to her family again!
Now would you like to see what would have happened if there was no Vanessa?'asks the angel
"he shows her Gwyn languishing in jail in teen detention learning how to commit more crimes growing older and when she gets out committing more crimes and finally dying in jail with no children to leave behind!
"So you did make a difference to Gwyn she learned to put others first when she said she was you in court!"says the angel " look at what hapened when you ran away
we see Vanessa working as first a concerige at a hotel andtaking gig as night club singer then making contacts in the hotel business all the well saying she's older than her 16 years!when Vanessa turns 18 she meets a man in the hotel he is handsome and a doctor .She is smitten but he's he's recovering from heartache as he's a widower wth three children Tara,Bobby and Jeff! He is at the hotel at a conference and he gets really drunk and sleeps with Vanessa! he leaves the next day and Vanessa doesn't hear from him again.Then they flash to when Vanessa comes to Pine Valley she is treated for angina by Joe Martin when David walks away!Joe is the love of Vanessa's life! the one who got away!She is devastated leaves the hotel business and goes to Hollywood to be a singer /actress where she first meets first meets Eric Kane and David's father ,Charles Hayward!She gets parts as an actress in B movies as she falls hard for Charles a stern man who reminds her of her father and marries him.David is soon born and worships his father who is always demanding David work harder and play less!Vanessa tries to intervene wanting better childhood for David then her own but Charles first verbally abuses her and then finally physically abuses her where the bruises can't be seen and never in front of David! Vanessa tries so hard to please him but he pushes her away and then tries to turn David against her saying she was mean to him!She meets Richard Fields who rapes her and impregnates her with Trey .When Charles finds out she's pregnant he accuses her of adultery and doesn't believe her when she says she was raped he throws her out of the house and Eric Kane offers her refuge but Fields shows up again and Vanessa frightened locks herself in the room as Erica's brithday takes place!Vanessa begs Charles to let her come home and see her son and he allows it but continues to abuse her ! He takes Trey when he is born and gives him away!He has affairs and flaunts them in front of her until she decides she can't take it anymore when she discovers he's a criminal she plots to kill him making it look like a suicide! Charles dies and Vanessa tries to continue his criminal enterprises.
Back to the room where we hear the angel ask "did you really love Charles or Joe or did you just not want someone else to have him?he asks
"I guess I just wanted someone to love me!'says Vanessa"I thought I loved Joe Martin he was such a good man and I needed a good man! When he left me with no word I floundered and settled for Charles who just wanted a pretty playmate and to brag that his wife had been an actress!'
"would you like to see what happened when Joe left?asked the angel
"yes "'says Vanessa quietly
"Joe gets a call from the front desk that .Dr. Charles Tyler has had a mild heart attack.He is very upset but leaves a note for Vanessa which falls on the floor and slips under the bed.It reads
Dear Vanessa
I've been called home a friend and mentor of mine has taken ill and needs me!You are a wonderful woman and I'd love to see you and be with you again .If you feel the same please call me at 5555555! If you don't feel the same way I'll understand ,if you don't call me I'll know that it didn't mean the same thing to you!
Love Joe
"He did love me she says surprised but I thought...."Vanessa says as she's interrupted by Peter
"Would you like to see what would have happened to him if you had married him?'asks the angel retorically
On the screen we see in quick succession the young Joe marry Vanessa .young Tara gets anorexia because she feels ignored because Vanessa is getting all Joe's attention ,Bobby disppears into the attic never to be seen again,Jeff goes to Vietnam and is killed.Tad Martin is not saved by Joe Martin and Ruth and his Father Ray kills him at Christmas!Joe becomes an alchoholic and loses his licence to practice medicine!David now David Martin flounders and doesn't go to med school and is a janitor!Leo and Trey are never born.
"I would have ruined his life if I married him !'says Vanessa " I was so immature and needy I needed all of his attention!'"but really my life with Charles was no better !'
"really but did you not raise David to be a cardiologist and an amazing pharmacologist!"aks Peter
" Sometimes his pharmocology gets him in a lot of trouble!Vanessa says
"Ah but do you wish he'd never been born?'asks Peter"that he wasn't able to help people with his skill?'
"Never!'says Vanessa
"And Trey and Leo do you wish they'd never been born?'
"No I love them both though Trey has no idea !Vanessa says
"Then would you say that even though what you went through was difficult they were worth it!"
"I wish I didn't have to go through what I've been through in my life and I wish I hadn't chose diamonds and wealth over my children and even Greenlee!'I've made so many mistakes supporting my lifestyle with crime and thinking that it wouldn't taint my life!'Vanessa says " I had my own neice killed to protect myself!I'm an evil I'm not fit to live says Vanessa feeling very remorseful
" He believes you can be redeemed !'says Peter qietly but powerfully
"He does ?"asks Vanessa surprised
"Yes he does but he wants your promise that you will do all in your power from this day forth to do good to turn the other cheek when possible and to help others who need your help! To forgive yourself but not forget that you have been granted this chance to redeem yourself!'"and never forget that should you violate his trust the elevator will be programmed to take you down shortly after the transgression!"
"but what if it's a little tiny mistake or something that I do without being aware of it!'"asks Vanessa thinking of all the that she has done and feeling slightly sick but worried that being good was very hard
"Try to be aware at all times what you are doing and how it can effect others God is very forgiving! I would do it different but also not God!'Then he startles when a booming mesage comes through his ear piece.He says "yes sir Sorry sir quite right !
"You will have a guardian angel to watch over you and try to guide you to do good but he will also report back to us!'says Peter continuing sternly
"Okay I get it! what do I do to make things right and what is this guardian angels name in case I have to call on him?'
"You'll have to make things right yourself but if you really need help Nicholas will be near to help you and guide you!'says Peter"It could be a wondeful life Vanessa
Flash to Vanessa waking up in a long tem care facility!

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