Monday, December 7, 2009

Part 4-She's back

Back to David being held hostage by Janet

"I think marriage is the making of Martin boys they settle down and become fine husbands once they wear that wedding ring!'
"Are we talking about the same Martins?Tad even cheated on Dixie the love of his love!"says David and Jake didn't stay married to his wives before Amanda!'
"Only cause you were involved Davy you spoil everything I'd be doing Pine Valley a favor if I wasted you!Then they could move here to this new place Happy Valley and be Happy!!""Jake loves my Amanda she's his true love all those others couldn't compare kinda like Greenlee and Leo!Ryan that pretty boy just can't compare!"
"Janet ,Amanda wouldn't be happy she likes me at least! and I am Trevor's daddy your grandson will find out and hate you for killing not only his grandad but he's daddy too!"pleads David"Wait a minute you won't do anything to Greenlee and Leo will you?asks David realizing what Janet had said
"David I don't hurt innocents and it's not their fault they are related to you!""besides I like seeing the two of them they're so cute together like Romeo and Juliet!" muses Janet
"Janet why don't you come in and talk to me in here I'm sure we could settle this!"says David
"Oh we're going to settle this says Janet maliciously"but I don't see now that you know it's me why I could come in and we can talk face to face you can't trick me anyways!"
Janet opens the door comes in and sits down put not close pulling up a chair near David but not so close he can reach her.In her hands is an axe
"Do you think you could untie me" David asks smiling at Janet
"I all ready said you can't trick me Mr.I'm So Smarter Than You now the shoes on the other foot I'm smarter than you !" says Janet the axe swinging just slightly in front of her shoes on the floor
"If you are so smart Janet then you know the truth about Amanda!"
"The truth is my Amanda son isn't Jake's it isn't yours but that dipstick JR's that kind put the cabosh on any relationship with Adam but then he was always more in to me than I was with him! David looks at Janet surprised
"Come David I told you I was smarter than you,did you think I didn't figure it out?You did one of those DNA thing -a-ma-jiggies and found out Trevor wasn't yours but Juniors so you decided to tell noone and keep Trevor's as yours and away from JR!but that wasn't good enough you also wanted your own child so you tricked my Mandy into giving you another! If I had known that you were tricking my Amanda into having your child....."Janet starts counting again as she gets up and agitatedly swings the axe int he opposite direction from David
" the truth is Janet starts David
"you wouldn't know the truth if a doggy bit you on the butt!' says Janet"that's why I put some truth serum in your water says Janet laughing
"you put drugs in my water your not a doctor did you do the right dose!"David says arrogantly and demanding starting to slur a little
"I want the truth now Dr.Dave why did you make my Amanda pregnant with your child?"
"I saw him that beautiful little boy Trevor (he reminded me so much of Leora) and I wanted him to be mine and not JR's !I deserve a childI want to teach a child to play baseball and train him to be a doctor and if I have a daughter she'll be the best surgeon ever!Maybe even a better one than I! I tricked Amanda into moving in with me but the trick was on me .She's wonderful Martin doesn't deserve such fire and passion! The Martin's always get everything !Amanda has geniune sweetness but also fire ..such fire..he says in wonderment and then continuing "and as a mother she's so loving.I want that .....I want her love.... I want her to have my child ......want me...and love me!And I know I could make her happy..... and can give her more than Jake could ever !" she could love me I could make her soooooooo happy answers David under the truth serum's compulsion revealing his inner truth and then passes out.
"Well isn't that a surprise ! says Janet to herself"He loves my Amanda but is he good enough for her and would he be better than Jake?'Does she really love Jake or could she love David?"I've got lots to think about !' says Janet untying David and dragging him across the floor while setting down the axe!
Flashback to Greenlee and Jake who are searching for David with Tad's help
"Thanks Tad "says Greenlee "we need all the help we can get finding David!"
"I don't think David is going to be too happy that you've brought in Tad into this "says Leo
"Well he's just going to have to grin and bear it says Greenlee'If Janet has him he needs Tad's help besides I think Janet likes Tad because he was good friends with Trevor!"says Greenlee grinning
"well there is that!" answers Leo back
"If I could interrupt here says Tad "you could have knocked me over with a feather when you called and I found out you were both alive! Have you told anyone else?
"Just Jack and Mary and of course David for now!" Leo and Greenlee answer together
"Okay well back to the task at hand I 've spoken with my contact and he thinks he has a lead on Janet I'm just waiting for him to get back to me!" " but are you really sure you want to find David?"Tad jokes as his cellphone rings
"ah ha a warehouse 126 Porter street got you I owe you one Al!'says Tad flipping shut his cell!
"My contact says Janet was spotted near a warehouse on Porter Street were she was spotted going in!" Maybe she has Davy boy there""we should have he police meet us there!"says Tad
"But Tad that could endanger my brother don't you have some contacts yo could call that could help us out?"
Tad flips open his cell once again and calls a bunch of people"there all done he's says a few minutes later"Jesse , Aiden and lucky for you Adrian who's in town visiting Jenny will meet us there!'
"Visting Jenny your daughter aw what a good uncle !"says Greenlee
"Ah actually.... he's visiting his sister Jenny and niece Jenny!'answers Tad
"But Jenny's dead ?"says Greenlee clearly puzzled
"Ther's a lot of those back from the dead stories going around I did that once !Laughs Tad "Actually Jenny's not dead it's a long story but to shorten it she was held captive by Tony (her so called murderer)and we rescued Jenny ,Jenny and Greg's daughter Paulina and now they are all temporaily staying in Happy Valley!'
" It has to be the Pine Valley water we drank for years says Leo 'It brings us back!
jokes Leo a hug silly grin on his face
Let's go says Tad we're meeting them at the warehouse in a half an hour!

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